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21 October 2011


Douglas Keachie

I've been quite impressed with the McGuire's for quite some time. The mom maintains and grows an excellent website.

RL Crabb

It should also be remembered that the Baimas seceded from the Union, declaring their spread as "The Republic of Northern California" and even had coins minted, as I recall.

Russ Steele

It will be interesting to see how Nate responds to this challenge. I think it is time for a little more conservatism in the decision making process at the BoS, and a little more transparency in how government is being applied in the Rood Center.

Steve Enos

The next D1 Supervisor will come from Nevada City. It will be one of those "progressives" the hard right folks don't like. Some need to understand the D1 make up.

George Rebane

SteveE, thanks for the heads-up, please keep us posted.

Todd Juvinall

District One is over 50% R.


And who will that be Steve?

Russ Steele


Not exactly, here are the numbers from the Sec of State Office.

Nevada County Supervisorial 1

Total: 13,569

Democrat - 5,008
Republican - 5,033
Amer Ind - 384
Green - 342
Libertarian -118
Peace and Fredom -26
Other - 31
No Party Preference - 2,627

The key here is winning the No Preference vote.

Paul Emery


So is District 3 Republican and you saw what happened there. Remember Charlie Brown won handily over McClintock in 08, by over 15% in Nevada County which goes to show this County can go both ways. Sure it's a Republican County but there's lots of moderates that decide on the candidate not the party. It's not for sure that Nate will run again but it looks that way. He's booking town hall meetings, shaking hands and kissing babies so to speak You may be able to correct me on this but wasn't Eric Rood the last three term Supervisor? In fact in my memory no one has even tried for three terms.

Nevada County rewards the candidate that works the hardest as shown by Terry Lamphiers victory last year as well as Drew Bedwell and Nate Beason in his first election.

Should be interesting

Todd Juvinall

Thanks Russ for the stats.

PaulE, it looks like a two republican race and according to Enos, a liberal will be jumping in too. When I ran I was an unknown and I worked my butt off going door to door and there were something like seven in the primary. I made the runoff and won the general. In my race there was many R's and in the general one R and one D. At the local level it has never been about party. The democrats have tried to make it so with them starting to endorse years ago. I would say the more the merrier in elections. I like Nate and I like Sue so for me it will be tough. I think Jim Weir went for three and Fran Grattan beat him. I was a big supporter for Fran and raised a bunch f dough for her. We all have to help whomever we decide to support.

Michael Anderson

Sounds like we might have a bit of a race on our hands in District 1. I have met with Beason a couple of times and found him to be knowledgeable, competent, and a good listener. I'll bet he ran his ship the same way he has been working District 1--steady as she goes, safety first, make sure everyone on board is working toward the same goal. I also love how Beason walks the town, I always see him hoofing it all around his district.

That being said, I agree with Keachie that the McGuire's are a force to reckon with. I like Sue McGuire's libertarian streak. Hopefully there will be debates, which I will definitely attend if they happen.

Paul Emery

I still would like some info on three term Supervisors. Any ideas?

Todd Juvinall

Eric Rood was three terms. Call Kathy Thompson at the BOS, she may know.

Bonnie McGuire

RL Crabb...Bob, what you said about the Baima's seceding from the Union was a rumor they detested. It was started by people who didn't have the slightest idea what the Bill of Rights was all about. The Baima's Republic of North California was a re-declaration of the American Constitution (Bill of Rights) to remind people where their freedom comes from. When they took it to the Supervisors the Chairman's face turned a bright embarrassed red, because he didn't recognize the Constitution (even though he'd swore the oath to uphold it.) I was a witness to all of it and cannot help but laugh. Later on the DA told my mother that the U.S. Constitution wasn't worth the paper it was written on and they had a law to put people like her away. (Gov. Reagan later did away with that corruption). You're a great cartoonist Bob. The other day someone sent me a cartoon of a donkey sitting on the toilet using the Constitution for toilet tissue. That was pretty much what the DA had insinuated. Also Bob, there were no coins minted. They made a Republic stamp for their documents and letters and hoped to get their own postage stamp made. The post mistress sent me their letter regarding it after their demise, because she thought we'd want it. Over the years it was quite an education...and I'm so glad that Jounalist Charles Hillinger once advised me to keep all the Baima's writings for posterity. He wanted to get together with us to read them. So many people tell me now that they were ahead of their time.

RL Crabb

I'm sorry if you got the impression I was making fun of your parents. T'was not my intention, only to recall their rebelious spirit in the face of adversity. I was a teenager when I read about the stamp, which I thought was a coin. Old age, ya know.

RL Crabb

The race is beginning to get interesting over in the 1st neck of the woods. It looks like the Greens are going to field a candidate. My guess is Ben Emery. How's about it, Ben?

Greg Goodknight

Bonnie McG, do you have a copy of the rewritten Baima 10 Amendments the BoS didn't recognize as such?

I recall a cold war version of the Declaration of Independence (a revolutionary document in many senses of the word) that far too many thought was communist propaganda and didn't have a clue as to where it came from. That Jefferson guy could really turn a phrase...

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