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15 November 2011


Bill tozer

Dr. Rebane, I was never good at math so I took geometry, accounting and stats to avoid the real math subjects like Calculus and Algebra. However, even though I don't understand all the y's and x's, I do know plus, minus, and % key. I know the Eurozone has given up on Greece and has retreated to Italy as its last line of defense. Italy has a GNP growth rate of 0.1% and is selling bonds at 6-7%. What possibly could go wrong with those numbers? Italy has 25% of the entire Eurozone debt and 1/3 of that is due and payable in 2012. Maybe they should move their last line of defense to France, leap frogging over Spain. France announced late last night its 3rd quarter GNP is a respectable 0.4% after a 0% 2nd quarter and the French forecast a flat 4th quarter at best, probably a negative 4th quarter. Problem with France is 50% of all their trade is within the Eurozone, which ain't looking too healthy right now. The French are all up in arms as their bonds rates are inching up and rumors of a credit downgrade got them choking on their sauteed snails. Maybe Germany should just take over the region and install some fine German discipline to the area. Germany could buy Greece and Spain and turn them into tourist attractions or vacation spots for German citizens to escape the harsh winters. Graphs? Graphs are beyond my pay grade.

Douglas Keachie

Seems like there are not too many math enthusiasts here. Try this on for size. It's you random Keachie Alice in Wonderland post:

I'll bet if you rewrote the math questions and examples to reflect the realities of growing MJ, math scores would shoot up 100%. "Dispensary owner John wants to sell a blend of three different types of bud, which cost him three different prices. How much of each does he need to weigh out to sell his house blend at $155 an oz? What are the cost advantages to buying and burying a cargo container, and using photovoltaics to illuminate the grow, when considering the almost total immunity from the costs of getting caught? List those costs and figure out the risk factor. it's 800 feet up from the river to an exellent grow site. What is your cost per finished oz of bud for electricty? And so on.

This was inspired by a police blotter story about some kid on the ridge using a joint as a bookmark, in school no less. On the other hand, it would appear that Steve Jobs has managed to clone himself, down in Manhatten Beach, as a 6th grade who develops IPhone apps:


George Rebane

Exellent DougK - While I think there are enough of us "math enthusiasts" here, you have demonstrated that we may be thinking too much in the box. Perhaps more real life economic scenarios would motivate the now dormant to increase their math skills and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

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