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19 December 2011


Account Deleted

Another important feature of capitalism is competition. Many companies may sell the same type of product. A feature that is very rampant in whatever industry. Nowadays, there is no more unique idea.

How to Start a Business

Russ Steele

George, this may be a coordinated campaign. Here is an article at Fox News on the new EPA Sustainability Initiiative.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency wants to change how it analyzes problems and makes decisions, in a way that will give it vastly expanded power to regulate businesses, communities and ecosystems in the name of “sustainable development,” the centerpiece of a global United Nations conference slated for Rio de Janeiro next June.

The major focus of the EPA thinking is a weighty study the agency commissioned last year from the National Academies of Science. Published in August, the study, entitled “Sustainability and the U.S. EPA,” cost nearly $700,000 and involved a team of a dozen outside experts and about half as many National Academies staff.

Its aim: how to integrate sustainability “as one of the key drivers within the regulatory responsibilities of EPA.” The panel who wrote the study declares part of its job to be “providing guidance to EPA on how it might implement its existing statutory authority to contribute more fully to a more sustainable-development trajectory for the United States.”

Or, in other words, how to use existing laws to new ends.

According to the Academies, the sustainability study “both incorporates and goes beyond an approach based on assessing and managing the risks posed by pollutants that has largely shaped environmental policy since the 1980s.”

It is already known in EPA circles as the “Green Book,” and is frequently compared by insiders to the “Red Book,” a study on using risk management techniques to guide evaluation of carcinogenic chemicals that the agency touts as the basis of its overall approach to environmental issues for the past 30 years.

At the time that the “Green Book” study was commissioned, in August, 2010, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson termed it “the next phase of environmental protection,” and asserted that it will be “fundamental to the future of the EPA.”

Read more here: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/12/19/epa-ponders-expanded-regulatory-power-in-name-sustainable-development/?test=latestnews#ixzz1gzalDQls

George Rebane

That's a good pick-up Russ. I too would be surprised if this were a coincidence. The government gun has to come in there somewhere. Direct (mis)picks of winners and losers (a la Solyndra et al) has proven embarrassing. Now, basing their picks on sustainability computed from a dodgy metric may be much more palatable since it easier to bamboozle the populace who can't separate a metric from their mess kits.

Account Deleted

For this process to be fully implemented the govt will need to get rid of all physical money. Otherwise, a large and thriving underground economy will spring up to provide what is actually important to people at exchange rates that reflect reality as opposed to what the govt considers important. Direct bartering is only workable to a certain degree. I'm wondering at what sort of universal item of value could be used for this purpose that would be able to bypass easy detection by the authorities. Gold and other precious metals are out. The new attempts at electronic 'peoples' cash would be quashed instantly, as the 'people' don't control the internet.
Here in California, we are moving forward with various govt mandated energy products that carry 'true green value' price tags. Read: higher costs for what the volk really want in order to subsidize the less valuable 'green' energy products that the enlightened elites think we should really want.


I can just imagine what the Chinese must think when they read about this stuff. Isn't it amazing that the industrialists in a socialist country now have a better idea of how to benefit from capitalism than some of the imagined movers and shakers in this country. I bet not one of them ever has any feeling of guilt at all while they are taking candy from a baby.

No hope.

Russ Steele


At some point ammunition for our guns will have a high value. All the folks at the Fathers Day Sale up at the Range understand the value, as they wheel out hand trucks loaded with ammo. At the Reno gun show 18 wheelers full of ammo sell out in less than two hours.

George Rebane

It is noteworthy but not surprising that this proposal for 'sustainable capitalism' is drawing so little support from the Left both here and in the WSJ. Does this mean that the understanding of how economies work is beginning to gain some traction in the Left's collective intellect - i.e. is the resulting blood and gore from following Blood and Gore's proposal so obvious to such a wide range of ideologies that it's just best to let it lie?

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