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30 December 2011


billy T

Dr. Rebane, accurate conclusions as usual. I see a conflict brewing with the views of us espousing local control. Didn't the current mayor of Nevada City fly off to OWS and came back with the local control/local change/local sustainability mantra? The left lives and dies by Big Government as the solution to all our problems. Sometimes they come up with solutions to problems I was not even aware I have, but mostly their solutions via Big Brother are worse than the status quo. If one lives by a Democratic controlled legislature (read: lawmakers), then one must accept that they know best. Didn't the Governor just put the squelch on RDAs? Didn't the Great State of California put mula intended for local schools in its own coin purse? If you carry the worship of Big Brother to its logical conclusion, then you come up with Stalin, Mao, Castro, and that insane guy who looked like a middle aged woman in N Korea, may he rot in hell. And all this is for the good of the little people? Van Jones is right. There has to be a violent overthrow of the way things are, just as a violent overthrow was necessary for Castro, the Ayatollahs, Stalin, Mao so they can achieve total power. Those in power cannot resist the insatiable impulses for more power. They are never satisfied. Like the man who worries about his well running dry, they draw water than can never quench their thirst. If one lives by Big Brother, then one must die for Big Brother.

George Rebane

billyT 944pm - Yes, the former Nevada City mayor Reinette Senum did travel to NYC to visit and imbibe the glories of OWS. I believe she came back with all kinds of good ideas of which I am sure we'll hear soon.

Brad Croul

Those pesky insurance lobbyists along with car seat manufacturers (probably an offshoot of defense contractors familiar with MIl Spec mind set) are, I suspect, to blame for car seat regulations. They weaned the current crop of little shavers on car seats. Now, they want keep them in the restraints during the years kids are growing out of their clothes (and car seats) every six months.

Douglas Keachie

Our subs and space program are facing competition and besting/overpowering, and you are worried about the moves of a do gooder lady who wants to help the homeless?

NY Times sez:

"In recent years, China has also sought to build a military capacity in keeping with its economic might, expanding its submarine fleet and, this year, testing its first aircraft carrier, a refurbished Soviet model. Under the new space plan, it would vastly expand its version of a Global Positioning System, which would have military as well as civilian uses. "

Make enough robotic sonar searching craft that surface and recharge via sunlight, and no part of the ocean will be safe for our defense/deterrent missiles. With automated factories, they could churn them out like toasters.

George Rebane

DougK 114pm - not sure I understand your point with respect to my commentary.

billy T

Dr. Rebane, I found a new California law I can support 100%. Starting today, you cannot park your vehicle or electric go cart or Volt at an EV-1 charging station UNLESS you are actually charging your car. Makes sense. I think the Miner's Foundry and Nevada City should install about 40 more of those charging spaces. That would be cool watching all the shoppers driving around in circles looking for a place to park, lol. See it as the point of diminishing returns. In a related bit of New Year's cheer, the Fisker auto manufacturer which received a 1/2 billion clams from us taxpayers announced it was recalling ALL of its high priced luxury hybrid cars. Yep, recalling all (the grand total) of 50 cars it has sold in the US for over 100k each. Seems they catch fire. Now, what would happen if the eco-friendly car caught fire at an EV-1 charging station? Wonder if it would burn back down the grid all the way to the coal fired plant. Just amusing myself this fine beautiful morning. Happy New Year. Second verse same as the first.

billy T

In a totally unrelated bit of news about California's new laws, the Ford Electric Fusion (or whatever it is called) goes further on a charge than the Chevy VOLT, takes less time to recharge, and costs less. Wonder why we never hear about that? Could it be that Ford did not receive any Troubled Asset (TARP) money or did not get bailed out by Prime Minister Obama or did not let our Minister of Transportation fire its CEO? Or maybe, just maybe, Ford has a better idea.

Todd Juvinall

I reviewed the Croul public record and he seems to be part of the 1%. What a hoot!

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