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13 December 2011



Great as always.

bill tozer

good one, Mr. Crabb

RL Crabb

Thanks, George, but the headline is a little misleading. The nails don't come until Easter.

George Rebane

BobRL - You won't believe this, but when I had posted that title I had more than an inkling that you would come back with the Easter repartee. Hmmm...

Todd Juvinall

Pretty funny Crabby.

Douglas Keachie

Everybody is trying to make hay in a manger at Christmas time, and Cartoonist Crabb is visible at the Save the Yuba/Malakoff Town Hall Meeting at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keachie/sets/72157628399632411/

Douglas Keachie

The all time classic commentary on commercialism and Christmas is by Stan Freberg, "Green Christmas," as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSPGJ5-XAcM

D. King

Funny Bob. Where are the progressives and a one world government? (Based on SiFi television)

Russ Steele

Well done Bob. Nailed it!

Barry Pruett

Well done Mr. Crabb! Our community is a better place because of your irreverence and comedic style!

Bob Hobert


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