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16 December 2011


Russ Steele


Thanks for sharing. I guess at about same age my brothers and I were just one step up from poor, we had shoes to wear with our home made cloths. My mother was really good with a old treadle sewing machine. There was a family across Pioneer Park that the children did not have any shoes, they were the poor in our neighborhood. We went into the forest to cut a tree on my grandfathers wood lot, and decorated it with snow made from Ivory soap beat into a lather and spread on the needles. My brothers and I made garlands of red and green paper loops and popcorn strung on long threads. Mother had 10 red shiny balls she put on the tree, there were once 12, but we broke two of them one year roughhousing around the tree. Made my mother very sad. She treasured those bright red ornaments, they had been family treasures, handed down over the years.

I wanted a bike for Christmas, and was disappointed when it was a used bike. But, soon forgot it's heritage after a few spins around the park.

Douglas Keachie

Heartfelt and interesting narrative.

Paul Emery

Great Christmas Story George Thanks

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