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28 December 2011


Russ Steele

We saw lots of new tablets and Kindles, and Amazon gift cards around our tree also, looks like a lot of family reading this year. There was also a lot of talk about sharing Kindle books among family members. I am still deciding on a tablet. May wait for the Google Tablet, rumored to be the iPad killer. Yes, I know they all say that until is isn't.

Russ Steele

Opp should read "until it isn't"

billy T

Meanwhile, back in California and back to reality: http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/2011/12/28/california-town-abusing-funds-state-finds/ Now, beginning Jan 1st, you can't buy Robitussin, NyQuil and Dimetapp without a prescription. Just in time for cold, cough and flu season. "Hey Doc, you know I am allergic to alcohol, so can I get a script for Robitussin? Here's the cash for this visit. Now, where can I get that $8 bottle of cough syrup I used to buy at Safeway?" Yes, dear reader, I don't mind that it will be illegal to transport or distribute shark fins. No problem. I don't even mind that come January it will be illegal to sell beer with caffine in it. Last thing we need is some wired up drunk that simply won't pass out. But Robitussin?? Guess I will have to learn to get by on Therma-flu while it is still legal. OK, to tie this in to a topic, how about "Merry Christmas. Did you see what the Nanny State California politicians left under my tree? Nothing. They took away one of the American-Chinese favorite foods (discriminatory)and my sleep good syrup." Glad you guys got books. Signed the artist formerly known as Bill Tozer

Douglas Keachie

Bill, the stuff in Robitussin can be used to make meth, as I understand it.

Douglas Keachie

TSA rolls on: http://laist.com/2011/12/27/tsa_screeners_will_be_on_patrol_at.php


You guys just don't get it. What is best for you when you get a cold is to get so stoned on pot that you don't know who you are. Then you won't even know you have a cold. And we all know pot is good for you while NyQuill is a dangerous drug. Get with the program conservatives!

Signed Bob W. I don't have any of those "social network" personalities. Too timid.

Todd Juvinall

Nyquil will spawn a lefty rehab program with the requisite union employees to run it.


California public universities are forbidden the use of discrimination on the basis of race, creed, etc., so Asians and even Caucasians are overrepresented in top UC's just as they are underrepresented at private schools like Stanford who are able to put the admissions thumb on the scale of the races they want to boost.

It's discrimination, nothing 'reverse' about it, at Stanford, and other private schools.

On the other front, if you want dextromethorphan, the cough suppressant being banned, drive to the Costco in Reno once a year and stock up on Delsym or some other single ingredient DM remedy.

billy T

Robitussin rocks. Heck, you can fail a field sobriety test on Nyquil. Its like 18% alcohol. Never shot up Dimetapp, so yours truly cannot address that product. However, I buy about one bottle of alcohol free Robitussin a year and rarely finish the bottle. The wayward ones make meth out of antihistamine capsules, not liquid. Back in the day one could make crank out of chicken squat. Burned like Draino, but you could thread a needle on a running sewing machine once the burning subsided. I once got booted out of rehab. Oh, they snooped around every kook and cranny in my room and even the toilet bowl. They could not figure out how I was getting looped on a daily basis. Finally they caught me. Two fingers of Vitalis hair tonic with 8 oz of water in a Styrofoam cup gets you where you want to be. They said I was making a mockery of "the program" and showed me the door. I have been kicked out of a lot better places than that. Anybody buy a bottle of Vitalis Hair tonic (grease free) lately? That's because it probably got banned as well. So, now that I don't drink or dope and am too slow to catch young girls, they take away my one yearly pleasure in life. These are indeed tough times, bro. Happy New Year. Signed Bill Tozer, the former alcohol free Robitussun nipper.

Douglas Keachie

A friend in the EMT business says that some of their street drunk pickups have the freshest breath ever, as they drink mouthwash with alcohol in it.

Douglas Keachie

Bob, getting stoned on pot does indeed occasionally off the strange property of seemingly stepping outside of one's self, and watching how one appears to others, in split personality real time. That was one of the cool things about it I remember from college.

Dan Getz

I switched back to a Mac early this year specifically because of how well it runs Windows in addition to the benefits of Mac OS. I'd highly recommend Parallels for running Windows on the Mac.

Todd Juvinall

Now that the courts have ruled the State can dissolve our local redevelopment agencies the final stake in the heart of local control has been achieved. What is the left's slogan now? Hmmm, Grab the uture or some such crap? The California future is third world flop status. The overpasses will now be crumbling so there won't even be them to live under. What a state!

George Rebane

DanG 531am - Thank you. Is Parallels the Mac environment in which Windows runs in virtual mode? Do you also run Windows in native mode? How do you partition your hard drive?

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