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09 December 2011


Steve Wynn

I tend to believe the NPR is correct, especially when you look at the fact that in the past 20 year, the the top 1% have increase their income share by 300+% when compared to the middle class who's share has decreased.

Account Deleted

Two men live next door to each other. They are of the same age, weight and build. One of these gentlemen sits around all day when he's not at the office, swilling soda pop, beer and eating pizza. Exercise is walking to the car. The man next door works out regularly, eats a balanced diet and avoids sitting around. After a few years, one of them is 300% better in physical health than the other. Obviously the fitter gent is an evil person and must be 'taken down' by the govt to even things out. Obsessing with others' possessions will not improve your own fortunes. We've seen this over and over in world history. It appears, however, that the left doesn't care about history or facts. Oh well.

Todd Juvinall

If All Americans have a house and food, then who cares is Joe has more money than Tom. The sock puppet Wynn is somehow deciding he wants a better house paid for by Tom? This is the sin of envy and Americans on the left are full of it.

Mikey McD

As always it comes down to personal liberty (private property). Who 'owns' the wages I make? Obama believes that society owns the fruits of the individual's labor and that it is governments job to determine how much each individual will get (the producer and the mooch alike). Socialists simply use envy and hate to buy votes.

George Rebane

SteveW 1234am - You may be confusing relative levels with rates of increase. But in any event, it sure sounds like you have passed the class warfare litmus - ‘You’re doing poorly because some other people are doing well.’ Class warfare litmus message

Douglas Keachie

99% are doing poorly because 1% hsve rigged the game, and what the 1% haven't quite figured out yet, is that it not going to work well for them long term. What the 99% Americans can't do, have a functional, health cared economy,will eventually enabled the 1.3 billion Chinese to do, which is to take over the country. Good luck, 1%'ers! You plainly need it.

George Rebane

DougK 910am - "99% doing poorly", you are a true class warrior indeed, but then we knew that. Almost all of the world would give their left nut (or ovary) to join our 99% and do as poorly.

And I have to point out to our independent readers how the Left views the situation in China - that its 1.3B people have 'taken over the country'. Don't tell the Politburo in Beijing. Or is the current type of autocracy China enjoys also the goal for America that our Left pines for? I suspect the latter.

Douglas Keachie

I suspect the right is unwittingly handing American to the Chinese on a platter. Have no desire to see that happen, and also recognize the the new robber barons in this country are no smarter than the B eagle Brothers. I'll be the slipup of the no self destruct on the drone was a cost saving measure to get it funded and built. The corporation that lobbied it through, the system that allowed them to lobby it through, both bear the responsibility for the disaster.

Douglas Keachie

"that its 1.3B people have 'taken over the country'. Don't tell the Politburo in Beijing. Or is the current type of autocracy China enjoys also the goal for America that our Left pines for? I suspect the latter."

You see everything through filters that only match what you choose to believe to be true about the political beliefs of other Americans. At no point did I say anything to the effect that China was some sort of Democracy.

Douglas Keachie

Obmama, clearly upset, said, "We will ask for it back. We'll see how the respond." "it is a classified matter."

It sure as hell is. The company that built such a device without a self destruct should be tried for treason.

Douglas Keachie

Well we all agreed that corporations are persons, so it is perfectly reasonable to try one for treason, kill it, and then sell off all remaining assets, since it has no known relatives.

George Rebane

DougK - and at no point did I claim that you characterized China as a democracy. And why am I not surprised that you put the blame for the UAV's loss on the shoulders of capitalism?

For those readers not familiar with DOD procurement practices, the RQ-170 was built to the most exacting government specifications. You can bet the farm that all military UAVs have the power dive self-destruct mode (among others) built in - it just needs to be included in the mission's operational control protocols (i.e. turned on).


Reagan, the only economist president, would be rolling in his grave. Amazing that when the government tries to bypass these rich folk and spend the money directly, it doesn't work. It be as simple when they get a surplus of money, it gets invested and that creates jobs or maybe it is buying more services for themselves.

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