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12 January 2012



Charged with a misdemeanor,fined, and they also confiscate his firearm.....I guess that's better than prison time.

What tangled laws we weave.....

Douglas Keachie

Who winds up with Meckler's gun? NYPD should auction it off on eBay, and give the proceeds to their widows and orphans fund.. Great symbolism there.

Douglas Keachie

Is everyone having to put in a random six letter code with nearly every post? I used to have to memorize full Microsoft codes for installations, six times longer. One block of six is a piece of cake.


problem analyzed. Conclusion... this blog is again being vandalized by Keachie.

George Rebane

DougK - Administrivia: I deleted your and my comments relating to your posting travails now that you have the "problem analyzed". Thanks for your patience.

Douglas Keachie

Greg, had a taste of the censorship over at The Union's Towntalk yet? Here's a place you can express yourself freely.

Sufficiently unhappy am I with The Union, that I’ve created a FB group to attempt to provide an area where one can comment on Towntalk and other items in the print edition, without wondering if it is worth the bother, if The Union staff is just going to censor it anyway, regardless of content, just because you wrote it. Open to all to join,


Douglas Keachie

Greg, I did NOT take that handle. Referencing Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues."

Douglas Keachie


Enlightenment comes at the last line.


I salute the discretion TheUnion is said to be exercising over the likes of Keachie who was very probably the #1 vandal when they were allowing comments. No responsible adult needs a score or more sock puppets to have a voice.


It strikes me that if Meckler's atty knows of 400+ people who have firearms confiscated, a class action might be financially feasible and have a reasonable chance of success given the Roberts' court.

Paul Emery

Why should he want to do that? It looks like this is make work for Attorneys. It's amazing how the legal profession and the lawmakers work together to "invent diseases" that only lawyers have the cure for. It would be interesting to know how much in legal charges this cost MM. That's the real fine for sure. Harvesting as George R likes to put it.

Douglas Keachie

Sorry to disappoint you Greg, still posting at The Union, even today, you really didn't think their Keach detectors were that good, did you? And, so that all (even you, Greg) can really express how they feel, set up Facebook group, "The Union Uncensored," where everybody can say what they want without going through the censors at The Union. Haven't got time to do that sort of thing full time, but will be dropping tibits there every now and then.

Here, BTW, is a sample of The Union commentator closest to the editors and probably Greg's hearts:

Comment From Woodsy
YAY! No more big bad businesses allowed in CA. Let no crisis or accident go to waste! We can all live off government SS payments and inheritances from our Parents! Eat Vegan meals, drink wine and complain about anybody trying to make a living!! Welcome to the Divided Socialist States of America...crafted out of the ashtray full of burnt doobies of the 60's generation! Yay!! "

Douglas Keachie

Paul, Mark is probably not paying a cent out of his own pocket. That's what Tea Party supporter provide cash for, and oafter all, he feels "threatened" because he is their leader.

I just find it amazing that carrying a gun will make one feel safer from “threats.” If someone has it in for you in particular, they are going to stalk you very carefully, and shoot you from behind, or with a magnetic land mine attached to the door of your vehicle, etc.

Even with the common stranger mugger attack, you being armed is unlikely to prevent them from getting the drop on you. The best protection is to travel with lots of people around you, or at least one trained body guard, and possibly a good dog or two.

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