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21 January 2012


Douglas Keachie

Share a subscription with a neighbor. That's what my parents and their neighbors did, even though either party could have easily afforded individual subscriptions. It was an old habit from the Depresssion, that they got used to, and saw no point in changing. We gave them the Berkeley Gazette after 7 pm, they gave us the Chronicle after 9 am. I was the messenger boy.

George Rebane

You're a practical man Doug Keachie. Not sure that JeffA was counting on such a response though.

Russ Steele

OK, I was forced to buy a copy of The Union off the news stand so I could read Mr Perry's attempt at rational logic. The more I read, the more I wanted to link to Perry's mish mash of ideas, with some specific comments. However, with the pay-wall in place that was not possible. Over the years I have linked to Union articles from my blog, and then discussing the ramification of the articles found there, now that is not possible. With over a 1,000 unique visitors a week on my blog, some of those readers much have visited The Union web site. Now, no linking and no potential visitors. It will be interesting in 30 days to see if the Union visitor numbers start to decline. Selling ads is all about the ability to attract eyeballs, regardless of the initial source.

Todd Juvinall

The fellow was trying to appear as if he could compete with George's ability with words. He failed miserably. I had to read the piece as if I was in the third grade again. What I got out of the piece by Perry was he is an "occupy" fan. That says it all.

Ryan Mount

George, you win this one for sure. Not sure what you win against such hyperbole as assertions that your "rejection of democracy is defeatist, if not treasonous." Those are some mighty reckless words from Mr, Perry. And the notable Straw mans he props up ("...by using vague, undefined and prejudicial terms like liberal, progressive, socialist, populist, far left, minorities, and patriots; and by reference to a 2,000-year-old failed democracy — as if no republic has ever failed nor a democracy seen success — as if democratic republicanism is an oxymoron.") would be high comedy if they weren't so damaging to the spirit of civil discourse. Frankly I'm a little disappointed in Mr. Ackerman for allowing such a contrived series of ad hominem attacks.

To be honest George, and this an argument I frequently get into with more Leftish/Anarchist types around these parts, is that I am weary of allowing the powers of direct Democracy (what Mr. Perry seems to be advocating) into the hands of the electorate who is the same demographic that shoots Snooki's memoirs into the NYT best seller list. I hope you catch my drift. However in the spirit of reckless generalizations, most people you talk to who favor direct Democracy really do not know that which they speak of nor do they understand the unintended consequences of such a system. James Madison did. My prediction is that within weeks or months of such a system, we'd descend into anarchy, briskly followed-up by the rise of some dictator who would promise to fix everything.

We can discuss the corporatocracy/plutocratic problems facing this country in another thread, but suffice to say, Direct Democracy won't solve that because we are currently not smart enough to know how one will probably exacerbate the other. There, I said it. (Note: I officially announce my disqualification for any public office for calling the electorate dumb.)

Our Republican form of government, which is informed by direct representational Democracy at the Congressional Level, is as good as it gets until the electorate is not swayed by foolish, impulsive and such popular distractions. Our government is clumsy, inefficient, slow and overly-deliberative. And all that is arguably virtuous relative to preserving our liberties.

I'll pick James Madison any day over any of the Chicago Seven, to pick one such type. Abbie Hoffman's greatest achievement in his otherwise failed life, in my opinion, was when he received the butt of Pete Townsend's guitar for mouthing-off at Woodstock.

George Rebane

RyanM 1155am - Well said. I also wondered why JeffA would so prominently display such misguided ramblings and attacks on one of his faithful columnists. I guess it sells newspapers.

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