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22 January 2012


Russ Steele

I choked on representativeness when I arrived at that chapter. I had to keep asking my self, what the hell is he talking about. I like your explanation better and will just make a mental transfer. Using my systems one, I am voting for a bathroom run, having myself left a back pack or two at the booth when making a pit stop.

Douglas Keachie

Go steal the case, and throw it into the largest possible open empty area as quickly as possible. Out a window onto a roof below would be good. You have a bit of time, because he will not want it to go off until after he is well away from the area. If it doesn't explode, then you should disappear too. BTW, you already identified it as a "case of terrorism."

Douglas Keachie

Or give it to your favorite hyper serious flyboy....


The flyboy would like to thank Keachie for responding to the charge that he's a malicious liar with more fabrications and empty rhetoric.

Ben Emery

I didn't read through your statistical analysis of probabilities with respect to the reality of stereotyping but found it funny that you would use a 1% example who possibly became part of that economic class by exploiting the natural resources of the lineage nation of that middle easterner with the US military who then felt the need for retaliation. I am just playing along with your absurd stereotyping scenarios.

Ben Emery

This is Ben Emery. Once again another name has popped up when I posted. I am not Iliad but in this case I guess I am. I will go through typepad and try to correct what is wrong.

Ben Emery

I have no idea where Iliad came from but I think it is fixed at this point.

George Rebane

BenE - It looks like you're back with your own name.

The '1%' scenario was just made up to explicate the Bayesian approach to updating knowledge in the context of what we call stereotyping. The point made is that stereotyping is and always has been extremely valuable for humans and other critters. When we vilify it without reason, we wind up behaving poorly and make bad public policy.

That having been said, the Bayes rule for its application is both correct and useful as claimed.

Douglas Keachie

Douglas Keachie would like to thank Gregory Goodknight for responding to the charge that he's a malicious liar with more fabrications and empty rhetoric.

Are you starting to get the message, Greg?

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