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24 February 2012


Russell Steele


I wrote about about the Progressive Climate Scare Machine HERE. $79 Billon dollars of tax payers money went in to the Scare Machine and none to the Skeptics. There is a nifty graphic that Jo Nova put together to show how the money flows.

Douglas Keachie

At this point in history, we have nearly a billion people on Facebook. Not only do they post stuff from the normal news sources, they also gather their own stuff and post that too. I suspect that people's circles of friends and friends of friends on FB will be a far greater determiner of the next election than any supposedly left wing media. My own range of bokmarks also includes many pubications from around the globe, and I am sure many others feel the same way. The big three networks do not have me glued to the set at 5:30
, I tape them and skim later, based on CNN online and Reuters.

"it is the well-funded progressive onslaught,"

How come the Progressives have more money than the aRE THEY BETTER AT DOING BUSINESS? If that is the case, and Conservatives feel we need a business person in the White House, then let the party of success run the country. Or maybe it's just that the Republicans are just inherently to cheap and stingy to shell out the bucks and the quality of candidates to win this time either.

George Rebane

DougK 811pm - Is there a possibility that you can draw a thread, now matter how gossamer thin, from your comment to the subject of this post?

Russell Steele

From the San Jose Mercury News, Dana Hull reports:

Peter Gleick, a nationally known expert on water and climate issues, on Friday asked for a short-term leave of absence from the Oakland-based Pacific Institute, where he is co-founder and president.

My question is how long before that leave becomes long term and he vanishes from the scene.

Douglas Keachie

You appeared to be making the point that the poor little Heartland group was being picked on by the big mean well funded bullies of the Left, and those bullies were providing the funding for IPCC science, and that they were doing such a terrific job that the truth of Heartland doesn't stand a chance.

My point was that more and more people are going to original sources, via the internet, and talking to one another on Facebook, and so pouring money into campaigns and controlling the media is rather being wasted. In addition, I might add that Gleick has probably been kicked out, saw it coming and resigned first. This is not the first time a leader has done stupid stuff and gotten caught. After all, Fakegate and Climategate all owe their names to their most famous ancestor, Nixon of Watergate.

Most of the Pacific Institute's work revolves around water, especially water here in California, and not climate change: http://www.pacinst.org/reports/

Is'ums feeling all alone? I stand in good company, as outlined here: http://www.coyoteblog.com/coyote_blog/2012/02/it-was-never-about-the-ogallala-aquifer.html

Douglas Keachie

As an example of well ore than 50 climate change sites, check this out. Cut back to a smaller size if necessary: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keachie/6781581182/sizes/o/in/photostream/


"FakeGate" will be a gift that keeps giving; it plays right into the narrative that "skeptics" have been making for years.

Right now even the Pacific Institute is officially distancing themselves from their President and Founder, and has made it clear they do not condone his tactics. That might not insulate them from culpability as their President, Founder and board member quite possibly used PI facilities for some or all of this crime. It may be hard for PI to ever get another grant from a public source, and many private ones.

RICO, anyone?


A delicious detail that has emerged is that Gleick started his fraud immediately after a chat with Heartland where he turned down the invitation to a Heartland event, and after he was told that Heartland, which used to make their donor information public, had stopped doing so due to harassment of those donors by activists.

George, another nice detail is that Gleick was summarily removed from his Chair of the American Geophysical Union's Task Force on Scientific Ethics! Imagine that.

I guess he was as sure as to the massive funding of Heartland as he was of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming. Eventually, the folks in the middle just following apparent Authorities will decide maybe those authorities aren't leading anywhere they want to go.

Russell Steele

“The Bloggie” winners have been announced and it was a clean sweep for the blogs that have been skeptical of global warming and climate change. Details HERE.

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