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23 February 2012


Brad Croul

No, not racist. But, I know what you mean by asking the racism question.

I think that after so many years of racism, segregation and marginalization by whites, whites have inadvertently created a black voting block.

Exit questions: How many blacks did you see in the Republican debates audiences?
Does (did) Herman Cain have a large black following?

George Rebane

BradC 921am - There appear to be more dimensions here than just a racial "black voting block". There is also the explicit promise of the correctly voting black voter getting more from a government led by a black man (actually a mulatto). How does that figure into racist policies from a government?

And must a religious/cultural/racial/economic/... cohort have been the target of some discriminatory behavior in order for it to form into a 'voting block'?

Brad Croul

I think the video/website is a "get out the vote" attempt by the Democratic "community organizer" candidate.

I don't see any difference between the Obama video/website and the NRA leader prodding his membership to get out and vote against Obama (except for the fear-based campaigning the NRA prefers).

It is not just about race, it is about any and all people who might behave or vote or be drawn to a particular candidate for a number of reasons. Race is just one element.

Voting blocks, like voting districts, come in all shapes and sizes.

Douglas Keachie

Well, I don't know if you don't like the American Anthropological Association's stand on racism, or if the six letter password took too long to show up and then auto-deleted the post. Let's try something more to your liking. How soon will you guess who it is?

"Yet she is also is a firm defender of affirmative action. She said the policy helped her get a job at Stanford University even though her undergraduate degree was from the University of Denver instead of Harvard or Yale. She is proud of speaking out to President George W. Bush when he was considering siding with plaintiffs seeking in the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn two affirmative action programs at the University of Michigan.

Rice said she was "furious" after Hurricane Katrina when critics said Bush -- who appointed the nation's first and only two African-American secretaries of state -- "didn't help those people because they were black."

She also said she is unconcerned by liberal critics in the black community who called her and Colin Powell "house Negroes" for working in the Republican Bush administration.

"I really don't care," Rice said. "I don't need anybody to tell me how to be black. We don't really need arguments about what it is to be authentically black. That is nothing but a tool for a silly conversation."

Rice said she is more concerned about "the witches' brew of race and poverty" that is holding back a generation of minority students. Since leaving Washington, she has devoted herself to K-12 education when not teaching business students at Stanford.

Rice's book ends with her father's funeral at the end of 2000 and her departure a week later to take up her job as Bush's national security adviser. Readers searching for fly-on-the-wall revelations about 9/11 or insights into the controversial decision to go to war in Iraq will be disappointed. She plans to detail her eight years in the Bush White House in a second book due in 2012.

For the rest of it, go here: http://www.aolnews.com/2010/10/16/condoleezza-rice-talks-race-relationships-in-book/

For the American Anthropological Association's stand go here: http://www.aaanet.org/stmts/racepp.htm

George Rebane

BradC 1018am - Judging by the national reaction, it seems that your perception (selective blindness?) is the correct interpretation of that video. No one seems to consider the symmetrical approach, were one such to be taken by a white candidate - such a notion just doesn't exist in certain universes.

Douglas Keachie

Let's also not that there are other socioeconomic groups that Presidents address, whose racial makeups have been, and still are, primarily white males. Please go through the roosters of those groups who have HQ's in D.C. supporting business interests and find one, just one, where the leadership is either primarily female or minority, other than business groups that make those connections clear in the names of their organizations. here are a few suggestions to check out:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM),
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization (AFL-CIO)
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
Large corporations and individual unions also have offices in the capital.
Trade associations represent entire industries.
The members of the American Public Power Association (APPA), for example, are municipally owned electric utilities, rural electric cooperatives, and state power authorities.

Your exception will be the National Educators Association, which is 50:50 http://www.nea.org/home/609.htm

Douglas Keachie

In addressing these groups, race doesn't even have to be mentioned. If a President says, "I support you," the fact that the group is already primarily white male is already understood and taken as a given. In addressing the loosely Amalgamated Union of Poor and Discriminated Against Folk, "black" is a convenient shorthand for Obama, just as supporting the "good old boys" without mentioning skin color was for many years simple code for, "if your white, you're all right." HT, to Chris Rock, for that last phrase.

Douglas Keachie

"a black man (actually a mulatto)" whatexactly does that have to do with anything?

Again, Rice:

~ "I really don't care," Rice said. "I don't need anybody to tell me how to be black. We don't really need arguments about what it is to be authentically black. That is nothing but a tool for a silly conversation." ~

George Rebane

DougK 1108am - it seems that I'm correct in the assessment that the asymmetry of Obama's message is inconsequential when considering what white candidates may say. No one wants to talk about that, you again return to the usual 'we know this is what they really mean' arguments of the Left instead of just reading/listening to the explicit words.

Ryan Mount

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that President Obama is probably going to tie-up at least 90% of the African American vote. (he received 96% in 2008).

This video isn't so much a campaign blurb (question: how do you know when Obama's campaigning? Answer: when he opens his mouth) as it is a rallying call to get out the vote.

I wouldn't characterize this as racist; it's pandering. [gasp!] A politician pandering to the his/her constituency!? It's about the same as Sweater vest-bound Ricky Santorum or poor, wooden Mitt Romney trying to pander to the conservative Christian vote.

They are (well not *all* of them) experts at telling us exactly what we want to hear in the most patronizing kinds of ways. Obama's particularly good at it.

Douglas Keachie

If you think explicit words are the only means of social communication and interaction.....and don't give a hoot about Rice said......I give up.

Todd Juvinall

Well let me get this straight. African Americans for Obama. Yes, that is correct. His bio dad was a African and his mom was a American. So that is accurate. Then he talks about "fairness"and everyone doing heir "fairshare". Tell me how 50% that don't contribute to the pie at the federal level and that is "fair"? Every person in the video was black, not one Asian, white or Indian.

This ad is a disgusting attempt to say to the black Americans they are not really Americans. I find it amazing the Prez has been untouched by the over sensitive liberal media who would destroy a Caucasian for doing the same thing. Racism and class warfare are Obama's strategy.

Todd Juvinall

Obama, the David Duke of black America. Some nut is out there saying that.


Obama is not a leader he is a divider. Obama is a racist (could you imagine the uproar if white.romney.com was promoted by Mitt?), a bigot (openly and vigorously hates the rich), and worst of all a politician begging for support (pandering).

Brad Croul

GeorgeR 1032AM, Are you assuming that Obama is calling on African Americans to support him just because he is black?

What if he calls on Asian American to vote for him? Do you have a problem with that as well?

Remember that Obama is not going to get all blacks on his team, only those who are not Republicans, or Independents. He is just trying to energize the Democratic African Americans.

George Rebane

BradC 245pm - Yes, definitely. No problem with his calling for other ethnic/racial groups by name to support. In fact, I wish he would so that this conversation would then become moot.

But do you notice that no one wants to touch my question about the propriety of white candidates calling for the white vote?

Robert White

Race baiting at the least.

But Since Obama Has only addressed "Black Americans" this way he must believe that this type of an appeal is appropriate when it comes to "Black Americans" as opposed to other races. Why? Well the only reason I can think of is that Obama must believe it would lack validity with other races due to his perceived difference in the individuals of these "other races" as opposed to his obvious belief that when it comes to black Americans they are all the same. Right?

If not then why not make this appeal to other races individually?

Mathematically a racists for those of you that never passed proofs!

billy T

I was not alarmed or even raised one eyebrow watching the video. Black Americans do have an unique history in our country due to slavery and segregation. I understand why the black community had to look to Big Government to solve many of the unfair policies that the States failed to do in regards to housing, employment and opportunity. So, it is not surprising that most Black Americans vote Democrat or are left leaning. Obama was billed as the first post-racial President. His campaign rhetoric concerning the black community touched on Bill Cosby's theme of personal responsibility for the black community to solve the high rate of out of wedlock children and the high drop out rate. His comments made Jesse Jackson utter what he would like to do with a knife to Candidate Obama's privates. Some say there is not a drop of slave blood in him, thus his black experience is different. Considering he spent part of his youth in Islamic Indonesian (or was it Malaysian?)schools and Hawaii or Kansas, he probably was the only black around according to old photos. For those of us who remember the Watts Riots and Detroit burning and those summers of flames, I am glad the days of the "angry Black Man" are over. Most of the angry black folks are now tenured professors, but the youth don't exude the same anger as their grandparents. Obama reaching out to the black community is as natural as a Republican reaching out to the NRA. To me it is just smart politics and birds of a feather flock together.

billy T

Obama is just shoring up his base. Even Maxine Waters has criticized the "Administration" for not doing enough for the Black Community. It is true that the Stimulus did little for the Black Community. Few jobs were created as evidenced by the high black teen unemployment rate that rivals Spain and Portugal. Money for bank bailouts and solar panels did not trickle down either. Its election time and the strategists fear the blacks will stay home on voting day. He is trying to energize his discouraged base. He did it a few months ago when he told the NAACP that its is time for them to put away their slippers and put on their marchin' shoes. Like its their fault they are not overwhelmed by Obama this time around? They will vote for BHO, but maybe not be doing cartwheels all the way to the ballot box.

Douglas Keachie

This is the face of the New Techie American, in the largest group photo I've ever shot. Geoffrey Hom did the painstaking work of assembling it all into one huge image, which I can click on in my browser and see all the people in detail. This may not work in all browsers, I'm using the latest Firefox on a PC. Trust me, nobody in this group worries about skin colors.


George Rebane

DougK 1041pm - "Trust me, nobody in this group worries about skin colors." Where have you seen any evidence of skin color worries among scientists and engineers?

Douglas Keachie

Even bothering to mention the word "mulatto" which has absolutely nothing to do with anything, puts you in the same class as the dude who filed this suit:


Ryan Mount

Welp, I hope this thread proves that Americans on all sides of the issue are obsessed with race relations. I particularly enjoy watching the anti-Obama, quasi-conservative (is that enough hyphens?) crowd point their fingers and stamp their feet with their [implied] cries of racism from our country's Grand Poobah. (Thank goodness we've stopped calling it reverse-racism, which of course is in fact a racist and ironic thing to proclaim. So congrats. Progess.)

One of things I wish my conservative-ish brethren would embrace: that these are power relationships. Maybe you have, but it's really hard to tease out an argument from all proclamations of racism. The Race/racist discussion is mere dressing, and sometimes a hideous implement, of power relations and class in this country (kids, that's what we call a thesis statement); that people, because this is how we "incent"[sic] people in this country, use race on both side of the issue to gain power or reduce it. Typically this is economic power, but not always.

Once we get past the race issue and the assumptions behind it(have the testicular fortitude to share what those might be, eh?), a pipe dream I know, we can actually expose its underpinnings to the light of day and have a real debate. However I will agree cultural conservatives that leaders love to exploit such superficial things as race to gain power. Same as it ever was in that regard.

Then again, 50% of everyone you'll meet are going to below average. So maybe we're already doomed.

Dixon Cruickshank

Actually we had moved past it until Obama was elected, he did a great job to bring it back.

George Rebane

For the record - as the analyses and charges of class membership go on, no one yet dares touch the asymmetry question of my 1032am.

Account Deleted

George - you'll have no joy here. Of course they won't touch it. Well, Ryan did somewhat with the standard line that "everyone does it". Although I'd like to see him point out any of the current conservatives that are. Doug's position about you calling a mulatto a mulatto is great. Would he be as shocked if you called me a "white" person? And since you spoke with out liberal permission, you are now deemed to be as evil as anyone else who would use the term. Let's do a word search on Doug's posts and match all of his terms and names with the foulest racists and pervs on the planet. Since he used the same terms as they did, he is just as bad. I'm finally starting to see the logic he uses. Great stuff!

Douglas Keachie

Calling attention to skin color is no more valid than calling attention to the size of earlobes, or the pitch of one's voice.

What part of

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

are you unable to comprehend?

For your information, (and it was included way up at the top of these comments in my link to the American Anthropological Society), African skin color varies substantially, among those you would consider totally African in ancestry right to the present day. If you were given pictures of two hundred African-Americans, and told to pick out those of strictly African ancestry, you'd fail miserably. Likewise it would be possible to have 200 perfectly mulatto backgrounded folks, who are totally indistinguishable from whites. As Rice said, this just leads to silly conversation.

Again the link to the AAA: http://www.aaanet.org/stmts/racepp.htm

As for Scott Obermuller, "hey white boy!"

There, did a hackle or two go up?

George Rebane

DougK 826pm - the reference to skin color in this post and comments has no lesser or greater 'validity' or significance than that which Barack Obama intended in his focused call for blacks to support him in 2012. It is only in this context that the discussion is worth pursuing.

Douglas Keachie

One other way in which people try deflect but inadvertently expose their racism is to describe someone as "half black." I'm sure that it is not necessary and would sound totally foolish to describe Scott as being "all white." Maybe a few lines from sci-fi can loosen your senses on this issue:

"Inhabitants of this planet bore a peculiar physical appearance: their skin was exactly half-black and half-white, with some white on the right side and black on the left, and others the opposite. Those who were "black on the right side" considered those "white on the right side" to be inferior. They subjugated their brethren in what they thought was a gesture of mercy and compassion, but the "whites on the right side" considered it nothing but slavery and oppression. By 2268, civil war had completely destroyed their civilization, leaving only two known survivors, Bele and Lokai.

Bele referred to Lokai as "half-white" in a tone clearly meant to disparage; Lokai referred to Bele as "half-black" in a similar fashion. From Bele's reaction to Kirk's suggestion that his people were once of one color, and both aliens' use of phrases such as "monocolored trash" it may be assumed they regarded their own dual colored lifeforms as superior to singly colored lifeforms. "


Douglas Keachie

If you were running for President, would you ignore the Estonian vote? Would you mention the Vaska compound, with a sense of pride? I rather think so.

"After 1945 most Estonian Americans supported the Republican Party, faulting the Democrats for the Yalta agreement and viewing the Republicans as more sympathetic to their concerns. This trend of support for the Republican Party has continued. In 1970 the Estonian American National Republic Committee was formed, with a network of Estonian American Republican clubs established in geographic centers of the immigrant community. Socialist influence in the community has diminished."

Read more: Estonian Americans - History, Significant immigration waves, Settlement patterns http://www.everyculture.com/multi/Du-Ha/Estonian-Americans.html#ixzz1nMjPVb5P

Douglas Keachie

Want to see it from the other side?


Todd Juvinall

True racists see everything through the skin color as a way of distinguishing themselves as different and unique. Obama thinks of himself as a black man, a true African American man. The liberal enables the people who think like Obama to get away with their own racism while claiming others who point out their hypocrisy as racists. If the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucasus and like minded organizations in our multi skin colored country allowed other people of "color" (white, yellow, brown) to join, I would say the keachies of the world would have a leg to stand on. Unfortunately, when a "white" liberal moves to the whitest county in California and then calls others racist, I really have to laugh. Keachie could have moved to Watts or a Vietnamese neighborhood in Orange County, or maybe Little Japan in LA but he chose to move to Nevada County. I must say your views on racism are as phony as a three dollar bill.

George Rebane

We note here that a progressive equivalence is 1) a non-white appealing to his equivalent non-whites on the basis of their color, and 2) anyone else (especially a white) of a given ethnicity appealing to others of a similar ethnicity.

Account Deleted

LMAO - Just keep digging, Doug.
What part of
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
are you unable to comprehend?
Way too slow, Doug. We conservatives have been wondering what happened to the "dream" a long time ago. The only time skin color seems to matter these days is when we have to put that down on govt forms. The skin game is all about what group you are in to be assigned separate or special privileges. The current issue before the SC right now is the left trying to again use skin color to design admissions criteria for institutions of so-called "higher learning".
I will join George in asking the audience to explain why it's OK for Obama to openly appeal to voters based on skin color while it's not acceptable for a Republican opponent to do so.
And Doug, I forgive you for your racist (by your own definition) name calling. You just can't make me hate you because of your attitude.
Peace out, dude!

Douglas Keachie

Todd, I moved up here for only one thing that was white, and that's the snow that falls on Donner Summit.

Yours Truly   ***   img_5098_std

Curious George, isn't it, that the actions of the various white ethnicities in concert, in both kidnapping the blacks of Africa against their will, and then treating them in pretty much uniformly hurtful and even hateful ways, remolded their various cultures (there were many) into an amalgam of loosely confederated cultures we now subsume under the heading of "African-American." As such, it can be considered an ethnicity unto itself, and deserves every bit as much respect as Estonian immigrants, who themselves must admit to being intermingled with the Russians and Finnish and others around them. There is no "pure " blood there either.

Maybe you should stick with technology, for which you are eminently more qualified to speak. How does it feel to be on the challenged side, where you are lacking the calculus of the social sciences? Just kidding, as you always are.

Douglas Keachie

George, I'm posting the following here before sending it to The Union as letter to ed or other voices.

" Obama Is, Has, and Was Given/Born With...."

Many Americans today seem to be unable to distinguish between the three different but related concepts.

Obama is a cheerful and intelligent human being.
Obama deeply loves his family.
Obama is a great father and husband.
Obama is the President of the United States.

Obama has chosen to be very well educated.
Obama has chosen to run for and win multiple offices.
Obama has chosen to keep a healthy body and mind, by choosing basketball and body surfing and golf, as both exercise and relaxation, to maintain his cheerful and intelligent self in peak condition to meet life's challenges.

"anima sana in corpore sano," which translates to "Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body".

Obama was given (by God or evolution, take your pick) a large and genetically healthy body, and a quick mind, which he has chosen to use for the public good.
Obama was given, by the United States of America's Constitution, full and complete, Presidential qualified citizenship. Even Michelle Bachman and the State of Georgia agree on this, along with every billionaire on the planet, with the possible exception of minor billionaire Donald Trump.

© Douglas Keachie, 2012
First published in his Blog, "Farstars."

Todd, you will be delighted to know that a Roman poet was the inspiration for the phrase used above, and that he may be a distant ancestor

Douglas Keachie

So why is Keachie fighting this one so hard? The answer is simple. I too am a minority. When you partially deaf, as I was, from as soon as they could test for it, you wind up, "on the outside" looking in, regardless of skin color. You can't play football because the other team would hear the calls in your huddle if they were loud enough for you to hear. You become the but of completely unseen jokes, taking advantage of the fact that you can't hear the setup, and that fact, that you can't hear, is thus demonstrated as "funny" to the other normal hearing boys in the crowd. Even simply saying derogatory things about me, behind my back, loud enough so a normal hearing kid would turn around and punch out the dude, are viewed as "funny," because I didn't pick up on them. A few real friends clued me in, and yes, I became defensive, even within my very own liberal middle class culture.

Accordingly I guess I became quite "liberal." Desks in school were set up by two, and I was asked once to have the kids with palsy sit beside me. I said "fine." Everyone else felt the kid was too weird. We had an exchange student from China, in all white class, again the request, again I said, "fine," and again the rest of the class went, "eeeewwwh, weird."

Yes, I knew racism from an early age, and recognized it for what it really is: "You are physically different looking/capable/acting. I know my group and know what to expect, and they are look and act just like me (except for old uncle Henry) and so they are predictable, and therefore they are not threatening. This person does not look/act the same, therefore they may be a threat. "If you're white, you're all right." If you are different in any way from the norm, the group will often hold you at arm's length, and in its extreme form, dangling over the Wylie Coyote's cliff, with a very shaky grip.

Race has nothing to do with it, other than setting up a very convenient bogeyman for leaders to control their charges, with "aren't they scary looking/acting," and the old chestnut, "you're better than they are, and we'll show you how much so, by giving you two crumbs for every one we given them."

Douglas Keachie

One other place where I was a minority. In Germany, 1955-1956, where as the son of a Fulbright exchange professor, I was mistaken often by locals who did not know me as "Armmeee!" I would repeated say, "I am not Army," in German, but the blockheads simply could not accept it. I was even physically attacked by one youth my age, 10, who left a permanent dent in my skull when he hit me with a 1 x 6. Oh yes, the teachers there were smart too. When it came time to pick out players for the Christmas play, guess who was asked to play "die schwarziger Koenig?" Joyous whoops of relief and laughter went up from the rest of the class, when I accepted, because that meant that none of them would have to be the, "Black," except they used another word instead.

Todd Juvinall

Keachie doth protest oo much. So you only mover here to live in the white snow eh? What a crock. You mover here from the urban city to be around people of your own didn't you?

If you knew your history you would also know the slaves were captured by their own people, the black tribes, and transported to the coast where they were sold. Then the Arabs, still to this day, capture and enslave blacks and even women of any color for their sex trades. I am just not buying in to the liberal guilt trip and you can take your racist crap and pt it where the sun doesn't shine.

Douglas Keachie

Todd, I grew up in the Berkeley Hills, which was pretty white, my best friend Chris Yip's dad had to pay twice what the house was worth to move into the neighborhood, and not to many years prior, he would have been blockewd from buying at all, all very lawful under California's laws back then. As Berkeley was overflow for the Richmond shipyard workers, (look up your history,they brought in blacks to build the ships) the middle and high schools offered classmates of all colors, and abilities.

I also lived for two years in Rocklin, at Sierra College, where I choose to go, because dad did not want to pay for Boulder, CO, and I wanted to ski. My family was not a skiing family, I dragged them into it, after getting a birthday granted at Badger Pass in Yosemite, for my 8th birthday.

We seriously looked at buying a house in the Sunset, but also struggled with what a miserable ride it was to Tahoe. Houses in the Sunset were $225,000 and up, for fixers. We started looking for a ski cabin site, that would still allow us employment. We considered Placerville, Colfax all the way out Moody Ridge near Alta (Sacto was a strenuous but doable commute), and then my wife went up on her own, and discovered the 60 acres with a one bedroom house, that had been on the market for a year at assessed value of $210,000. We submitted a very lowball bid, and it was accepted.

Had I known that it is really an hour and 1/2 to the snow, not one hour, I probably would have nixed it. In any event the buying decision revolved around getting out of the city, not abandoning our neighbors, and around getting closer to the snow, and on my wife's side, having a good spot to grow veggies, trees, and fruits. Given the way the economy is going that may have made this spot an excellent choice, even though it is inconvenient at times. I miss the most excellent windsurfing on the bay, and the convenience of walk to restaurants. I do not miss parking issues, earthquakes, and not being able to have animals, and make our own noise, and not be disturbed (very much) by the noises of others around us. If I were in the city, I would not miss scotch broom.

Living in an area that is "all white, mostly" may be very important to you, but not to us. Our nearest black neighbor is within shouting distance up here, so it ain't so white after all. Check out Bill and Toki Steele, and try to tell them they moved here to be where everything is "all white." Then have lunch at Toki's, if they'll still serve you. (under new managers as the Steeles are getting on in years) They set up a dual cuisine coffee shop up here many years ago, and it is still going strong.

Douglas Keachie

Todd, so you logic is, if black captured other blacks for slavery, then that made it perfectly fine for white to buy them? If I grow opium poppies and you buy them from me, does that make it perfectly ok for you to ingest the stuff? What a concept, you should be on the SCOTUS, where you can share your vision.


"Where have you seen any evidence of skin color worries among scientists and engineers?"

A question unanswered by the usual suspect.


"Todd, so you logic is, if black captured other blacks for slavery, then that made it perfectly fine for white to buy them?"

While Todd's post was somewhat odious, it is a very hateful and tortured logic indeed to distort it so.

Douglas Keachie

"While Todd's post was somewhat odious, it is a very hateful and tortured logic indeed to distort it so."

So Greg, without make use of the obvious underlying moral argument ( which I used) that "two wrongs do not make a right," please explain what logic you use to find Todd's remarks odius?

"Where have you seen any evidence of skin color worries among scientists and engineers?"

A question unanswered by the usual suspect."

Questioned completely answered by referencing George's mulatto take, and his and yours completely missing the boat on the difference between melanin content and ethnicity. "Ich bin ein Berliner," is much closer to the mark, than George's interpretation of the site, apparently as, "If your black, (meaning only melanin content) I've got your back."


Sorry, Keach, I won't be following you down that rabbit hole. Go ask Alice.

Try this as an exercise: take what Todd wrote and, by the usual rules of Logic, end up with your caricature. Take your time.

Douglas Keachie

Greg, go talk to your priest. The comment was written in the terms that he and Todd understand. Please, once again, without referencing the underlying moral value of "two wrongs do not make a right, and using all the logic in the world, explain why you find Todd's post "somewhat odius." And why is it qualified with "somewhat?" I'm waiting with bated breath. I suspect that to do so in your world, you're going to wind up leading me down some torturous worm hole. As George has suggested before, why don't you stay on your side of the Galaxy, and I'll stay on mine? He apparently doesn't like Muddball fights.


Don't have a priest, sorry. You'll have to actually make sense.

You're still dodging the production of a logical basis for the words *you* put in Todd's mouth.

Todd Juvinall

I think Keachie is a true racist. I never made an opinion on blacks enslaving blacks yet some how keachie tries to twist the facts into my opinion. Why can't a self proclaimed teacher review the facts of blacks enslaving blacks (actually capturing them for sale) and discuss that? No, the liberal is always ready to jump on anyone who may point but a fact that displease them. Regarding the term "odious". I certainly agree it is an odious thing the slavers did. I am personally opposed to slavery, always have been, so it would appear keachie needs to start posting his objections to the proper places and people. How about the present day Sudan? Or maybe Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates? No, that would be facts, keachie will have none of that. What a hoot!

billy T

Well fellows, Candidate Barack Hussein Obama called himself half-white while seeking the nomination. He made special mention of his white grandmother. Think it was him who brought up race. White liberals and liberals in general see everything through the prism of race. Can't escape it. Even John Steward pounced on those words and said Obama would become our first half black president and our 43 and a half white President. We all know Bill Clinton was the professed first Black President. I used to have close ties with the African communities in Kenya and Ethiopia. I suppose I would be stereotyping to say the Kenyans make great long distance runners, but they kicked my rear in my long distance running days. Like watching a gazelle blow past ya. During my film production days I often was the only non-Jew around and also worked on two all black productions, the cameraman (Japanese) and my crew of 3 being the exceptions to the "all black" cast and crew. Big friggin deal. That don't make me a racist or non racist. Call me a racist and I will tell you that is just a pigment of your imagination. After doing some time in Mexico and the deep Deep South, the nicest and most hospitable folks I ever met where poor rural blacks and Mexicans. I am quite prejudice against those I met in the urban jungles of cities with their machismo and the chuck and jive crap. Probably too many rats in the cage makes them weirdos. Concerning slavery, slavery is still being actively being practiced in Chad and the Ivory Coast and other parts of Africa as Arabs move south to get slaves. Islam not only tolerates slavery, it condones it. Guess I don't like towel heads very much, but I do respect the diaper heads from India. They are cool and family oriented, despite the cast system. I am bigoted towards Pygmy Eskimos since I have never met one yet.

George Rebane

Excellent diatribe billyT. What I think we on the conservative side of things fail to understand is that the progressives have totally commandeered the right and privilege, in perpetuum, to be the only ideological class to interpret racism and correctly ascribe the label. We are branded at their pleasure and only at their pleasure, no matter what we do or say.

billy T

Thank you Dr. Rebane, I think. I looked up that big word diatribe in the dictionary and it is abusive and bitter. Ouch. Also added this Antonyms: praise, recommendation. Another ouch. Somehow the phase "excellent diatribe" is as confusing to me as driving on the parkway and parking on the driveway :)

Douglas Keachie

Well tomorrow is NASCAR. We can all be racists.

George Rebane

billyT 1028pm - your mini essays are always insightful, revealing, and entertaining; don't change a thing.

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