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09 March 2012


billy T

Loved what these young people had to say about their dream politician. Wow. First time less than half of the young people feel the American Dream is personally attainable for them. Sad. But there is hope and change a'comin. http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2011/12/01/the-debt-generation-gop-college-group-releases-anti-obama-video/

Michael Anderson

Lots of good stuff here, George. As you know, I am a long-time advocate of a serious review (and pruning) of the California Code. That damn thing has been accreting since the 1850s, and no one seems to think this is a problem.

Less is more, get on with it!

I was hoping that Moonbeam would take this on, but it appears the tone-deafness in the Sac Capitol is so widespread it doesn't matter who you are, you will die trying in that black hole. Even if you are the Almighty Moonbeam, or LaMalfa, or Logue...sigh

Nice piece, I look forward to hearing it on KVMR.

Brad Croul

We already have sunset clauses built in to various pieces of legislation. Nevada City has enacted ordinances with review or sunset clauses.
It sounds like a good cause for the Tea Party to endorse and champion.
The problem will still be the same, the power brokers are in the pockets of the wealthy special interests that are doing fine in the current status quo. So, why would they change anything?

Another benefit of review and sunset clauses is that it would eat up so much of the legislature's time reviewing old laws, they would not have much time to dream up new laws.

Michael Anderson

George, when will you be leaving Typepad? The robots are attacking you increasingly day by day...

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