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10 March 2012


billy T

Well, I am fairly dense. Seems we rely on foreign fossil fuels to wean us off domestic fossil fuels. I say don't touch the Strategic Oil Reserve. Its for true emergencies. Its election time and Air Force One desperately needs the oil reserve. We slam the evil greedy materialist well off and their status symbols. Then Obama said he would love one of them status symbols. Maybe we aren't really that dense if we turn down government money of 10 grand to buy the 1%er cars. http://money.msn.com/politics/post.aspx?post=4ca803c1-6eb2-4834-a115-4d1c8929dd25

Russ Steele

Picking winners and looser is a tough job and the government is failing. Fisker Karma , a $107k plug-in hybrid got $528m US loan guarantee from the Government. The Daily Caller has this story about how Consumer Reports test car failed in less than 200 miles. It "bricked" it self on the test track

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid car that seems to have everything the rich and famous — and environmentally correct — look for in a set of wheels. Sleek silhouette? Check. Green cred? Check. Six-figure price tag? Check.

Reliable battery? Not so fast.

In a test conducted Wednesday by Consumer Reports magazine, the niche-market $107,850 sports car conked out completely, after a short ride at 65 miles per hour on a Connecticut test track.

“Our Fisker Karma … is super sleek, high-tech — and now it’s broken,” Consumer Reports wrote on its website late Thursday.

“We have owned our car for just a few days; it has less than 200 miles on its odometer … We buy about 80 cars a year and this is the first time in memory that we have had a car that is undriveable before it has finished our check-in process.”

This is a car for millionaires, that will be little more than a drive way trophy.

David King

“– in short, we are paying for both sides of the wars in which we are engaged. To serve their aims, radical Islam could not have designed a better energy policy for us.”

Oh George, it gets better than that!

We allowed Warren Buffett’s company to blow up Condit dam in Washington State.

Condit dam has been producing “cheap” hydro-electricity and water storage for 99 years.

We can’t have that! Where will the money come from for the untested, unproven, drug addled brain conceived, new green energy systems…I thought hydro was green energy??? (Guess it scars the land or something.)

In what I describe as an Al Qaeda tailgate party, see here the “Invitation Only” viewing of the destruction of Condit dam.


Note the description under crying Native American (invite only).

For those of you too young to remember, here is the origin of the crying Native American (from the 70’s).


You know George; the left is being slapped around like a 2 dollar disrespected woman of ill repute.
But don’t worry, Big Daddy Green energy says if they stick with him, and don’t back chat him, he won’t do it no more!


“As a people are we really that dense?”


Douglas Keachie

Since anecdotal evidence is the order of the day, here's a Tesla I snapped on Highway 80, westbound two years ago.

Tesla Electric Sportcar   ***   dsc01309_std

The biggest scam of all is PG&E having customers built temporary power plants while they wait for the huge breakthrough that is coming in solar, and buying the electricity on the cheap from the leasing companies that are doing the installing. Not to say that we're not considering one, but man, that's "doing service for our country" that the oil companies ought to be paying for. Whatta rip, as they show record profits because they can lobby for corporate welfare so well.

When the breakthrough comes, they'll certainly convert to it, and have many fewer losses in shutting down older plants, because the public, by buying into current solar tech, is footing the transition plants bill 100%, as private individuals. Their clever one tier pricing for businesses delays the development of such technologies, while screwing the individual consumers.

Account Deleted

Well, the left is that dense. Oblabber gave 2 billion American tax dollars to Brazil to develop their off-shore oil drilling and production. Then he tells them - “We want to help you with the technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely. And when you’re ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers." But that was a whole year ago and now - The US President said it showed that depending on foreign oil doesn't have to be America's future. "It shows that when we harness our own ingenuity, our technology, then we can control our future. See, America thrives when we build things better than the rest of the world. I want us to make stuff here and sell it over there. I don't want stuff made over there and selling it over here".
So why the money to Brazil so we can be "one of their best customers"?

The fact is we need petroleum based fuels for many decades to come in this country. We have an installed base of 10's of millions of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles and equipment. All of the best batteries in the world aren't going to change that. This country has all of the oil we need for 100s of years to come. It can be obtained with out ruining the environment and will provide millions of American jobs and keep billions of our dollars here at home. We can build up our economy and use the profits to develop other energy resources that make financial sense.

David King

Kleiner Perkins partner revels in Obama venture capitalism


Brazil's Reserves to Double?


All these A-holes are tied together Scott.

Douglas Keachie

Average age of car in American hits new high of 10.6 years. Trying to find out at what point 95% of all cars hit scrap heap. The first percentage would intuit to me an age of about 18, for 19 out of 20 cars to hit the scrap heap. The last car is driven to Nevada County and fixed up and sold over and over again, as the owners die off. So if you begin replacing petro cars with electrics now, in 20 years 19 out of 20 cars would be electrics, if you went 100%. In any case, if the number of new petro cars made drops below the number going out of service, you will have a nearly all electric fleet, except of course for the aforementioned Nevada County.

Petro cars, sorta like "petrified cars...??? In time they will all be bricks, or "T" posts.

Account Deleted

Well Doug - isn't that swell. 20 more years of sending tens of billions of dollars to other countries and millions of lost jobs here. My tractor is as old as I am, but Doug says throw it away and replace it with what? At what cost? And my back up generator? And my chain saws? And my pump? What miracle AAA battery do you have in mind? Just hitch up the trailer and load up the kids and head out. You might make it to the 5 mile House. I suppose I could camp there. Electric cars could already be zipping about the urban landscape by the millions, but for the govt diktats. Instead we get eco toys for the rich and us schlubs get to help them pay for it. Isn't that just sweet? This isn't the way, folks. Petro based fuel is wonderfully dense and re-fuels lickity split. As soon as the green weenies can come up with some thing as good (on their own dime) and package it so the average person can repair it, then I'll have a look. Obama is our leader and our leader travels exclusively by dino juice. His actions point to the real fuel of the future. His mouth points to his active engagement in corruption and payola. You lefties can follow his mouth, I'm going with what works.

Bonnie McGuire

A friend noticed the new car ads in the Bee all offer lease payments on their cars, suggesting that most people can't afford to actually buy the cars they advertise, but buyers, but might be able to afford lower lease payments so the dealers can move cars and trucks off the lot. A waste of money for something you'll never own. Read the story about the Fisker Karma , a $107k plug-in hybrid. Expensive experiment for the buyer?

David King


"The Kleiner Perkins partner revels in Obama venture capitalism..." video talks about the Fisker deal.


Al Gore is a partner in Kleiner Perkins


billy T

Mr. Keachie, you may be proven correct in the long term. But not today, tomorrow or in the next 10 years. Reminds me of a great Henry Weinhard's commercial I saw around 1976 in Portland. The scene was an old saloon where a Moses look alike/Mad Trapper walks in and says "Someday man will walk on the moon, only little girls will wear dresses, and they will be selling Henry Weinhards as far away as Los Angeles California." The patrons sat there with jaws dropped and eyes wide open. First time I ever saw solar system up close was out in the boonies 20 years ago. The guy had a degree in eco something from USC. He showed me his system and I understood instantly. "This is just a battery charger, isn't it?" I responded. The dude shot back "yes!" Well, he could run a toaster and a few things, but not a microwave, a hairdryer and a skill saw at the same time. Haven't seen too many solar/battery powered log splitters or jets or electric trucks towing trailers up to Reno to pick up a horse or a 52 Buick. Maybe someday. Maybe hydrogen, maybe cars will run on water like the old steam engines. Firewood is Nevada County's renewable resource. Opps, they are banning wood stoves all over the place. Candidate Obama, in a candid public moment, said our utility bills will rise. No hesitation. Man, Obama was spot on.

Wade I

1) We require taxpayers to subsidize oil companies. Why?


2) Oil imports are down and domestic production is up under Obama.


"Oil production has increased on private lands in spite of federal opposition, and has declined on federally leasable reserves."

Is it up? Or down? What is the effect on gas prices?

3) The Keystone pipeline would do what exactly? Bring Canadian oil to a port in Texas and then...? Since we all buy oil and refined petroleum products on the (free) international market, how does this pipeline lower international prices?

"A statistical analysis of 36 years of monthly, inflation-adjusted gasoline prices and U.S. domestic oil production by The Associated Press shows no statistical correlation between how much oil comes out of U.S. wells and the price at the pump."

"Supporters of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline say it would bring 25 million barrels of oil to the United States a month. That's the same increase in U.S. production that occurred between February and November last year. Monthly gas prices went up a dime a gallon in that time."

"The political party of the president doesn't seem to matter to the price at the pump either. Since 1976, the average monthly gas price, adjusted for inflation, during Democratic presidencies has been $2.25; under Republicans it's been $2.34. Obama had the steepest monthly average at $3.05 and Bill Clinton the cheapest at $1.68."


billy T

Wade, the Keystone pipeline will not bring us only Canadian oil. The route stops by North Dakota and picks up a bunch of domestic oil to be refined in Texas. I hate seeing billions of dollars going overseas to buy Middle East or Hugo oil. I would rather buy from the Canooks any day than from Desert Kingdoms that put down our sisters around the globe. This is a women's rights issue. Stand up for our sisters and mothers. Quit feeding the chauvinist pigs.

George Rebane

WadeI 601am - The oil companies have long made the case that their 'subsidies' are no more or less in kind that almost every other industry get in tax breaks (for capital equipment) and depletion allowances (for extractive industries). This fact apparently has kept both sides voting for the supports.

The left makes it out as if oil gets special treatment viz other companies, and the sheeple buy it.

That American benefit from Canadian oil going to China for refining and distribution makes no never mind with it going through the US to Texas for refining, onshore consumption, and worldwide distribution is beyond my ability to respond.

The 'price at the pump' argument is specious. Of course, the price at the pump is primarily determined by the worldwide supply of oil to which the US production contributes. However, the more we use our own oil, the more we can control marginal production upon which price at the pump does depend, the more jobs are created/maintained here, and the less money WE send to the Arabs.

Wade I

BillyT -

We already buy a lot of oil (products) from Canada (and Mexico). The pipeline doesn't make it any cheaper for us, nor does it allow us to not buy, say, Venezuelan or Saudi oil.

George -

The argument is exactly not specious. Canadian oil is not "ours." Nor is "American" oil for that matter. It is a global, fungible commodity controlled by global, fungible corporations. You don't want to give money to Arabs? OK, what about their Microsoft and Goldman shares?

So domestic production is up again, gas prices are high. Domestic production doesn't matter that much. We don't have enough and, in any case, it's not "ours." Unless we nationalize it which is, of course, anathema to Randians. But pretending that it is "ours" is just silly and confuses the issue.... The most domestic production can do at this point is provide rightwing socialist welfare for Alaskans.

George Rebane

WadeI 946pm - Your argument that oil belongs to nobody except perhaps the corporations that deal in it, is interesting in its own right. That thesis is, of course, rejected by everyone inclduing the Obama administration by their own words (and now sleazy deeds). American oil, extracted in America, by American companies do create American jobs and pay American taxes, besides distributing and refining locally with shorter supply lines to make the price at our pumps lower without cutting into anyone's profit margin.

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