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03 March 2012



I don't see current employees or retirees accepting less than the unrealistic promises made by past politicians and managers. I think a rational swing at the problem would be to divvy up CalPERS and STRS to all stakeholders, converting to a 401(k) style account, with those with the most modest retirement expectations taking a minimal hit, and the most outrageous expectations (six figures? get real) taking a real haircut. No more defined benefit; defined contribution, and what is there after the last regular paycheck is all that they get.

Since that won't happen, I suggest cities, counties and school districts just continue to paper over the problem until bankruptcy can force a new deal that will probably look a lot like the above.

George Rebane

Gregory 509pm - Agreed.

Todd Juvinall

If the Eubanks lady is the one connected to the Tahoe National Forest boss, perhaps we can better understand her position on government. When people have no frame of reference about where the money comes from it becomes clear why she s so misguided.
What is fascinating to me about the liberal mind is if you don't agree with them on an issue they then accuse you of anarchy. What she doesn't understand is we are for a well managed, Constitutional government. I think she overlooks who pair=d the taxes that paid for the road.

Dixon Cruickshank

My compliments to Crabby, that is so very good - the only better I remember is - the you know which one - LOL

These ladys must hang out with Frisch, he always does that, remember the new building requirment thread. As soon as anyone said to cut them back it was the building anarchy speel.

Barry Pruett

Last week, Lassen County funded all of their unfunded liabilities. They took their tobacco money and other funds and solved the problem. With a population of almost 35,000 and slightly over 400 employees, Lassen County’s unfunded portion was $6.7 million in 2009. Over three years, the Lassen board of supervisors worked hard and finally last week funded the liabilities.

Nevada County has a population of 99,000 and county employees of over 750. In 2009, the amount of promised benefits in Nevada County was $248,063,046 minus the amount available to fulfill the promises of $164,137,323 created an unfunded liability in Nevada County of $83,925,723.

Note: This math was reviewed in September 2009 with Joe Christoffel from Nevada County and it only includes the MISC Employee Pension plan (it does not include the Public Safety Employee Pension plan).

I am fearing a problem in Nevada County which leadership does not desire to solve. See alcoholics doing the 12 step program...step one is admitting that you have a problem. There is an $80 million problem, but they would rather deny its existence.

billy T

Step One is admitting you have a problem. But, they messed up on another step as well. It says "sought thru prayer and meditation", not prayer and medication.

Bonnie McGuire

Bob's cartoon cutely tells it as it is...George, You're right about "those who put all people into two boxes when it comes to preference in governance – those who think more government is better, and anarchists." Seems to be a total lack of historical knowledge. Didn't the anarchists within the British Empire write and sign our Constitution and Bill of Rights into law? We all celebrate the event every Fourth of July!

Douglas Keachie

Verification of Crabb's cartoon -->;dis

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