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13 April 2012


Earl Crabb

Yeah, George. Get with the program and stop scaring us with your visions of a future ruled by communist robots. The scariest thing for an editorial cartoonist is not having any conflict to illustrate. I'd be forced to draw cartoons of happy bunnies who ski on hills of ice cream. Do you really want to see that happen?

billy T

Dr. Rebane and Mr. Crabb: Yes, we need some optimism at this very point in history. I turned off the Republican debates after 12 seconds cause it seemed too negative. I like optimism and optimism based in facts. The OWS crowd seem so doomy and gloomy. What a downer to hang out with them. They need some good old fashioned optimism. I think that is why Obama has developed his man crush on Reagen. He admires Reagen no doubt. Maybe it was Reagen's optimism. Maybe that is why he is called "No Drama Obama" and takes so many vacations. "What, me worry?" In fact, there is a resemblance between Obama and Alfred E. Newman. Maybe its the ears, but I digress per normal. Some will see this link as pessimistic, but I see it as optimistic. The glass is half full so be happy. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/clouds-solar-horizon-104405586.html Don't worry, be happy.

George Rebane

Not to worry gentlemen. I will take a few deep breaths, gather myself up, and with renewed vigor will soon be trudging again toward "a future ruled by communist robots".

Meanwhile, Mr Tozer has scooped my intended diatribe on the latest solar company that is turning into a giant pissoir into which public monies are poured.

billy T

Sorry Dr. Rebane about the unintentional scoop. I need to exercise more self control, self discipline and restraint. Even though I have those qualities in bountiful amounts at times, I refuse to be a slave to them. But hope burns eternal. What, me worry?


Everything is awesome and nobody's happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8r1CZTLk-Gk

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