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08 April 2012


Barry Pruett

Happy Easter my friend!

David King

Happy Easter all.

George Rebane

And a Happy Easter to you and your families.

Ryan Mount

I never understood Christmas as a religious holiday. I mean, as mechanism of retailing, yes.

Easter seems like the quintessential Christian experience, which I respect and honor. Even for non-believers, the message is quite positive and affirming.

However it seems that Easter is becoming more and more like Christmas with each passing year. Have any of you folks been to one of these kiddo ran, grab, shove and then burst into tears Easter Egg mad dashes they have around here and elsewhere? I was able to to talk my family out of attending one of these melees this year in favor of a more austere front yard hunt.

What in the world are we teaching our kids? My word, and what does this say about us when we turn a sacred holiday into the equivalent of Black Friday at Walmart?

I suspect that Believers would find such candy egg hunt spectacles to not be representative of the real tenants of Easter. I would hope.

George Rebane

RyanM 1134am - excellent question. Our Founders presciently warned us that the nation will be ripe for its fall when we, in our public life, relinquish the religious basis of our ethics and morals. All socialist/communist prescriptions for ascending to governance have included the dictum that the people's faith must first be compromised. For it is into that empty space that the new order will bring the necessary (secular) fulfillment.

The odd thing is that when that has been applied with various degrees of success (e.g. USSR, China), the newly imposed political creed has taken on all the trappings of religion, starting with the abandonment of falsifiability. America's collectivists have long had their marching orders.

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