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17 April 2012


Douglas Keachie

So, 100,000,000 million Americans, maybe the ones who pay "no taxes" could each make and send to the government $47 dollars each, per year, to get the same results. Of course the Buffett Rule payers will need to create 100,000,000 hours worth of work for this to happen. They've have 10 years plus of tax cuts, supposedly to make such jobs. Time for them to take responsibility for the promises so far unkept.

Douglas Keachie

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Russ Steele

A Creation Myth for the Computer Age

The link has video interview with George Dyson about his new book, Turing's Cathedral.

The book is a fascinating, meticulously researched account of the effort to build the first universal Turing machine, under the leadership of the mercurial John von Neumann, at the Institute for Advanced Study during the second world war. The resulting computer, called the MANIAC, was used to perform thermonuclear calculations that fueled the development of the atomic bomb, and, in spare moments, to perform mathematical calculations on principles of symbiogenesis and evolution.

The story has a personal side for George, who spent his early years at the Institute, where his father Freeman Dyson worked as a professor, and he remembers playing with some of the parts discarded by the engineers working on the computer project.

Account Deleted

Doug - you've swerved into something there. The "little guy" that has to come up with 47 bucks a year to make up for the lack of an increase in taxes on the wealthier crowd. How much extra in food, gas and utilities have these same good folk had to pay because of Obamanomics? Probably 47 a week, but hey - who does math anymore? Obama has already admitted the Buffet rule won't even come close to balancing the budget, but he gets votes on it from folks like you and that's the whole point. It was the Dem controlled Senate that wouldn't pass it and the Dem controlled Senate that wouldn't cast one vote for BO's budget. Now Obama is telling us the oil speculators will be facing increased fines. And the govt will watch over them more closely. He's already admitted it probably won't bring down gasoline prices, but it's fun to point fingers at others when you're screwing up.

billy T

Speaking of artificial intelligence, some kids had fun messing with it. Schools out in Spokane in early May.http://www.krem.com/news/local/Spokane-School-online-database-crashes-grades-and-curriculum-not-backed-up-147841105.html And I thought only dummies like me don't back up data. Scott, I am not concerned about Obama's latest enemy, the oil speculators. That is a given. At first I thought we were finally going to wean ourselves off foreign oil. Silly me, we are weaning ourselves off all oil, aka fossil fuels. No, the one that worries me is natural gas. The falling natural gas prices have put a crimp in the solar panel industry. We have more home grown natural gas than we know what to do with. But, natural gas will be the next thing on Obama's enemies list as it is seen as a threat to his energy policy. Exciting times. Just this year we have Obama's enemies list grow from Israel, the millionaires, The US Supreme Court, the Congress of the United States, fossil fuel, and Rep. Ryan.

Douglas Keachie

I did mention that the jobs would pay $47/hour and last for one hour, no?

Douglas Keachie

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From Hedgeye: "The French election is critical because: A) Hollande is a Socialist, B) Hollande is a Socialist, and C) Hollande has stated that if elected he will renegotiate the EU budget compact and that he will not accept austerity as rule for countries. Things are about to get a lot more challenging politically in the great monetary union that is the Eurozone."

Ian Random

I wish the Buffett rule was voluntary, that way all those really generous rich folks can opt to pay more easily. I think that Massachusetts had something like that.

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