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26 April 2012


Douglas Keachie

I'm quite impressed that middle school students, of high school educated parents, would be able to answer any of these problems, as most of these materials were not covered until I reached 10th grade and higher, in a public high school (Berkeley High, at the time, had 25% of the student body in the top 2% of the nation. Then all the profs moved to the suburbs.). I found the placement of the solar panels somewhat unrealistic, as most are not placed in trenches, but other than that, congrats on a job well done!

George Rebane

DougK 1017am - Thanks for the good words. However, you may not have read who takes TT - "The test is given to high school seniors who are headed for STEM (q.v.) careers as recommended by their science and math teachers."

The solar panel problem, of course, was a frame for eliciting other skills. Nevertheless, solar panels are placed into many locations other than the open field ideal, and evaluating their ability to deliver benefit often requires the analytical examination of such constrained locations.

Douglas Keachie

The guy who did the solar estimation work here just pulled out a black box that looked at the sky, once, he gave it a bit more information, and the software did all the work. I really have to wonder just how many more obs we actually would create if all were as smart as Greg. What would they all do?

Since the topic was headed as the junior version, I made the rash (Goodknight's Disease, pre-diagnosed) assumption that I was looking at the jr high version. I am now six weeks without new prescription as they completely miss-ground the first pair of glasses. Left lens was off angle by 30 degrees, or so it seemed at the attempted fitting. The industry is a perfect example of oats through the horse once already. Terrific PR to convince everyone that plastic is just as non scratchable as glass, so they can sell more, more often, at far less cost to manufacture.

Douglas Keachie

I read the headline, then skimmed to here: "the exam’s solution key has been posted on the SESF website (here)" and then I clicked.


Whatever the smart kids grow up to do, Keach, be secure in the fact you won't be able to guess what it might be.

It won't be installing solar panels.

George... no Gilmore students participated in ttjr? Are you tracking TTSr. results by elementary districts at this time?

George Rebane

Gregory 233pm - No, however as TTjr test takers begin taking TT in their junior (for practice) and senior years, that could be done. It's not clear whether SESF would do that, or it would be done by the TT Academic Committee of which SESF is not a member.

We recall that SESF sponsors both TTs by writing the tests, and awarding scholarships (and now prizes) to the winners. The actual taking of the tests is administered by teachers. TT is also graded by teachers. Multiple choice TTjr is graded by machine.

Douglas Keachie

"Whatever the smart kids grow up to do, Keach, be secure in the fact you won't be able to guess what it might be." ~ Greg ~

We certainly had no idea where younger daughter was going to go, but we knew she would do well in whatever endeavor she undertook, and encouraged her all along, starting well before she typed out her ABC's on the Victor 9000 at a year & half. Her skills will not grow obsolete in her lifetime, but my concern is for a society in which everyone gets a college degree, as already the Master;s is becoming the new BA or BS.

George Rebane

Actually, a Master's is not becoming the new BS in wealth producing majors where your graduation present is not a job where '...and would you like fries with that?' is part of the daily fare.

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