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29 May 2012


Ryan Mount

My favorite omission is "core" inflation which doesn't include things like energy and food. You know, the things that directly impact us. They're left out, we're told, because of their volatility. It's a classic example of how we move the goal posts when we don't like how the game is going.

Douglas Keachie

If you squint your eyes enough, every child, from even before the day it is born, is an "unfunded liability."

George Rebane

DougK 1026am - Indeed. But the parents of most prudently planned children have included in such plans how the child's upbringing will be paid for in the coming years. No plans for paying for the government's unfunded liabilities exist, save the fraudulent means that have long been outlined in these pages.

billy T

What is see here is a Great Divide when it comes to math. Generally, most business majors in college lean to the Libertarian or Conservative side of the street. Most Liberal Arts and Social Science majors are bent to the Liberal side of the street. The more conservative students believe the sum of the parts equal the whole, while the other school of thought is taught that the sum of the parts equal the hole.


'Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from Magic.'

The math and finance challenged will tell you that California just needs to wave a magic want and the unfunded liabilities will go away.

If you're at the bottom of a deep hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.

Regarding kids, mine was funded from the very start. Took moving money from the fun budget to the kid budget, the sports car to the SUV budget, and the restaurant budget to the grocery budget. No problem.

Brad Croul

The Obama Stash respondents are wannabe funded liabilities.

A Facebook User

Robert Kennedy made a great speech on how we measure GDP. I know the regulars here at Ruminations will really enjoy this clip.


George Rebane

Facebook 245pm - Yep, ol' Bobby nailed it; his list included all the things that do indeed get counted in the GDP. And then his progressive coda included all the fine things that are not counted in the GDP, and would not be there for us to enjoy were it not for a healthy GDP.

I'm not sure he intended that to be a takeaway from his speech. (For the record, I voted for Bobby Kennedy on 5 June 1968.)

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