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22 May 2012


Douglas Keachie

I do find it amusing that the USA Mexico border is listed as a "175 mile wide zone of cooperation."


Sounds like I missed a fun meeting. Will there be a followup?

George Rebane

MichaelA 220pm - This was advertized as "Phase Two" of some ongoing process in which SBC/ICLEI are involved that has a wider objective as I noted. Therefore, they will return with at least goals and implementation methods for which they will undoubtedly lobby or work to bring state pressure to bear. There's more to come, Agenda21 ain't going away.

billy T

Love to be a fly on the wall as the presenters huddled after the meeting. Be careful Dr. Rebane. You don't want to get blamed for causing a young Forest Service man to soil his pants. "Gee Yogi, Mr. Ranger would not like that."

Todd Juvinall

The ignorance of the two SBC presenters was quite evident. I actually felt bad for them since they were taken to school. The document was simply a mechanism for eco terror. Rile up the folks and make them believe the Sierra Forests are under attack. There was no offset info in their presentation. I was considering speaking but chose not to. I would have asked where the absorption tonnage numbers of the forest are. Also, how many tons of CO2 from decaying bio mass in the forests. How about a PEER review?

Ted Owens brought up LEED. I was glad because that program is a huge waste of money and another eco scam. Oh so many questions. SBC was paid by whom for this fiasco?

George Rebane

ToddJ 257pm - all good points Todd. I thought I saw you sitting on the other side of the chamber. I wish you would have brought up the carbon cycle item. I decided not to use my meager minutes for that, but the fact that humanity still does not know the total carbon cycle on earth is a major reason for skepticism about the whole CO2 issue in AGW.

[ToddJ also posted a report on the meeting that can be found here http://sierradragonsbreathe.blogspot.com/2012/05/sbc-eco-non-profit-already-making-money.html#comment-form ]

How can we confidently commit to public policies like AB32's cap n' tax without knowing where the stuff comes from, where it goes, and what effect it has in between? For years Russ Steele has been pointing out the de-correlation of atmospheric CO2 levels and temperature. The true believers like our young "scientist" are beyond reason, their mind is made up, "the debate is over."

Douglas Keachie

Ecoterrorists are those who vote against improved fire protection.

Russ Steele

I have posted some comment on the presentation at NC2012: http://wp.me/p1NUuI-LX

Todd Juvinall

George that was me. It is my birthday so I decided not to speak since I saw all of you folks. I did not want you to burst in to happy birthday misic.

The left thinks everything is a zero sum game until they come up against logic. Then we only get one side, their side. If the plants of the planet need CO2 to live then logic would tell us they will take so much out of the air to do that. That was never presented so all we got was how much these true believers in tax payers money could come up with on the input side and not the takeout side.

billy T

Happy Birthday Mr. Juvinall!! Hope you enjoyed the hot air presentation.

Todd Juvinall

Thanks BillyT. There sure was a lot of unanswered questions the SBC left on the table. Hit and run I guess.

George Rebane

Todd, a happy birthday to you also. Now that I have your attention, I have difficulty commenting on your blog. I feel rejected.

Todd Juvinall

George, thanks. I recall we had a similar problem way back and it got fixed. Tell me how you try in an email and I will check ny blogs settings. I think I have it as no moderation at all.



Your 5th paragraph conclusion is spot-on: "The question still to be asked is ‘how was the computer model validated and by whom?’

I was astonished when the SBC presenters (BJ Schmidt and Nick Martin) announced in the first minute of their presentation that the report is based on a “calculation methodology” and that “no measurements were taken.”

Ten minutes later, they revealed that the calculation methods (“protocols” as the call it) are created by ICLEI who actually performs the calculations. The SBC presenters confided that they have no idea how the calculations are made.

It was as if the SBC presenters were just surrogates for ICLEI, clicking through canned PowerPoint slides prepared by ICLEI.

Thanks for attending the meeting and reporting on this.


Is there an agenda item on the left that does not have a foundation of fear?

The left preaches from a pulpit of fear... vote for the fire tax or you will burn in your sleep... vote for lower C02 or you will die of complications of changing climate...

Yet, they ignore the tsunami of debt plaguing the world thanks to previous fear based initiatives.

Ryan Mount


Did you hear Peter Schiff the other night on Coast to Coast? No tin hats required that night. He basically pointed out that the European Sovereign Debt crisis in coming to a theater near you soon. And that we can not contain inflation any longer.

Mean while, back at the farm, the barn's on fire. And someone forgot to ask about the propane tanks. Perhaps that will be apart of Phase III.

Good times, noodle salad.

Ryan Mount

Geroge, an FYI.

The Facebook login feature is not working properly. It's probably on the Facebook end. They're probably too busy giggling about their IPO to realize that their login API is broken.

George Rebane

RyanM 1142am - thanks for the heads up. Commenters should try other avenues like gmail. It seems that signing on to comment has been a problem on several blog servers lately.

Douglas Keachie

The Al Qaeda cyberattacks have begun...

Ryan Mount


And as expected, they're targeting my photo collections and my Farmville accounts.

Michael Anderson

George, the Gmail<-->Typepad connection is working again. Now I don't have to be Andersonmichael anymore.

Since both the Gmail and Facebook interconnects failed at the same time, I'm blaming Typepad. Which also makes sense since I've heard the Typepad coding team consists of a coupla monkeys and a zebra at the Cleveland Zoo.


R. Mount - Schiff understands the laws of economics (full disclosure: I contributed to his failed Senate campaign in 2010) better than anyone in government, he is an asset to our country.

He is the lone voice on the Titanic organizing the lifeboats.

David King

"...The question still to be asked is ‘how was the computer model validated and by whom?’"

The butcher, and his thumb!

Earl Crabb

Uh...I had something relevant to say, but forgot it after days of trying to log in here. Oh well, consider this a test. Infernal machines!


Thank goodness Justice Kagan is helping to create Harvard’s Islamic Studies Program BEFORE this November’s election.

This serves to expose her poor judgment and Islamic patronization.

Has anyone got an advance copy of the curriculum? I can only guess.

Tonja Dausend

SBC & PG&E are now peddling their GHG program to Calaveras County.

Agenda 21 has created SO many avenues.

Michael Anderson

JWilson's claim of a Justice Kagan conspiracy has been reduced to so much dust, and yet Agenda 21 continues to provide fuel for a conspiratorial fire that, as far as I can tell, does not exist.

Help me understand, Tonja.

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