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13 May 2012


billy T

Dr. Rebane, what a beautiful picture of your mother. What a classy lady. Happy Mother's Day to all. My mother passed away right before Christmas of 2010. What my Mom and your Mom did and millions of other Mothers do instinctively and perfectly was to let us know we are deeply loved. We were loved with each breath our Mother's took. Nothing will ever shake that. When I went off to college I remember my Mom chasing me down the street with teary eyes and a paper bag of homemade fried chicken I forgot. She caught up to the car I was riding in. When my little sister had to get away and then flew back home, one image will always be forever burned in my mind. The sight of my Mom running out onto the tarmac with security men chasing her as she raced to the greet the landing plane. She was quiet, humble, meek and possessed a gentle caring forgiving spirit until it came to her kids. Then all caution was thrown to the winds. She once told me later in life that she spent half her adult life raising children and the other half on her knees praying for them. Happy Mother's Day to all.

David King

Happy Mother's Day!

Miss you mom!

Barry Pruett

Quote from Maggie: "Ohhhh, she is so pretty!" Happy Mothers' Day...especially to Ellen and Joann!

George Rebane

Thanks for sharing your mom stories. Some of my wartime mom stories are in the 'My Story' section; I have yet to recount what that lady did after the war. Please share more stories about your moms.

billy T

Don't know if they celebrate Mother's Day in Egypt, but rest assured this Mom is having a good Mother's Day. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/05/12/egypt-funeral-turns-celebratory-after-dead-man-awakes/

Douglas Keachie

Mom at 97, miss you!

Mom 2007 3 31  #2    dsc02762_std

billy T

Then there are those that would throw Momma off the train to score political points. This is so disgusting I may vomit on Mother's Day: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/05/13/white-house-pushes-obamacare-themed-e-cards-for-mother-day/?test=latestnews

Douglas Keachie

My mom had the equivalent of Obamacare by way of being the widow of a UC Prof. Since the right is calling for reductions in benefits to all state employees, were mom and dad alive today, I have no doubt that they would have supported Obamacare. Healthcare supercedes politics. If you're dead, you can't vote, except in Chicago, saving you the effort of mentioning it.

Douglas Keachie

Final Mother's Day image for this strange year:

GrannyGunner copy

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