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19 May 2012


billy T

Think Obama should vote "present" on this one as well.

Russ Steele

I have seen several segments on Fox News on this fraud, but I have not seen any segments on ABC, CBS and NBC. That could be because I do not watch these unreliable news outlets that much. Have others seen segments on there networks? It appears that the public is not being informed, as we are not seeing the expected outrage? Or, it could be no one really cares.

George Rebane

That the IRS is ignoring the Treasury Department on this seems like it's either a sub rosa public policy or that the screw up is best left untouched for fear of unseating some IRS careers and spilling over to the politicians. Dumping $4.2B annually year after year is no small thing when it comes to national light. Cutting this off during Obama's election campaign would be a big no-no.

billy T

Russ, I have been railing about this for a few years now. Finally it makes the news and we act like this is something new. Any reform would "hurt the po people". Another pet peeve is the Earned Income Credit, aka the unearned income credit. Reagen passed it to help the working poor, but it only passed as the Democrats demanded the cash payouts be extended to people on welfare and people who work barely part time. Nobody wants to hurt the po folk and nobody cares. People on welfare do not have to declare the cash payouts and it does not count against their eligibility. Its like they earned it, lol.

Douglas Keachie

The Amerindians have a much more substantial claim to "Homeland" than the Mexicans do, but if AZ is going to continue behaving so badly, maybe we should the the place to Mexico, or trade it for Baja. Let the Mexicans decide who is and is not a citizen of the new "AZ"


George Rebane

DougK 1014am - There seems to be point in your comment that is trying come out, can you help it a little more to do so? I don't know whether you're talking about AZ's illegal alien law that mirrors the fed's, or about its right to confirm the qualifications of candidates it puts on its ballots from something more than fond memories of conversations with officials in other states.

One wonders why this President is so secretive, what is there to hide, can't he provide some documentation of his past that doesn't look like it's been photoshopped by a sophomore, or a history that isn't a fabricated "composite", or denied relationships that are obvious lies on the face of it??? What on earth does the man have to hide?

And 'He's hiding nothing' coming from his acolytes is not very convincing answer for the majority of Americans. It just keeps the pot boiling. If he can turn off the heat by providing an open record of his past, that would embarrass the doubters and put them in their place once and for all, then why doesn't he just do that?

Douglas Keachie

Support of President Obama on birth certificate issue

Bachmann had never been part of the so-called birther movement but had said President Obama could resolve the dispute by producing the his long-form birth certificate. In April 2011, after Obama released the certificate,[192] Bachmann was asked about the issue on Good Morning America by George Stephanopoulos. She said that its release "should settle the matter", that "I take the President at his word", and that "We have bigger fish to fry"

Resolution Proclaiming Hawaii Obama's Birthplace Passes House Unanimously

~ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/07/27/house-to-consider-counter_n_245741.html ~

I guess the House of Reprentatives represents the "minority of Americans" who feel it is a done deal?

"And 'He's hiding nothing' coming from his acolytes is not very convincing answer for the majority of Americans." ~George Rebane~

You are a birther? I'll be damned! Do you believe in Astrology too?

Douglas Keachie

If you clicked the link, you see that was about AZ gov officials being birther challenged. If you've read my past posts about racial profiling in traffic stops, in particular the recent one where I suggested national ID cards and tax credit for those pulled over who were legit USA citizens, you'd know what aspects of AZ enforcement of their version of the law I am concerned with. In a nutshell, which am I concerned with?


George Rebane

DougK 1230pm - The Left's definition of 'birther' is anyone who does not believe that Obama has presented sufficient bona fides to establish his place of birth. The allowance for agnostics on the matter is not permitted (the same goes for notions such as 'racism', 'discrimination', etc). I consider myself an agnostic on the matter, and await something other than Congressional resolutions - especially a one liner about Obama entered into a resolution celebrating Hawaii's 50th anniversary in the Union, which itself caused 55 members, of which 35 were Democrats, to abstain. Apparently there are also a considerable number of Congressional agnostics on the matter.

Todd Juvinall

Wasn't Obama born outside the twelve mile zone? LOL!

Juanita Gilliam

History would tell us many things. If we recall the past, we can really say that Mexicans were once the settlers of the place. However, we believe that we should not repeat history and we should not live with the past.

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