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18 May 2012


Ryan Mount

I'm not sure why GPs are prescribing SSRIs like Prozac and others. This should be done by and under the supervision of a psychiatrist. GPs, IMO, hand this class of drugs out like candy. They've become almost "pop" drugs, "pop" as in popular music. But then again, I'm pretty cynical.

George Rebane

Given the clinical evidence for the efficacy of placebos, a valid strategy could be for GPs or psychiatrists to start a patient on a placebo regimen, and switch to the pharma pill if that is later deemed necessary. Not sure how to handle the 'windfall profits' that such a strategy would produce. If an insurance company is involved, I guess they would just be charged for the cost of sugar pills.

Ryan Mount

My point is a psychiatrist is the most qualified person to deal with, um, psychiatric meds. GPs, again IMO, are too promiscuous with handing out this class of drugs. 12 minutes with a GP and a quick pharma-supplied diagram about neurons and Serotonin are not a good substitute for a [good] clinical psychological diagnosis, followed by the oversight of a psychiatrist.

But I hear your placebo argument. And I think it's compelling. I'm just approaching this issue from the demand end. I'm not anti-big pharma like some, although I'm suspicious about their ethics.

Sometimes a good run is good for our mental health. But it's quicker (easier?) to just pop a pill. As an anecdote, I have acquaintances who are taking SSRIs and never seen a mental health provider. It's a tale almost out of a Huxley novel.

George Rebane

RyanM 959am - your point about the psychiatrist is well taken and not contended. Sorry for not making that clear.

BTW, as you might guess, I'm not a big pharma basher myself. But as a free market capitalist, the bigger the corporation, the closer I want to hold their feet to the fire re being on the up and up. We know that all the big ones have their umbilicals hooked somehow/somewhere to the biggest crook in the sky - the government.

Douglas Keachie

"I saw a significant difference upon the stair,
Asignificant difference that wasn't there.
It wasn't there again today,
Gee I wish it would go away."

Nice piece, George, I've often wondered about that. Still can't decide if Breathe-Rite strips really make a difference. Sometime when I skip, I notice a downer difference. Other times seems like nothing's changed.

billy T

Those shrinks have a hard road to hoe. Each case is different. I told my shrink I felt less than and she told me to get under the couch. They are a moody lot as well. When I finished a session with my brain picker, she said to come back next week. I told her the check I wrote for the prior 4 sessions would bounce cause I ain't got no money or bank account. She went from a snug smile to this big red face. The word livid means "to chance colors" and I was spellbound watching the changing colors before my very eyes. Then her vein on her left temple started bulging out and I was mesmerized by the swollen throbbing vein. It was growing larger and pulsating and I wondered if it was going to pop. She got real quiet as started grinding her teeth. I suggested she attend an anger management class to deal with stress. That was the moment she yelled something and I was certain that vein was going to pop or her Adam's Apple would get stuck in her mouth.. Very unprofessional of her I might add. Of course I forgave her, but stopped going cause placebos are free. The placebos really helped me remain calm while those around me are losing their heads.

Douglas Keachie

Don't lose your
To save a minute
You need your head
Your brain is in it

Burma Shave

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