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16 May 2012


Ryan Mount

Dear Mr Zuckerberg-

Please keep that valuation high. We need the cash.

Governor Jerry Brown

billy T

California heading south, Indiana and WI heading north. That governor of WI has pissed off the government worker unions that own the state big time. Mega big time. Big money and a big push to recall the gov. Scott Walker I think the gov's name is. Anyway, Walker is starting to turn things around without laying off one government worker. But he remains the most despised man in America. Or is he? http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/05/15/move-on-dnc-pulling-out-of-wisconsin-recall

Douglas Keachie

They don't sell your data, they sell the right to put ads in your face. That's why they call it Facebook.

"Kirkpatrick writes of the level of detail a Facebook ad can reach:

"Anybody can pick through endless combinations on Facebook's self-service ad page," he wrote, referring to the tool advertisers use to target their ads. "You can show your ad only to married women aged 35 and up who live in northern Ohio. Or display an ad only to employees of one company in a certain city on a certain day. (Employers aiming to cherry-pick people from a competitor do this all the time)."


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