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01 May 2012


Russ Steele

In an interview with The Blaze, Veronique de Rugy explains why she was not surprised to learn that the trustees of Medicare and Social Security moved up the predicted insolvency of those programs' trust funds.

HERE is a link to the video.

Account Deleted

Here's an interesting take on the problem. It seems something called the "baby boomers" just suddenly appeared out of no where and wrecked everything.
Who knew? Actually a lot of people did. When just a teen, I recall that anytime some one brought up the problem of why SS would go bankrupt, they were called names (almost always right-wing nut) and dismissed. This article claims the SS fund has "large surpluses". Really? I would be fascinated to see an account of these surpluses. If this were a private retirement fund, everyone running it would be in prison. Now the lefties that post here say that SS can be saved if only we would just start transferring huge sums from the wealthy to the SS fund. Of course, this is true, but it's not what we were promised when this scam was foisted on the American people. And the wealthy would soon wonder why they should bother to risk capital only to have all of their recompense confiscated.
As interesting as all of this is, it should be noted that the coming financial crisis in health care in this country dwarfs SS. It doesn't friggin matter what sort of socialist nonsense is in place, be it Medicare or Obama care or single payer. Health care costs real dollars and we haven't put enough of them aside to take care of what is coming. There will be an overwhelming number of folks in 20 years that will need all sorts of medicine and treatment and operations and re-hab and therapy that we won't have the means to supply. It will be brutal.

Douglas Keachie

Since I being a teacher, am not allowed to collect one red cent of all the non teaching income on which I did pay social security, why should I care?

billy T

Huge overwhelming problem we face. I remember when one (of many) Blue Ribbon Commission "saved" SS for 30 years by tweaking the COLA and taxing Social Security beneficiaries who also worked as well as raising the retirement age of those born after 1954 by 6 months. Bob Dole was on that Commission and he got it through by giving the Democrats on the commission all the credit and praise. Bob Dole's secret was to come up with an idea and make it seem like it was the opposing party's idea and let them take the credit as he worked for common sense solutions. Our Senate lacks that leadership. Imagine Harry Reed even allowing a solution to come to the floor before the November elections? Obama has had his debt bi-partisan commissions and budget commissions and put their recommendations straight into the shredder. What is with the left that makes it easier to pull teeth with a pair of rusty tongs than to cut 50 cents from a department? I am not upset. I am deeply saddened. http://video.foxnews.com/v/1616141869001/beware-the-debt-bomb/?playlist_id=87937


Since I am not a teacher, why should I care if CalSTRS goes bust with unfunded liabilities?

Account Deleted

"Since I being a teacher" - I see the problem. At least the govt teachers I had were educated. I pity the poor kids these days. My grandson won't set foot in a govt school.

Douglas Keachie

Since I, being a teacher, have wasted my eyes grading papers, I occasionally miss a missing comma.

or perhaps you would prefer:

Since I (being a teacher), have wasted my eyes, etc.

Dixon Cruickshank

You've missed much more than a comma

Russ Steele

As expected, Socialist Francois Hollande has defeated incumbent president Nicloas Sarkozy. With half the vote counted, Holland leads 51-49. French polling agencies project that Hollande will end up capturing between 52 and 53 percent of the final vote.

Socialism returns to France!

Douglas Keachie

Dixon, I could say you are missing an "m" in your comma, but that would be mean.

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