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20 June 2012


Russ Steele

How interesting.

"In addition, Jeff will have the added responsibilities as Swift content development and new revenue assessment leader, a role for which he's imminently and uniquely qualified,” Swift Communications President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Brown said in a statement."

What is he going to do, craig’s list, angies list, and online job sites have stolen the ad revenue. The Roseburg News-Review looks just like the Union, including the pay wall.

Reading the Union or the News-Review is like reading day old news, especially if you are an Internet user, follow Facebook and Twitter. The Union has dropped the ball on several big stories especially governement issues, including unfunded liabilities/pension spiking, corruption in the Rood Center and insisting that anthropogenic global warming was real, when the data clearly demonstrated it was not real.

Guess I will have to subscribe to the News-Review to find out where all this new content and revenue is going to come from in this dying industry.

Douglas Keachie

I'm sure Ackerman will have a blast in Roseberg. I wonder if the new publisher will pay for freelance spot news photography, as the old publisher paid for freelance writing?

Michael Anderson

This is big news. I wish Jeff A. the best in Roseburg. It is a fine town, and I believe George did a restaurant review of some diner as he and Joanne were passing through last year. You might want to repeat that piece for Jeff A. so he knows where to eat once he lands.

Todd Juvinall

I have the deepest respect for Jeff Ackerman. When he took over the paper it had been run by a bunch of lefty publishers who were running the paper into the ground and were friends with those who had no respect for our county and its traditions. Sure he he had content some found lacking, I think AP is trash most of the time, but overall it is a paper I still subscribe too as did my folks and grand folks because it is local. Jeff succeeded in making the Swift folks profit every year and the community was relatively peaceful. Having been the recipient of previous nasty publishers and editors I appreciate his even handedness. Besides, no more Seelmeyer and no more Pelline. So all the success in Oregon to JeffA and his wife.


Jeff is one of our areas greatest assets (and one of my best friends). #grieving

Bonnie McGuire

We'll miss Jeff's humor and saying what needs to be said, and wish him our best.

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