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23 June 2012



I guess when your tax rates are sky high (north of 65%) you must rely on State funded R&D to make 'progress.' Trust me, we don't want to know the ROI for this diamond in the rough success.


George, I'm not quite so impressed, though it is an interesting concept, especially on the issue of security, but even that can be cracked with two separate receivers, both close to the primary endpoints, or at one central spot with directional antennae.

I started in the modem business 20 years ago, and listening to a distant whisper while ignoring your own shouting is fundamental to that technology. This is just an application of many of the same principles.

George Rebane

Gregory 1105am - OK, we'll then put you down in the 'not impressed' column. Having also labored in the vineyards of sonar signal and speech processing, I remain with the impressionables at ACM and IEEE regarding Khandani's work.


I would be happy to see the technology taking the world by storm, stranger things have happened. Right now, all I see is a breathless press release issued by his University that the ACM lists on their page for press releases.

It's a technology looking for customers. I wish it good luck.

Douglas Keachie

Oh hey, back in the early 1990's I remember someone saying, "If ATT has to run it into homes via barbed wire, they'll get video there, if they get permission to do so." Anybody watched any video via DSL lately. It's a whole new U-Verse out there.

Douglas Keachie

"This is just an application of many of the same principles." "ho-hum" (60 cycles and otherwise) so sez da Gregatorium.

So I guess it is nothing new under the sun and can't be patented, as is is just a concatenation of old ideas?

BTW, my first modem was a Cermatek 1200 or 2400, can't remember which, about 1985, traded it (then worth $500) for a day's worth of photography.

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