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04 July 2012


A Facebook User

I can't let your post go without a response.

On $1 or $2 a day go ahead and purchase your own property, set up a rain capture system, store it in purified tanks, and dig your own well without electricity for a pump. Lets compare it to a time when these ideas were common in the US, 1920. The equivalent of $2 in 1920 would $0.17 a day. Good luck champ. I seriously doubt you have done hard labor for any extended amount of time in your life. Don't forget your about paying for rent, food, clothes, and I know you would have health care savings and retirement accounts set up as well because you're responsible.

A Facebook User

I can agree on wasteful spending but you have not convinced me yet that global warming/ climate change is a false flag operation to milk tax payer dollars from the government. Again just this year a little over six months into it we have set I don't how my records and many firsts in weather patterns. Enough years go by into these crazy shifts in weather we will be able to officially call climate change. Unfortunately for those of us under the age of 50 when it officially becomes climate change it will be too late. The process will be in full motion and as a global society we will be paying a huge price for not taking swifter actions sooner. The US being a global leader and the largest economy on the planet will take much of the blame for the delay.

A Facebook User

My last comment for a few days, have a busy 10 days ahead of me.

To your comment about the Declaration of Independence
"quoting the most libertarian document every written"

It's all about perspective, the Declaration of Independence is one of or possibly the most progressive enlightened document ever written. If only one day we could realize the dream of the ideas behind the document.

Here is where libertarians and progressives meet in the road, civil liberties and natural law.

George Rebane

Facebook/BenE 1107pm - You seem to be arguing that a lack of clean drinking water causes tyrannical governments, and that if the richer countries would only transfer some wealth to these governments for getting their people clean water, they would become become less tyrannical.


Ben Emiry's contention over and over is the belief that freedom causes pain and suffering especially for the poor. His view of the political/economic spectrum is skewed beyond hope. To consider someone who fights for individual liberty in the same camp as "authoritarian form of governments" shows a lack of intelligence and hypocrisy on a grand scale. For it is the 'compassionate,' 'fair', 'equality' objectives of progressives that by definition require an authoritarian and enslaving government system.

I believe free market capitalism (with minimal laws in place) has brought more safe drinking water (improved standard of living) to the world than socialism or any other slavery based system. Even Cambodian quality of life is being lifting thanks to capitalism... and don't forget that Cuba has recently seen the light and is looking to capitalism to feed its people.


"He who will not reason, is a bigot: he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not, is a slave." - William Drummond

Todd Juvinall

I just can't make heads nor tails from BenE's thinking here. If ever someone was out of touch.

Russ Steele

Facebook Ben @11:28

You wrote: "you have not convinced me yet that global warming/ climate change is a false flag operation to milk tax payer dollars from the government."

I cannot convince you. Your have to look at the data and make up your own mind. Jo Nova has done a detailed examination the money flow HERE.
Donna Laframboise in her book Teenager was Mistaken for the Wolds Top Climate Expert exposes the UN IPCC as a fraud. They were not conducting science, but promoting a political agenda. Book link is HERE.

You wrote: "Again just this year a little over six months into it we have set I don't how my records and many firsts in weather patterns."

Our current weather is not unusual, the only thing unusul is the attention that uninformed reporter attribute to normal weather patterns. If you will check HERE you will find that the US heat wave was not unusual or unpresidented. The recorded worst were in the 1930s. If you follow the link you will discover that “During the 1930s, 100 degree days were very common in Des Moines. They very rarely happen any more. It has been nine years since Des Moines hit 100F. By contrast, 1934 had thirty-one days over 100 – including five days over 110 and three days over 112.”

There has been no significant warming for the past 15 years, and solar scientists are telling us that solar cycle 24, which we are in now, and solar cycle 25 will be the lowest in the last 200 years. The ice core and tree ring data tells us that when the sun goes quiet the earth cools. That is cooling which will last for at least 60 years.

Finally, what proof is there that human generated CO2 is responsible for any warming? If you have some I would be glad to look at it. However, computer models are not proof of anything other than the programming skills of the programers and engineers that crafted those models. Those modeler claim that clouds are a positive feedback, but the emperical evidece is that they are a negative feedback. That means the models are not protraying the real world.

Todd Juvinall

Russ, excellent stuff but I think true believers will not be swayed. It appears doom and gloom is the way of life of a liberal person. I read Vaclav Klaus' book on AGW years ago. He was mirroring my position since the beginning that AGW was simply a political movement. ESA, Treaty of the Seas, all this crap is a method to control freedom and human activity. Agenda 21 and most of these Biospheres, World Heritage sites and all that stuff is simply an attack on American style personal freedom and property rights. And the taxpayers get to pay for their own demise! Your info is great!

George Rebane

RussS 1027pm - Well, it looks like all the lamestream including New Scientist are trying to ignore the latest temperature findings published in the prestigious Nature. Turns out the world has been slowly getting cooler after all. You should post a longer piece on this new paper that flies in the face of the IPCC 'science'.

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