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31 August 2012


Todd Juvinall

Ever since Prop 13 was passed we have seen a relentless takeover of our local jurisdictions autonomy by the state. The state took our property taxes and then gives us some back as they do with sales tax and all the others (with innumerable strings of course). Money is power and the state wields the hammer. Prop 31 is another attempt to "Constitutionalize" their hegemony over the locals (just read the provisions it will replace in the document).

It all sounds so good as we have seen the State R.s endorse it but they are backtracking since people more wise have read the small print.

The State leftwing legislature steals all the money we have given them under statute and Proposition and now they want the drippings on the floor. Prop 31 is a last straw destruction of local control of our affairs. With the requirement of a State review on the local budgets and its spending (with punishment), we will become simply the local slaves of LA and SF Legislators. Collectivism is the end result.

Russ Steele

His Purpleness is also unable to connect the Agenda 21 dots, and writes:

"But that still wasn’t good enough for the hard right to needle Beason, because he dared to question their specious, partisan theory that the proposition was tied to Agenda 21. A parade of speakers showed up at the meeting to speak out against the proposition and Agenda 21."

Yet, none of the lefty voices in the community showed up to support Prop 31 and the inclusion of Agenda 21 in the California Constitution at the BOS Meeting, not even his Purpleness. Is silence support? Conservative made their voice clear, supported by George's KVMR editorial and blog posts at NC2012, and a great article in the CalWatchDog.

billy T

Thank goodness for our unheralded watchdogs groups that alert us to the relentless guile. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."--Thomas Jefferson

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