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01 August 2012


Barry Pruett

Very nicely written Mr. McDaniel. When I read your analysis about corporatism, I could not help but think that Ben Emery may be in fundamental agreement with you. You did not mention it in the article, but I inferred that safety nets for corporations are equally wrong.

Let's be clear...I have not yet met a conservative that believes that all of the safety nets should be removed. The public safety nets must be paired down to a reasonable level. 70% of federal spending is far too much and invites rampant fraud. I look forward to this discussion that will likely follow.

George Rebane

This morning's batch of emails included one from a reader who sent me the complete post of what the former Union editor had written about this article. Besides the usual vituperation about my "politically extreme views ... which occupy inordinate air time on KVMR and in The Union", the ace journalist and crack reporter failed to notice that the above article was authored by Mike McDaniel.

His attempt to provide "balance" for McDaniel's piece included extracts from the blog of a "Justin" who presents one of the most intellectually disabled and poorly argued critiques of conservatism I have read. Nevertheless, Justin's approach is typical in its construction of appropriate straw men which then succumb to his meager abilities of analysis and assault. The full treatment may be found here

Barry Pruett

Let's be very clear George. Jeff Pelline is not trying to provide balance. He is bullying The Union and KVMR and you through intimidation. It is his way.


I feel compelled to note that the above piece is but a microcosm of a larger body of work that I may or may not ever publish.

In this summary, I highlighted the "Wealth/Income Gap" as it is the most used (read accepted) data by the extreme progressives (i.e. the 99%ers).

Barry Pruett

I thought that it was great and logically outlined. As I said, I look forward to hearing Ben's comments on corporatism.

Russ Steele

I am betting that we will hear more crickets than critiques from our local left.



The failure of the left is a great topic and of course you friend Jeff has posted the failure of the right. Since he won't let me post on his site any more I will respond to his points here.

As usual his author throws up three straw men that are easily debunked. Here are three real tenets of conservatism that have stood the test of time:

1) The principles of the Declaration of Independence where we know that our rights to life, liberty and happiness or property are God-given and should be protected by the state.

2) The principles of free-market capitalism where government is limited to its proper role of enforcing contracts and prosecuting fraud.

3) The principles of national defense where we follow the wise advice of our two greatest General/Presidents by avoiding international entanglements and control the military/industrial complex!

Those would not be so easy to debunk, but sadly we have very little of them since the 19th century.


Todd Juvinall

I went over the extreme lefty blog and read the post and some of the comments. How a person governed by mostly R's can keep claiming the place is purple has got to be a bit goofy. It is obvious the attacks on conservatives the purple fellow uses are personal and explains a lot to the reader about his purple ethics and veracity. I get many more attendees on my little blog than he seems to get. And I get the facts right. Good article Mikey, keep it up.

Ben Emery

I will make one comment on this post.

We are supposed to be the government. That is what was fought and died for by those in the American Revolution. The revolution wasn't fought to establish no government but a representative government by the consent of the governed. Good government can exist but cannot when it doesn't represent the will of the people. Having two corrupt political party's isn't a choice that will bring about the changes we need to establish good representative government.

The fact that having unlimited nontransparent funding of political party's and candidates doesn't scare you to death tells me that is exactly what you want- a government of, by, and for the wealthy.

I posted this to facebook today and will share it with RR as well. This show was pre Citizens United in 2008. The 2012 spending is set to double the numbers of 2008 election cycle.


"BILL MOYERS: Despite all the economic woes, you have surely noticed by now that we are in the middle of the most expensive political campaign in American history. And we still have nine months to go. At the outset last year the former chair of the Federal Election Commission called it