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01 August 2012


Russ Steele

Are these changes in preparation for the Big October Surprise, war with Iran allowing the Democrats to claim we cannot change leadership during a war? Who will pull the trigger Valerie Jarrett? Just wondering?


So if Israel starts a war, Steele will not hop on the bandwagon to support them?

My take, Iran will get the bomb, but will never use it. They are smart enough to build it deep enough, (probably under Tehran itself) so that they get the job done. Remember, these were the folks who bought the exact same German printing presses as did the Treasury Department, so that they could make absolutely perfect counterfeits of our money during the 1980's, and that resulted in the upgrades (more counterfeit proof)in your pockets. They are not stupid, and are just as arrogant as the rest of the world, including us.

What's to prevent Iran from having China or North Korea provide a test site? We'd never know, now would we?


Amazing! The Big E is still commissioned. She has to be the oldest ship in the task force.
Dave Cranfield

George Rebane

D 638am - yes, CVN-65 is the second oldest in commissioned service; the oldest is the USS Constitution powered totally by green energy ;-)


Of ships and nukes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlGRbTuc840&feature=relmfu

Michael Anderson

George, this is a great post, thanks for the Stratfor update. Hopefully the Stratfor IT folks have gotten a handle on basic security, though this current carrier information is I'm sure not a problem if it falls into enemy hands (-;

As the son of a US Navy vet, a radio officer on the USS Midway, now a floating museum in San Diego, I can certainly appreciate the wonderfulness of aircraft carriers. I can also surmise that they might be a Maginot Line for the 21st century, as I've mentioned before. One question I have is why are all the Atlantic carriers based in VA? Why is that not a single-point-of-failure problem?

Lastly, this thing in Syria is not a local conflict isolated to just that country. It could get very large, hence the aircraft carriers. Anan's resignation today is not a good sign of things to come, and the rebels now have heavy weapons. I would like to know if those tanks, etc., were absconded from the gov't forces, or if they came from somewhere else.

The tribes of Arabia continue to give us headaches in the 21st century, and I don't expect that will abide for at least a couple of more decades. Syria is the canary in the coal mine, one of several.

Brad Croul

"...why are all the Atlantic carriers based in VA?" = military intelligence.

Looks like they are also expecting a big Hawaiian Spring: native Hawaiians revolting to get their land back.


On que...

Q: "Should Obama and Congress be arrested under the NDAA law?"



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