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12 August 2012


Todd Juvinall

Very good George. I have always said "starve the beast" as the solution to the mess. Without our tribute, the government cannot run all those rules on us.

Working the Republican booth last night, many people stopped to ask us about the Ryan pick. I turned it around and asked them, and many were women. All liked the pick because he is perceived by them as a budget guy and he would get the country back on track. Some said he was really "cute" and that would get a bunch of those single women's votes. That cracked me up. Anyway, before I left for the booth, NBC News was already trashing Ryan and his budget.

I told all the folks, Romney/Ryan by seven points.

Russ Steele


Excellent analysis. I detect an edge of fear in our local lefties. One of our more vocal leftys came to NC2012 for the very first time ever to unload on the Ryan selection. Then there was this on social media this morning on Instapundit:

MORE: Social media pushback: Running scared: Obama frantically tweets ‘FACTS’ about Ryan; citizens respond with truth. “Oh, dear. President Obama’s Twitter feed is a hot mess of scared.”

George Rebane

ToddJ 748am - "Romney/Ryan by seven points." From your mouth to God's ear. Worth working for.

RussS 833am - Your antennae are more sensitive than mine. Last week a prominent local media personage gave me 3:1 odds for Obama over Romney; I took $100 of it.

The Dems just held their platform committee meeting in Detroit. It was a short kumbayah affair with everyone in massive agreement. The added plank was support of gay marriage to go with Obama's recent epiphany. Does that mean that the Dems will roll out their married gays poster child for campaign events - Rep Barney Frank and his husband/wife/whatever? A kiss on the podium will seal the gay vote.

Paul Emery

I'll let Alexander Burns from Politico do my talking on this one.

"Here’s a riddle for you: What’s the only thing worse than running for reelection as president with 8-plus percent unemployment and soaring national debt?

Answer: running to unseat an incumbent president on a platform of stripping away bank regulations, cutting taxes for the wealthy and dismantling one of the most popular government programs in American history.

By putting Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on the 2012 Republican ticket, Mitt Romney has refocused a presidential election that was spiraling out of his control — and put the center of attention exactly where Democrats wanted it to be in the first place.......

Obama and his allies have long been preparing to pin the Ryan plan on Romney, laying the groundwork with attacks on Romney’s business record and personal finances. It turns out that wasn’t necessary: Romney pinned Ryan to himself."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/79628.html#ixzz23LfhHQsQ

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0812/79628.html#ixzz23LfQ6Ovg

George Rebane

PaulE 906am - Your report implies that Dem pundits believed that the Repubs have been trying to duck the fiscal crisis issue. That has been the central theme of Team Romney all along, and picking Ryan has just made it clear even to the most dense.

As in my post, Obama has no counter to that except 'you can't just cut ...'. Since we can't tax our way out of our mess (Europe tried, failed, and is now failing in spades), singing the 'tax the rich' song is a plan in itself bankrupt on its face. Are his constituents stupid enough to swallow that rhetoric? The Dem's joy today is based on the answer being a resounding YES.

billy T

Paul Ryan? Who did he murder? Some MSM pundit should ask Ryan if he has stopped beating his wife lately. A lie is considered truth only if one believes it. Love how the Obamamanics are saying Ryan is going to cut off Granny's Medicare. Looks like Ryan will cut off her Medicare then Romney will come along and push her off the cliff. No more kick back time for Granny in Wrinkle Village. Truth is it is the guy who currently is in government housing on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave that is cutting 750 billion from Medicare. Ryan and Romney and this humble poster want to mend it, not end it. We want to make sure Medicare is stable and around for a long time. Truth is nobody currently on Medicare will be cut. Truth is if you are 55 years or older you will not be affected. Its those peoples runnin' scared that believe and spout lies. Fear makes people desperate and scrambles the brain. Truth is not relative. If truth is relative, why condemn Hitler? Don't know if Romney will win or not. I do know (contrary to Tommy Peterbuilt's prediction) that this election will not be an Obama landslide. I will guarantee that Obama will carry less states than he did in 2008. I love it when people boast. 2010 was not that long ago. Drives them libbies nuts that Romney won't release records or specifics of plans. Romney is just playing poker, holding his cards close to the vest, watching the hysteria and pettiness, then suddenly drops the Aces on the table. He who laughs last laughs best.

Paul Emery


You are confusing political strategy with discussions on issues. Romney needed to move to the center to win the election instead he is shoring up the Right which underscores what a weak candidate he is. Ryan is the leader of the Repubs in the House which has the highest negative ratings of any government institution. He's the consummate professional politician as well so that argument is off the table. Pretty amazing incompetence on the Repubs. This confirms to me they don't want to win. You always win by going to the center. First rule of politics. Duh



"Truth, you can't handle the Truth!"

The Republican Rich want health and education available only to them and theirs. They are amasssing $1,000,000,000 in Superpac money to propagandize that this ripoff, benefits everyone else. The Big Lie! Goebbels would be proud.

And yet they have no intentions of winning, because they know they have no solutions for the middle and working classes. Better to sit on the sidelines until everyone gets used to 25% unemployment, and then come in and improve it to 22% unemployment. Keep them Uppity Dems in their places, at the bottom, grateful for a few crumbs, or trickles.


Don't tax the Rich. Tax and regulate the hell out of the multinational corporation, and any earning by US citizens from such corporations, regardless of where they move their HQ to. If it's on Planet Earth, tax it! You may have fun quoting me.


Ryan has won election to the House seven times from his majority Democratic district, and his lowest share of the votes was the 57% he got his first time out.

Ryan isn't the caricature that 'progressives' have tried to make of him. Enjoy the show.


So Paul Ryan takes no risks in running for VEEP, as his running for House is allowed to go forward, simultaneously, so when he loses VEEP, he still retains his position of powers in the House. Sweet!

"Ryan had planned to face Rob Zerban (D) and Keith Deschler (L) in the 2012 Congressional elections. The primary contest is scheduled for August 14; Ryan is the only candidate seeking the Republican Party nomination.[35] Under Wisconsin law, Ryan is allowed to run concurrently for Vice-President as he competes for his eighth term in Congress.[36] Ryan has over $5.4 million in his Congressional campaign account, more than any other House member.[37][38] He has not yet announced if he will withdraw from the Congressional race.
Committee assignments

Committee on the Budget (Chairman)
Committee on Ways and Means
Subcommittee on Health

Caucus memberships

Congressional Middle East Economic Partnership Caucus
International Conservation Caucus
Republican Study Committee
Sportsmen's Caucus (Co-Chair)"


Russ Steele

TK and Paul,

Do your guys get your Democratic Talking point Faxes daily or just weekly? Is there a secret web page that you go to every morning for the down load stuff so you can cut and paste the latest bit of progressive wisdom into local blogs? Just wonder, because I see the same misinformation every were I go on the liberal/progressive web pages and newsletters.

Oh, by the way, according to a Florida poll the majority of Seniors support the Ryan Budget Plan. The Florida Senior vote is very important to winning the election, and I do not think that DWS and Obama are going to scare these folks out of their vote.

billy T

Mr Steele, this is like watching monkeys trying to hump a football. Priceless. Finally, someone with big enough huevos to say stop kicking the can down the road. Wonder if our cute little liberal friends have ever considered what a 21 trillion dollar debt will do to the middle class? There are enough bi-partisan Blue Ribbon Presidential Commission reports out there to be a blueprint for immigration, Social Security reform, saving Medicare, Budget Solutions with enough money left over to keep NASA making sure that Middle Eastern countries feel good about themselves. Dust off the Blue Ribbon Commission Reports to see what Shelia Jackson Lee had to say about immigration. Those reports must be somewhere. Talk to Eskern Bowles. We can solve many problems by not kicking the can down the road. To create jobs, we have historical records on what works and what doesn't. Reagen in just his re-election year created 3.5 million jobs and we were not even out of the woods yet. Doing nothing is not moving "Forward". BTW, anybody hear from Harry Reed the last day or two? Just saw on the news that there is a primate on the loose in Nevada. Escaped from the Vegas Zoo. Yep, like monkeys trying to screw a football.

Paul Emery


I am not necessarily an Obama supporter. Sometimes I write my own talking points other times I find others I agree with. They don't come from any one source. I rely on my own experience for much of my opinions and possessing the middle is politics 101. That's the essence of my critique of Romney's weird campaign. In a healthy campaign you assume aupport from your base you don't cater to it. Christie of Rubio were his best choice. Ryan's extreme stance on abortion (Protect Life Act 2011) will be amplified by Obama for sure insuring an Obama landslide from that group.

The controversial anti-abortion bill was supported heavily by Republicans. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.)testified that:

"I was pregnant, I was miscarrying, I was bleeding," she said on the House floor Thursday. "If I had to go from one hospital to the next trying to find one emergency room that would take me in, who knows if I would even be here today. What my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are trying to do is misogynist."

The bill failed in the Senate and Obama vowed to veto it. This is an example of the stark contract in the candidates.


"Oh, by the way, according to a Florida poll the majority of Seniors support the Ryan Budget Plan.'

Whose poll, how many seniors, details are needed.

As for place to get info, you will note that I suggested McCain threw the election on Facebook some time ago, and that likewise Romney may in a similar mode. Or maybe now there will be those in the Republican party that take offence at his choice, and will use it to show Romney the door.


Paul Emery

Yes, which poll. I usually make an effort to document my posts

Paul Emery

"On CNN, Romney senior adviser Ed Gillespie said Romney would have signed Ryan's proposed austere budget if it landed on his desk as president."


“It says something about Mitt Romney that he’s picking someone who has a budget plan under which Mitt Romney would pay less than 1% in taxes,” Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”


Yes indeed, Ryan is the pork chop in the park of dogs (Democratic). Slurp Slurp

Russ Steele


Gallop: Seniors Like Paul Ryan’s Budget

While you all have been telling us that Senior do not like the Ryan Budget and Deficit Reductions program, you should have done your home work first.

Gallup in 2011 asked Seniors about the Ryan budget and the answer from seniors doesn’t blend well with your Democratic talking points.

The most reliable voters seniors. They are the most informed voters. And according to Gallop they prefer the Ryan budget to the Obama/Democrat plan whatever that may be.

Yes, this poll was taken last year but there is no reason to think there has been any shift in opinion.

Among seniors Republicans hold a six point lead over Democrats in public perception of which party would do a better job dealing with the federal budget, according to the survey. 48 percent prefer Republicans, while 42 percent prefer Democrats in Congress.

Here is the link to the poll results: http://www.gallup.com/poll/147287/Americans-Divided-Ryan-Obama-Deficit-Plans.aspx?version=print

I could not find the specific Florida results mentioned on the cable news this morning. They many be assuming that the Gallop results apply to all seniors, including those in Florida.

It is important to note that the Gallop questions made it clear the Ryan changes did not apply to anyone over 55. Something that the Democrat talking heads fail to mention. Please make note of that fact in future discussions.

Russ Steele

Oh No!

REPORT: Obama fundraiser in Chicago. 'Admission only $51, but room is half full'...

REPORT: Over 10,000 greet Romney/Ryan in High Point, NC...


Ah, but do they support the Ryan Medicare Plan? I do expect we will have Goebbles Rove for our Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Paul Emery


So under the Ryan Medicaid plan you receive a voucher to buy private insurance but there's no guarantee insurance would be available. Who would insure someone in their 80's or 90's. They have a pre existing condition called old age.

Paul Emery

Correction, "Ryan Medicare plan". What would happen to medicaid and the health needs it currently serves ?

George Rebane

How much should other people pay to keep someone in their 80s or 90s alive - especially someone whose prior probability for dying in the next 12 months is already above 10% without the current dreaded disease? And from which other pot should that money come from, or should we all have our taxes raised to make such end of life expenditures?

Paul Emery

Good question George it sure sounds like health rationing to me


Paul, the old Ryan plan (he's playing second fiddle now) kept the current mediscare structure for folks already over 55 and allowed a choice for future recipients to either stay in the current system or opt into the voucher scheme.

The Obamascare plan is for a $700 billion cut in Medicare spending over the first 10 years, which, in practice, means more of the cost shifting from socialized eldercare to younger folks with insurance, one of the major drivers of healthcare costs for the rest of us.

Healthcare has always been rationed, and will always be rationed.


"it requires genuine entrepreneurial, capitalistic, free markets growth to pull us out of our dive."

~George~ in main topic

Those are precisely the things that placed all the jobs overseas, where welders will work for $12 a day. "our dive" appears to be only the "dive" the 1% are experiencing, and will not help the middle and working classes one damn bit. The one % are already installing elevators for their cars, they can only buy so much.


"Healthcare has always been rationed, and will always be rationed."

~ Gregory | 12 August 2012 at 11:52 PM~

Then let it be rationed by random chance, not financial wherewithal. You need a heart bypass, then get your lotto number, or if you are that rich, go overseas. Let postponable death occur for equally for the rich and poor, when it comes to the government nickle.



Michael Anderson

Todd wrote: "Some said he was really 'cute' and that would get a bunch of those single women's votes."

But through the TSA scanners? Are we to suppose that he would adequately measure up? LOLs!

Michael Anderson

George wrote: "Does that mean that the Dems will roll out their married gays poster child for campaign events - Rep Barney Frank and his husband/wife/whatever? A kiss on the podium will seal the gay vote."

Oh come on George, I thought you had some libertarian gravitas. This stuff is beneath you. Sheesh.

Michael Anderson

Gregory wrote: "Ryan has won election to the House seven times from his majority Democratic district, and his lowest share of the votes was the 57% he got his first time out. Ryan isn't the caricature that 'progressives' have tried to make of him. Enjoy the show."

Oh yeah, this guy knows how to bring home the bacon. Starting with the SS money he collected when he was a minor (which came out of my wallet, BTW). And it goes on. Total hypocrite.

I don't usually invoke the hypocrite label since all of us are usually just doing our best under the given circumstances. But this guy takes the hypocrite cake.

Michael Anderson

Answering Russ' questions:

> Do your guys get your Democratic Talking point Faxes daily or just weekly?

Actually, never.

> Is there a secret web page that you go to every morning for the down load stuff so you can cut and paste the latest bit of progressive wisdom into local blogs?

Oh, only if it were so! But no, we do it just like you...one painful website at a time.

Michael Anderson

Paul wrote: "The bill failed in the Senate and Obama vowed to veto it. This is an example of the stark contract in the candidates."

Excellent citation.

Russ Steele

The Ryan Factor: $3.5 million in 24 hours. And Ryan can hold fundraisers and increase Romney’s advantage over Obama for the final 85 days.

billy T

At least we are finally talking about Social Security, the debt, and Medicare. All politicians know it is the death of them to even whisper about entitlement reform. A few, like Ryan, push their political ambitions aside and forge ahead with what is best for the country and attempt to tackle problems head on. It was not that long ago that Ryan was the lone voice crying out for solutions on the budget and Obama gleefully pounced on him directly. I think this is a sign that Romney is ready to get our financial house in order. It is good to debate ideas and issues rather than personalities. The fiscal cliff, unsustainable debt, and Medicare/Social Security going broke are the most predictable crises in American history.


The fiscal cliff is at the end of a runway that the rich use to fly their wealth abroad, and drive the middle and working classes over. We are returning to Feudalism.


Todd Juvinall

I see MichaelA is still hung up by my celebrity at airport full body scans. What a hoot!

It also is quite telling that MichaelA would condemn Ryan as a hypocrite for supposedly receiving Social Security benefits as a minor. Would that be a age of non-consent MichaelA? My dad died after paying into the SS program for fifty years and received four payments, one of which they forced my mother to send back. Dad died at age 62. So, knowing my dad as I did, he would have been glad to send his SS money to the 16 year old Ryan whose dad died at an early age too.

Harry Reid has trashed all the R bills having to do with the money of the country (no Constitutional budget for 1200 days, lawlessness I'd say). I do not ever see the relentless bashing of Mr. Reid by the MichaelA's for the negligence of the democrats. Heck, Obama's budget was wiped out in both houses and I think not one vote was cast in favor. So MichaelA, what about Obama's budget defeat. Give us your dissertation on that one.

billy T

The reason Ryan is such a lightening rod is he is about the only one with a record of clear, concise, and very specific proposals. Something we cannot say for Joe Bidden, Barrack Obama, or Romney generally. My beef with Ryan is he pushes tweaking with the big entitlements out at least ten years. His ideas are to start with 1% here, 2% there in 2023. Maybe that will get consumer confidence going. We are currently in a consumer led recession or on the cusp of recession led by the consumer, not government. Can't lower interest rates much lower to fire up the economy. People like me are holding back, saving like a mo-fro, paying down debt with lazer focus. My leisurely trips to the convenience stores to buy a cup of mud have stopped even as my income has gone up another 11%. Nationally, 3 months in a row of declining consumer spending. Sure, manufacturing has its ups and downs, but manufactures are poor at reading the tea leaves and cannot tell a bump from a trend. Excess inventories will led to more layoffs. If consumer confidence is leading us now, any thing ten years out might boost consumer confidence today. "At least they are trying to fix things." Back to school sales sucked this year. Yes, the economy is bouncing along the bottom, but it should be another 5-7 years before the de-leveraging works it course after the big shock of 2008 per history. Ryan is not at the top of the ticket and it will come down to Obama vs Romney on election day. For the average Joe Q Public it may get down to finding a charter school for the kids/grandkids, prices of milk and cereal at the store, prices of gas at the pump, and increases in wage/personal income. That will be the real issues in the short term.

billy T

Todd, another thing that the Ryan pic has revealed is Congress. It is clear now that all the new fresh ideas are coming out of The House of Representatives. The Senate is a morass of no nothings. Opps, they do something. They block everything, including proposing a budget for 1200 days now. So, blocking and kicking the can is doing something. I have a new respect for the House as leadership skills are emerging from there. Used to be the Senate had the great thinkers. Not any more. Hey, who controls the Senate?

Paul Emery

Could someone share with me Ryans plan for Medicaid? It seems to be lost in the shuffle.

Ryan Mount


Here you go: http://cbo.gov/publication/22085

billy T

BTW, the two members of the House I respect most are

Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Paul Ryan. They both stand on principle, are good people, are not afraid of being bold to solve problems, and put America ahead of partisan politics. Now, I don't agree with 90% of what the Ohio Congressman says, but I respect him. I like folks who are living examples of "Ask not what my country can do for me, rather ask what I can do for my country". Ryan fits into that category. Both are good talents. Ah, it will get down to Obama vs Romney in the end.

billy T

Paul, Ryan's plan is to have Medicare approved private insurers completing with Medicare in 2013. Obama proposes saving billions by having government magically reducing waste, fraud, and corruption in the system. Ryan thinks that competition within Medicare will bring costs down. Right now, both ideas on paper are like 1.436 trillion for Ryan in 2023 and Obama's plan 1.492 trillion cost of Medicare in 2023. Its all bs, IMHO

billy T

Paul, first line should be completing with Medicare in 2023, NOT 2013.

Russ Steele

Interesting quote to share with our local Obama Supporters

As Internet humorist IowaHawk tweeted on Saturday: "Paul Ryan represents Obama's most horrifying nightmare: Math."

The math shows US spending is unsustainable. Nothing can save it:

• Not higher taxes,

• Not lower interest rates on federal borrowing,

• Not financial jiggery-pokery from the Fed.

The only solution is to stop spending, or we will become Greece, with nuclear weapons.

Michael Anderson

Todd asked: " So MichaelA, what about Obama's budget defeat?"

What about it? Inside baseball as far as I can tell, having nothing to do with Obama's electability or what will be discussed for the remainder of the campaign.

Don't get hung up on minutia, Todd. And I ain't talkin' about yer TSA package, though now that you mention it...

billy T

Minutes (seconds?) after Romney picked Ryan, this video hit the air. The Dems are predictable and unchanging. At least they could have used new footage.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrdeyMNZW88&feature=youtu.be

George Rebane

billyT 840am - good points. However, why would people who are not debt burdened today, not start borrowing (leveraging) and building their portfolios? The interest rates are rock bottom, and the payback dollar will be a lot cheaper (maybe worth zip) than the borrowed dollar?

MichaelA 200am - Do I detect a little politically correct pandering here on what is and is not proper public behavior for homosexuals? Just because I am put off by certain public shows of affection by homosexuals does not mean that I cannot contemplate the next natural progression of 'gay pride' display.

Since all PC individuals are proponents of 'gay marriage' as the expression of equal rights by gays, then their commensurate public behaviors of the heterosexually marrieds cannot, on principle, be denied - nor can the public contemplation of such actions be proscribed as your prudish remark seems to do.

My, perhaps too subtle, purpose for creating the image of Barney throwing a lip on his beloved on the public stage was to hold up the reality that there is something extra-political and extra-ideological about the reaction most straight people have to the overt display of homosexual 'unions'.

That reaction is even meta-cultural, and for most of us could be a 'hard wired' aspect of our DNA that served the obvious purpose during a more primitive age and stage of the evolution of our species and the development of our societies.

To think that the reaction can be politically pruned from the repertoire of our behaviors in one generation is another demonstration of the naivete that underlays progressive understanding of human nature.

For the not so critical thinker, please understand that nothing in the above implies that I want to reverse our public acceptance of homosexuality and homosexuals. But neither do I want to heroically promote that sexual preference as the 'new normal', commensurate with heterosexuality, as seems to be the direction of the current tide.


" Ryan thinks that competition within Medicare will bring costs down"

~ billy T | 13 August 2012 at 09:13 AM~

Just like energy prices have been falling.


"Too Big to Burn" Chevron had plenty of reasons for potential arson. But, they are "too big to investigate" as well. The falling gasoline prices had to be stopped, as it made Obama look good. Why were gasoline prices falling? Because people simply had fewer jobs to go to, fewer cars to drive in, and thus demand was down. Ditching the antique refinery and raising West Coast prices was a very smart move, if you were a Chevron ("never pay a severance tax") executive in California. All tax deductible, too.

Michael Anderson

George wrote: "To think that the reaction can be politically pruned from the repertoire of our behaviors in one generation is another demonstration of the naivete that underlays progressive understanding of human nature."

Well, I stand corrected. But yeah, let's have some same-sex kissing, hugging, and groping, on stage, at the Democratic convention. I am all for it.

My first career was in the theatre, TV and movies, back in the 1970s and 1980s, where same-sex kissing, hugging, and groping--at the same level as you would experience from the heteros--was quite prevalent. For me, there is no difference whatsoever.

Apparently I am hard-wired exactly opposite from you. But I see where you're coming from, and that's A-OK with me.

George Rebane

TomK 1016am & 1021am - your understanding of capitalism and economics, more so when viewed through conspiratorial lenses, is priceless. That an energy company, in a grandfathered California oligopoly, will purposely take one of its (and one of the very few) refineries that makes affordable 'California gasoline' off the market, while oil prices were already increasing due to worldwide tensions, boggles all minds except those with which you and yours are blessed.


You probably felt the same way about Enron.


And maybe you should listen to this industry analyst, for his take on Chevron's directions, from back in March 2012.


George Rebane

TomK 1104am - Thank you for the link. The dissertation of the featured analyst said NOTHING to support your interpretation of Chevron's Richmond refinery fire or of your understanding of the oil industry. But as a Lucky Strike extra, the analyst again confirmed how the government mandated bio-fuels integration mangles gasoline markets and raises costs for all consumers.

billy T

OMG. TomKenworth has uncovered Chevron's nasty evil plot. I am shocked people still think the BP Gulf oil spill was an accident. Well, we got away with it the first time, but I told the boys that setting the Richmond refinery on fire would raise some suspensions. Those silly lads are so impatient. They are good with all the new techie gadgets, but they haven't learned patience yet. That will come with time. OK, Tom you figured it out. Kudos. Gas in Arizona has been selling for $3.40 a gallon and CA gas has been selling close to 4 bucks/gallon. California special blend is in short supply, so lets burn it down. Burn, Baby, Burn. Jerry Rubin's "Do It" and all that stuff. Tom, for figuring it out, please grab your vibrator and enjoy this video made with you in mind http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TDfDzWWvOA


So the "losing money on refineries" is nothing? OK, you win.

George Rebane

TomK 310pm - Yes Doug, surprising as it may be, when you own one of the very few refineries in California that is also a cash cow, you don't set fire to it and take it off line to suffer hundreds of millions in lost revenues, take an inestimable public relations hit, and untold millions more in bringing the asset back on line.

But when an oil company has money losing assets - like a losing refinery somewhere else - they spruce it up and put it on the block for sale. Such assets are valuable and are bought/sold all the time. It's called capitalism.

I don't want to "win" just yet. Please take another swing at the pinata, this revelatory teaching moment still has legs.

billy T

Tom, I must sing your praises again. Make sure you change the batteries in your vibrator before watching your bonus prize short video. Of course I don't need to remind you to put the used batteries in the proper container.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSLGt0-bHIA&feature=fvwp&NR=1

Paul Emery

Let's hear if for the Flipper. Romney already is backing away from the Ryan budget. The problem is he's already on record many times saying if he were President he would sign it-that includes the original. That's consistent with anything he says he believes in. Just come back next week for an update.

TOP ROMNEY ADVISER ED GILLESPIE: Well, as Governor Romney has made clear, if the Romney, sorry, if the Ryan budget had come to his desk as a budget, he would have signed it, of course, and one of the reasons that he chose Congressman Ryan is his willingness to put forward innovative solutions in the budget.

RNC CHAIRMAN REINCE PREIBUS: First of all, he did embrace the Ryan budget. He embraced it.

Condi would have been a strong choice but she couldn't wash off the Bush stains.

Michael Anderson

On 60 Minutes Romney said, in reply to Bob Schieffer's question, that he was not interested in the Ryan Plan, that this election was all about the Romney Plan vs. the Obama Plan.

He appreciates Ryan's input, but not to the point where it might make him lose the election. Lovin' it.


Perhaps you have forgotten, George, ( George Rebane | 13 August 2012 at 03:43 PM) that Chevron did have this very refinery on the chopping block, to China? Refineries of this vintage all need to be replaced, to meet today's needs. The real estate, by location, is outstanding. If the refinery were to miraculously disappear, an astute developer could buy up the surrounding house ten blocks deep and flatten it for a donated green belt, which would raise all the boats in Richmond, and gentrification would set in.

My first job after graduation was working for the Richmond Unified School District, working as a research assistant for the PhD who was in charge of evaluating the effects of Title I money, 2 million of it. We had 6 experimental schools, and one control school. 3 research assistants, We rotated from site to site among the experimental schools, making observations and notes, and I wound up doing the videos, when I could get the primitive equipment working. The portables were record only, no reviews possible in the field. The HS coaches had managed to get to the gear first the year before I got there, and it was about 50:50 that anything actually recorded.

But I digress, PG&E is also milking all the old plants for every last dollar, while solar folks take up the slack, along with all the residential ratepayers, who get screwed with tiered rates, unlike businesses. So who's sucking off the government tit here?

billy T

"And that is also the choice that faces us this November – can America’s Great Experiment be revived, or will we also become a one party ‘democracy’?" Fantastic question posed by Dr. Rebane. As Ms. Pelosi said "Elections have consequences". Glad the headlines the last couple of days are devoid of Spain and LoLo. Obama is running around campaigning hard on "America in which prosperity is shared" over and over again. He is acting and speaking as if he is running against the Republican VP pick. Shared prosperity? That is what a shoplifter thinks.

billy T

There are too many structural problems facing us that whoever wins the election in November will have little effect. Unless these problems are addressed we will not get back to the glory days. I have yet to read one commentator say that Medicare will not go broke. Folks from Ralph Nader to Dennis K to our colorful former school teacher think all our problems can be laid at the feet of corporate America. Folks like me think all problems can be laid at the feet of a bloated corrupt government. I will concede that it is not 100% one or the other. I do not go along with this "womb to tomb" mentality of government taking care of the populace. I suppose if I came from a field where there was tenure or had a nice Postal worker no layoff contract or from ACORN, I might see thing differently. Still, among all the noise, structural reform must be addressed. It is a fact that Medicare and Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. It is also a fact that the government has made a contact with the people to provide Social Security. A growing economy is the best way to fund these programs. Reforms and changes take time, years. Government public education will not turn around on a dime and the USA won't be pumping out math and science or college ready students tomorrow. Our contract with government is this: protect us, secure our borders, fix our potholes, put out fires, and keep issuing passports. Make sure our food supply is safe. But, somebody please deal with the coming tsunami of Medicare going broke, trillion dollar deficits into infinity, Social Security paying 75% of what it does now, and government taking more and more of a shrinking dollar. This reality tv show is getting crazy.


Changes can be effected very quickly by insisting that no member of the government is entitled to any better healthcare than what Joe Blow average worker gets. Suddenly professional schools of health and medicine will be much better funded, as well as the K-12 schools that feed them. Protecting USA multinats in foreign lands will seem less important.

If you wish to drain the USA coffers faster, you might like the advice given here:


Paul Emery

The Dems are dancing new steps because of the diversion of the campaign emphasizing Medicare reform rather than Obama's weak economic record. What a gift! They pitched the Dems a fatty on this one.

George Rebane

PaulE 646pm - Indeed it seems to be the happiest turn of events because future Medicare funding in the Ryan plan was supposed to be the next diversion dealt by Team Obama. Tonight we saw both Romney and Ryan separately celebrating the opportunity to raise Obamacare's treatment of Medicare which both double counts it financially and then destroys it. The sun is shining in both camps.

Todd Juvinall

There is some speculation now that Syria has the WMD's from Sadaam. Maybe we can see if that is true once Assad id toasted.

George Rebane

ToddJ 759pm - Agreed Todd. I also recall reports of truck convoys spotted heading for Syria just before the invasion began. I don't know what happened to that thread, but we do know that Assad has WMDs from multiple sources including Assad himself.

Paul Emery

Of course there were trucks headed for Syria before the invasion. They were filled with American bucks we showered on Saddam when he was our friend and we turned a blind eye to his use of WMD's on the Kurds. Todd, can you share where you got the "speculation" about the WMD's? Perhaps it was a hallucination from spending too much time in the sun at the County Fair. By the way, as always it was nice seeing you at the fair.

Paul Emery

Also Todd since I can't seem to get on your blog, your ra ra about Romney being up in the Rasmussen poll by 3 points doesn't look that good since he was up by 4 last time around. Most interesting is Fox which shows Obama up by 9.


billy T

Man o man, what a mess Syria has become. Today a group of rebels caught a bus full of Iranian Republican Guardsmen disguised as pilgrims. Leon Panetta confirms this as Iran is calling on Assad to secure their safety. Iran funded Hezbollah is pouring in there and the Free Syrian Army (rebels) is capturing/ killing them. The CIA says that Al Qaeda is establishing a stronghold in Syria that will impossible to remove. Whose the good guys and whose the bad guys? This Arab Spring stuff definitely is not a democracy movement nor ever was. Never. The only who thought that was....er...well, somebody with zero foreign policy experience. Panetta can do only so much with his hands tied. I hope we don't get involved and establish another Muslim Brotherhood theocracy.

billy T

"Dems Happy Dancing in the Streets'. The dems should be dancing. They finally have a VP pic to attack and focus their nastiness on. We Republicans are not so fortunate. Nobody attacks Joe Biden. Nobody takes him seriously. We just smile and shake our heads when he says things like he did today. Joe is coming off a 6 day vacation and can't even get the correct state he was campaigning in. Telling today's black audience that Romney wants to chain up "y'all" again is not even worth discussing. How can you work with that? Oh, I know, that is just ole Joe. Kinda like the crazy Uncle that one keeps locked in the attic and brings down out of pity and compassion on Turkey Day. Amusing, yet harmless, never to be believed. Yep, the Dems are dancing. They have two people to go after, while we just have one.

Paul Emery

And what would you do about Syria Billy T ?

Todd Juvinall

PaulE, it was nice to see you as well at the Fair. I always enjoy outsmarting you in our political conversations. LOL!

You should not have a problem on entering my blog. It has no moderation. It has to be on your end.

Regarding Syrian WMD's. I cannot recall where I saw that speculation but I will try and find it. It may have been on a TV program.

It appears the Assad regime is not long for the world and he should get the hell out and go to Indonesia if he wants to be alive. But like most dictators he doesn't want to give up any power, even into the grave.

Romney/Ryan by seven points in the general election. I think we have a bet on that one. Obama and Biden will be the recipients of a couple of hundred million dollars worth of ads and it won't be pretty. The Tea Party is energized and the Republican base is as well with the Ryan pick. It is going to be a classic smackdown.

billy T

Paul, I would not do anything about Syria. Side with the "Freedom Fighters" with Al Qaeda in the mix, or side with the dictator with Iran in the mix? Easy choice. Stand back and let them work out their differences. Maybe have our Nobel Peace Prize President make some speeches that would end the bloodshed immediately. Then feed the refugees and support the countries that accept the refugees. Set up some UN refugee camps and have UN peacekeepers go into the camps and let them rape all the women with diplomatic immunity of course. No boots on the ground.

billy T

Joe Biden has had me dancing for almost 4 years. I remember when he ran for President in 2008. Got almost 3% of the vote in the Democrat Primaries in his neighboring states. Think it was 2%. My gawd, if Joe Bide is not reelected for 4 more years, the late night comics will be devastated.

billy T

Joe Biden has had me dancing for almost 4 years. I remember when he ran for President in 2008. Got almost 3% of the vote in the Democrat Primaries in his neighboring states. Think it was 2%. My gawd, if Joe Bide is not reelected for 4 more years, the late night comics will be devastated.


Latest Rasmussen poll of Florida

Mitt Romney (R) 45%
Barack Obama (D) 43%
Some Other Candidate3%
Not Sure 8%

Better dance faster. Maybe be more shrill about demanding all of Romney's tax returns.


Here's our latest Dem talking point from the super secret site we all subscribe to:



Russian woman takes separation of church and state very seriously:


Could she be a follower of Ayn Rand, who did not appreciate religion either? Paul Ryan cherry picks just a few ideas from his idol? Please show me the super secret site for Demo talking points that features this video.


Corporate America scores again with great customer service, provided by the cheapest outsourced labor, and customer help desk in India. Sue the bastards, and vote Obama!


Ryan Mount

> provided by the cheapest outsourced labor, and customer help desk in India

The call centers are located all over the globe, including the United States. The systems are built to route calls for efficiency. The technology is actually quite fascinating, in a Mr. Rebane Singularity kind of way. Also note that customer service is very expensive for most companies. It doesn't "make" money. It's a cost center on the ledger. That is no excuse for poor service, but it's more complicated than just saying "outsourcing" is the issue.

There is no mention in the article about India. I'm certain the Indians appreciate their characterization as cheap and incompetent. Easy to do on a blog, I guess. Another bogeyman to haunt our collective conscious.


Multiple stories on the topic. This particular one didn't mention the India side of things. First tipoff was in Facebook, but the link wasn't easy to grab, so I Googled and this seemed to cover it. Customer service loses money? Then they should all cease offing it instantly. Or would that indirectly affect the bottom line? I rather think so. Only compartmentalized thinking would call it a money losing department. Outsourcing phone banks to India is providing a free language lab to the sons and daughters of rich Indian families, look it up.


Here's one with India in it:



The problem with "customer service" is that it does its best, its very best, to get you to go to a web site. Like "hey, I'm so stupid I never thought of it." Then they will try every which way to get you to use the roboinfo available through the phone, and then finally, when you finally make it through to the que for a live operator, your are informed "we are experiencing high call volume." No they are not, they are choosing not to hire enough folks to handle the calls in a timely manner. With few exceptions, most companies have mastered these arts and practice them daily. HostMonster and Country Home Products are the exceptions to the rule.

Ryan Mount

> Then they should all cease offing it instantly.

What? I'm assuming that's a facetious comment because eliminating customer service centers would not be a good idea.

> Only compartmentalized thinking would call it a money losing department.

How much time do we have to discuss cost center recovery? Most consumers to not like to be sold goods and services when they call for help, although some organizations still continue this practice. AT&T comes to mind, but they do it in a somewhat sly way by trying to get you to bundle services. But generally speaking, customer service is a notable cost center for any business, large or small. I know when I ran a business, I could upsell a customer call, but I didn't expect my hipster support staff to do that...even with sales incentives.

> Outsourcing phone banks to India is providing a free language lab to the sons and daughters of rich Indian families,

That's not true. Well, I dunno, maybe for some. I've setup support centers in different parts of the globe. My experience is that most nationals who come to work are highly skilled and educated. The ones with Bachelor's degrees get the call center jobs. The ones with Graduate degrees get the better jobs like Project/Client Management and engineering jobs.

Anyhow, I want to caution folks from making assumptions about other countries/cultures that aren't based in reality. It's like making sweeping assumptions about, I dunno, other groups of people.


Show me the dalites working in call centers with college degrees.


For those of us who are hard of hearing, dealing with highly accented, non idiomatic aware folks, to get information is very frustrating. Especially when most of the time they don't even have the answers at their disposal, and have to go up a level, or two, or three.

Ryan Mount

> For those of us who are hard of hearing, dealing with highly accented, non idiomatic aware folks

I appreciate your frustration, but it's a global world now and most of it speaks English thanks to the colonial efforts of Britain, and the corporate hegemonic forces of the American Empire. Is it 'merikan English. No. But you can find Pringles and Ambien at the local Chennai market. (Note: the Pringles cost more than a few doses of Ambien)

> Show me the dalites working in call centers with college degrees.

I have no idea what "dalite" is. But what you would suggest? Set up a conference call to discuss their education? I guess I could have a couple of associates send you their resumes. Aren't these odd questions?

Anyhow, most younger middle class (there's 200+ million of them) Indian knowledge workers attend technical school in Bangalore, because that is India's military and technology hub. You will also find "knowledge centers" outside of Delhi and in Hyderabad. Mumbai (Bombay for the colonial types) is the financial hub.

Mumbai is also home to the most horrible and crushing poverty I have ever witnessed in my brief life. It's hard to hear people complain about their mobile phone provider or airline layovers when you've witnessed people literally living in shit.

George Rebane

TomK 808am - CEO compensation in private corporations continues to be an irritant to socialists. Some people even forget that CEOs' pay also gets taxed, and at a very high marginal tax rate. What should the government do when CEOs get paid more than their companies pay in taxes?

Ryan Mount

Taxes on companies good and services are simply passed through to the customer in the form of higher prices. Some CEOs don't pay anything because they're taking options in lieu of pay. And then pay the Cap gains when they cash in.

A Consumption Tax, as a proposed replacement, taxes people and businesses when they consume, not when they produce. If not that, then a Flat Tax. But certainly not what we have right now which has produced this Romney-esque behavior of him paying less taxes (as an effective tax rate) than his reports.


Dalites are the old "untouchables" I guess you were pretty well insulated when you went to India. You saw3 them but were not informed that they lived that way because India is not an egalitarian society. Neither are we but no where near as bad as India.

Glad you asked George. Reduce the pay of the CEO to match the amount of taxes the govmint receives. But no less than the USA defined poverty level. Might up their productivity, and thus possibly even improve the numbers for new workers hired.

George Rebane

TomK 1218pm - Now why would the federal government increase its meddling in the compensation of corporate executives? In your particular case, you haven't even shown that the feds wind up with less cash given the current way things work. And as I have stated for years (reinforced here by RyanM's 1209pm), corporations really don't pay taxes. The cost burden of corporate taxes is built into the price of their goods/services and passed on to the customer. For consumer goods companies such corporate taxes hit the poorest customers the hardest. (But all this is invisible to liberals who don't do numbers or economics.)

Ryan Mount

> Dalites are the old "untouchables"

Never once heard this term. You must have heard it on the Discovery Channel or something. Maybe an old colonial textbook. Who knows? Sounds like a slur, but that's just a guess. I would ask my friends, but I'm guessing it would be offensive.

> I guess you were pretty well insulated when you went to India. You saw3 them but were not informed

That's an extraordinarily presumptuous thing to assert. I'm assuming you've been to the Mumbai slums? Or stepped in Elephant dung during the Ganesh (Ganesha) parades? Or swarmed with dozens of children on the streets of Hyderabad? Nevermind. Maybe you're like every other American getting your information from Slumdog Millionaire or the Learning Channel? Provincial and colonial attitudes are alive and well here in the West.

So rather than offering your experience, beyond veiled bigotry of an entire class of people, you attack my bonfides. That pretty much underscores what's wrong with the tone and tenor of discourse in this country. Feel free to provide evidence and I will retract my statements.

Anyhow the lower castes are not spoken of in India, even though the caste system was outlawed decades ago. They are invisible, but not to foreigners. When you ask about their plight, the conversation gets politely changed. The Hindus tend to be more diplomatic; the Muslims and the Christians will tend to address it, but not always.

Insofar as there is any resemblance to American poor, there is none. None. At. All. America's poor are economic titans (the real 1%) compared to the rest of the world. Our poor are overweight and have mobile phones and complain about how unfair life is on the Internet.


Actually Ryan. the information came from studying the Olympics, in an ESPN article, on sexing athletes, and it dealt with a very fast runner from that class (caste). I miss-remembered the spelling, Dalits:

"Soundarajan has a restless energy and a wide smile. She's slight, 120 pounds soaking wet, but walks with a champion's confidence. During a break in the cricket game, a promo for the Olympics comes on. "I know her," she says through an interpreter, cocking her head toward Krishna Poonia, the Indian discus thrower on-screen. "We used to train together."

Soundarajan is from the lowest caste in India, the Dalits, who were previously known as the untouchables. Sports offered a chance out of the life of backbreaking labor and desperate poverty that she was raised in, and she ran as if her life depended on it, breaking national records and winning hundreds of medals. At age 25, she found herself in Doha, Qatar, at the Asian Games, the second-largest multisport event in the world after the Olympics. Competing against athletes from 45 countries, she won a silver medal -- the realization of a lifelong goal. But she enjoyed this triumph for barely a moment before her career was over. Not because of injury or doping. Her body betrayed her in another way: She failed a gender test. "


I took The Anthropology of India from Gerald Berreman back in 1965, one of the most depressing courses I ever took. Not because of him, but rather because of the sorry state of India and Pakistan. You might want to check out his bonifides before deciding I'm a know-nothing.



"The cost burden of corporate taxes is built into the price of their goods/services and passed on to the customer"

~ George Rebane | 17 August 2012 at 12:33 PM~

This makes the silly assumption that the customer has to buy, and that is not the case. If the cost is too high, the customer does without, or finds a cheaper substitute, and then the corporation loses money because it doesn't have that customer any more. It is a fluid dynamic, with companies lowering and raising prices, trying for that sweet spot of maximum return, and the only thing keeping American multinats rich these days are the new customers abroad, who are slowly replacing our home grown citizens.

Russ Steele

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitungon on 04.28.2010.

"The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, 'merely a fool'. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President."

George Rebane

TomK 241pm - there is no "fluid dynamic" here. The customers of ALL corporations ALWAYS pay ALL the corporations' taxes. To think otherwise is to evince some fluid on the brain.

RussS 511pm - thanks for reprising that quote from the Czechs. (I have posted it at least twice on RR.) It needs to be brought back often when we consider the incompetents now in the White House - OJT Obama and his trusty sidekick Duct Tape Biden, a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Can anyone really imagine the horror of the country under his leadership? Let's all light a candle for the Secret Service that they don't let down their guard.

Paul Emery

Here's a good one. When will Romney balance the budget. From his chief advisory. He doesn't know. What will happen till then whenever it is? We'll borrow money of course. This is really funny.


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