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06 September 2012


Russ Steele

I just did not have the stamina to watch Obama's speech and had to rely on others like Charles Krauthammer who were paid to watch. He completely panned Obama’s lackluster effort tonight in this assessment:

“I was stunned. This is a man who gave one of the great speeches of our time in 2004. And he gave one of the emptiest speeches I’ve ever heard on a national stage… There was nothing in it… At least Romney had a 5 point plan… He pulls numbers out of a hat… He doesn’t say how he’s going to get from A to B. It’s a vision. I have a vision of America where there’s no disease and everybody owns a private airplane. But, unless I tell you how we get there I’ve said nothing.”

billy T

Dr. Rebane, perhaps I should not even comment. While Obama was speaking, my mind drifted to The Great Divide" of all things. Maybe too many speeches in a 2 week period. I started thinking about Obama in 2008 peddling hope. Nothing wrong with peddling hope. I believe hope is a mainstay, the reason why we get up in the morning.

The new twist for Obama 2012 is that instead of transmuting hope to us, he is getting hope from us. Fair enough.

Obama's new hope is found in the strength and resolve and character of the American people. At last, Obama seems to get it. He turned into a libertarian. My hopes were dashed again in a few more statements.

The Great Divide is alive and well. What I got from the Convention is "We are from the Government and we are here to help". Even Romney touched on that theme.

I was heartened that you picked up on the same theme that I picked up on when the Convention started, i.e., that the Dems have found religion. Good old gospel religion ending up with good old Catholic religion.

I confess I too was moved by Obama's line quoting Lincoln. Sometimes there is no where to go but to your knees when being crushed by great burdens. Guess it is better to be on one's knees in good times and bad, but that is just my digression again.

If Obama is hoping for my vote, he might be disappointed. I can be heartless at times. Its a flaw I am working on. Back to The Great Divide".

Russ Steele

From the left at the Daily Beast by Michael Tomasky -- Obama: A Pedestrian and Overconfident Speech

Let’s be blunt. Barack Obama gave a dull and pedestrian speech tonight, with nary an interesting thematic device, policy detail, or even one turn of phrase. The crowd sure didn’t see it my way. The delegates were near delirium; to what extent they were merely still feeding off the amassed energy of the previous two nights I can’t say.

Michael Anderson

This place is not happening. I'm going back to the desert. See ya...

billy T

OK, for 3 days or more now I kept waiting to hear the words "Ford Motor Co" just once from any speaker. GM is heading into another bankruptcy after screwing little teachers pension funds and widows out of their bondholdings. Think somebody would tout Ford having the best selling car in the world thru the first 6 months of 2012. But, Ford is not worthy of mention. It is not sucking on Obama teet. http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/focus-marks-milestones-as-worlds-top-selling-car-and-fords-350-millionth-vehicle-produced-in-109-year-history-168107176.html

George Rebane

billyT 840am - not good to mention Ford because, as you say, it's doing all right on its own and not on Obama's tit (aka teat). Not mentioning Ford allows the unread to assume that "saving the auto industry" included all the companies, therefore all the more glorious move by the government. Having them read the facts of "the rescue" would pop too many true belief bubbles. After all, limiting your education to what Obama says, is what makes a real Obama voter.


I would like to know what percentage of GM vehicles sold were to the government. If I were a big business and loaned GM a truckload of money, I would certainly throw business their way.
Dave Cranfield

George Rebane

D 233pm - Now Dave, you're not suggesting that the feds would circumvent the competitive bidding requirement for government purchases, and inflate the sales figures for a company they own, are you? If there were anything hokey about the 'great success of General Motors', don't you think that our President Obama would have been the first to tell us? I'm not sure where is your good ol' fashioned American loyalty and patriotism. Questions like that border on racism.

billy T

Those radical Tea Party Patriots have infiltrated Germany. They have brain washed the Germans into extremists asking unpatriotic questions such as how do we pay for this? Who is struck with the debt of "shared responsibility"? Be vigilant. Radicals and extremists abound on the right. http://www.cnbc.com/id/48938986

billy T

well, all this hate and bigotry has given me a hankering to end the day on with a group hug. http://www.therightscoop.com/daily-show-exposes-democrat-tolerance-i-would-never-call-a-redneck-a-name/


How about a group jump?

RomneyRyanMedicare copy

George Rebane

billyT 1143pm - An excellent link that goes with the 'outlaw profits' link in the 7sep12 update above. Listening to the speeches from the podium that represented and attacked the Repubs really underlines both the asymmetry in intellect and civility of the progressives. I have never heard any such reciprocations from Republican conclaves or tea party gatherings. Can any of our liberal readers point us to something they consider to be equally mean and stupid from the other side?

billy T

Brother TomKenworth. It saddens me that you would disparage and ridicule Asian people and obese people as well with your picture. I know you are against out sourcing, but no need to take pot shots at those that do not look like you...er...well, at least the ethnic part.

I wish to personally thank Cardinal Dolan for including in his prayer the largest group that was not represented at the Democrat Convention: the American taxpayer. We heard what the Dems were going to do to the taxpayer. Biden was wrong. We are not betting against America. We are betting against Biden and Company for America and the American taxpayer who had no voice at the Convention. Peace out bro, dig your fro.


Brother William, it bothers me that the Republicans would disparage and ridicule those who paid into and expect to be covered by Medicare, and not some Joker's substitute.

BTW in response to Rebane's plea for examples, consider you own post about the "lad."

"Hey BOY! Ya gotta leaky bucket full of Bush bullet holes? You're FIRED!" Can you say that any plainer?

billy T

TomKenworth, I am saddened again. Calling an adult person "boy" is not used anymore. Unless you use the genetic "Hey boys and girls" when addressing a group in loving tones. Lad is how we Highlanders (with a bit of Black Irish mixed in) refer to young men and lassies is how we refer to fair maidens. Again you sadden the cockels of me weary heart.
However, it is in character of the bigots to take the word lad and create a strawman and magically transform Mr. Strawman into BOY. Wink, wink, you busted me. I am guilty as your superior intellect has found me out. We all know in our souls that lad is one of those codes words for tar baby. Well, the lad gave his best shot and has shown beyond the shadow of doubt he cannot or knows not how to fix the economy. Opps, I said "shadow of doubt". Another wink and a nod. Everyone knows I used the word shadow and was really saying spook. Busted again.

To be fair, I like the way the lad Obama rains down them drones on the the rag-a-muffins. Wink, wink, and a nod. He (we) have them on the run just inside the Pakastaian border. Well, they have us on the run in Iraq and Afganistan. Them rag-a-muffins sure are getting uppity lately, wink, wink and a nod. Quilty as charged, Your Honorable Discharge. You be a smart fella. Gotta get me bones up purdy early to pull one over on you.


How's that car company Obama gave to the Italians doing? What was it called?, oh, yeah, Chrysler. The only FIAT motors commercial I recall seeing recently portrayed Charlie Sheen, restrained at home by a ankle bracelet monitor, driving a Polish made FIAT 500 Abarth with reckless abandon inside his house.

At least that one ends with Sheen standing with the statuesque Italian lass sporting the Abarth tatoo :)

billy T

At some time Obama has to take shared responsiblity for the economy. Maybe even take ownership of the state of the economy by the fall of 2012.

Its called leadership. Its called priorities.

Obama chose the wrong priorities. For two honeymoon years he had a Democrat Congress. Had 60 members of the Senate. Nothing the Repubs in the Senate could do. Had Nancy running the House, along with Henry Waxman putting in all the Progessive wish lists they could dream of.

Every President knows its the economy stupid. Every working stiff and city dog catcher knows its the economy stupid. The Constitution lays out the Executive of these United States has to protect us, secure our borders from hostile savages. Secure us and our liberties so we can have prosperity. But, the unwritten law of politics is Its the economy stupid. KISS: Keep it simple stupid.

He ain't no leader. A leader would have had at least one fellow Lib or Dem or Progressive Soup member of Congress vote Yea on his budget. Not getting one single vote is not leadership.

Omaba just don't get it. Most puzzling cause he is the smartest man in the room: http://xfinity.comcast.net/articles/news-politics/20120908/US.Obama.Florida/


Assuming Romney wins, how soon will he take responsibility for the economy?

"Not my job." will be forthcoming, even by 2016.

Russ Steele

[email protected]:36

When will Romney take responsibility for the economy? A leader will take responsibility as soon as it give to him. When will we recognize that leadership is working? Depends on how fast the recover starts and that will depend on how many drilling rigs are available to return us to a fossil fuel based economy. It will depend on how long it takes to clean the environmental wackos out of the EPA and Energy Department and get the XL Pipeline launched. It depend on how long it takes for Congress to revise the tax code, and enable corporations to bring home trillions of potential investment dollars. It will depend on how long it takes to kill Obama Care and replace it with a sane health care program. Romney, is a real leaders and he will not spend 4 years blaming Obama, like Obama did blaming Bush, he will be a responsible leader!

A leader will not

Russ Steele

I must have hit the oops button. It should be [email protected]:15 and delete the final sentence.


So if absolutely everything goes acording to the plan, and there are no groups blocking all your wonderful changes, like the Republicans did to Obama, then Romney will take responsibility, but not until?

billy T

TomKenworth: Who knows. Don't have a crystal ball on what any individual will do at any given time. One candidate has a record on this specif question posed, one does not. Too early to tell. Shared responsibility for 13 months at most I hazard to guess. Perhaps Romney will never bring the topic up. 12 million jobs is pretty bold and I am glad he is raising the bar to normal. GDP plays a major role. Bold on jobs. Jobs/economy: the main concern of every voter in America.

Lincoln faced a tough situation and rose to the occasion. Don't know if he whined about inheriting a mess or not or blamed Congress or yellow journalism. General Ike wrote his famous letter on the eve of D-Day invasion taking full responsibility for the impending disaster, defeat and slaughter of the Allied troops. The world is better off that he did not need to use that speech/letter. Of course Ike was just a military officer at the time.

Don't recall President George W Bush blaming bad intelligence on Saddam's WMDs. He could have blamed the Russian, French, British, Israeli, and American intelligence agencies that all came to the same conclusion.

Guess we will all have to wait to find out.

billy T

This has nothing to do with the Democrat Convention or Cardinal Dolan or Dick Durbin. Just some good news and some bad news: Good news for the girl. Bad news is every person accused of blasphemy in those parts is dead. Ones found not guilty are quickly lynched by mobs after release. That girl and her family will never be safe anywhere where the end up living. Hope she does not enroll in the U of Michigan. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/09/08/pakistan-frees-christian-girl-accused-blasphemy/


One thing is for sure: Romney has no magic wand to bring back the middle class, nor does he expect to build one, either publicly or privately. I think the preferred mode is to put on a good show, lose to Obama, just barely, and then spend four more years making things worse and worse in Congress, and all the while, making money overseas, and affording themselves a very comfortable lifestyle, as the freeways unclog and only the few can afford most of what we would consider a middle class lifestyle or better.

Basically the goal is to wear down the American majority to the point where poverty is the normal order of the day. I wonder if at some point the workers of America will unionize as a whole, and refuse to work at any job for the rich unless it pays $40/hour or better? Not likely, but some will try, and scabs working for less will do so at their own risk. Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut outlined this situation very well and 70 years in advance.

By 2016 things may be so bad with the obstructionist Congress that the American public will take the bait, vote Republican, and be grateful for the trickles coming from the loo. Or, by 2014 they will be so pissed off at Congress that they will throw every Tea Apartheid idiot off of the bus, and settle down to a serious energy policy using those in the armed forces abroad here at home to build a full solar infrastructure, and growing their own food everywhere.

In any event it will be an interesting next 40 years, by which time I will be 107.

Or maybe underground, in a spot like this:



Speaking of Whoopers, George, one must keep in mind the Marathon Run by Paul Ryan, who is best summed up by another burger chain: box

billy T

Mr. Tom, I can't argue with ya on this one. 40 years from now? No middle class, robots taking over, the world starving or freezing to death, Blade Runner comes, who knows?
I don't mind one bit a two pronged approach to the present and the future. Good policy. Jobs in the near term, green stuff and revised education and stuff in the long term.
Watched a interesting program about Tevlco(?) this fine morn. That electric car maker in Silicon Valley. They decided to take the early Mac approach. Make a few high end expensive cars now, then later medium priced cars, then finally electric cars for the masses. They wanted the first all electric cars to cost 80k. They have found out that the raw materials alone costs over 80k and the car sells for about 140k. I'm just waiting for the innovation to catch up and the price to drop like a rock. Think Americans will embrace the all electric car in a few decades.
In the meantime, what about jobs now???

This is how I see 4 more years of Obama. The Congress will basically stay the same. The Repubs may pick up a seat or two in the Senate and lose a few in the House, i.e, status quo. Obama will push hard for a Stimulus 2, perhaps more targeted, but unlikely to get thru Congress and a hard sell to the American people. Obama will continue to do end runs around Congress and give us baby steps like the Dream Act and Gays in the Military. His closest advisers already said that after 2011, Obama thru his hands up in the air and has stopped working with Congress. No plans to work with Congress. Obama has voiced countless times his support for charter schools and firing the lousy teachers that should be in another profession. Perhaps the Repubs in Congress and Obama can find common ground on that, though doubtful the Dems will be cheering. Increasing power in the Executive Branch, increasing and more burdensome regs, etc. Jobs today not on the plate, more like jobs down the line in the new economy. No major reforms.

I see 4 years of Romney as trying hard to work with Congress. Perhaps more pragmatic, less arrogance. Jobs today. Rolling back some regs (gasp!) Tax cuts. Capital gains cuts. Cap gains cuts worked for Clinton, Reagen and Hong Kong. Entitlement reform to save SS and Medicare will be a ugly fight. If he can ever explain why this is vital, the American people might go along. Attempts to reduce the deficit. As our current Secretary of State said "Our debt is a serious threat to National Security". Jobs start coming as GDP rises. No big stimulus.

I am still waiting for the October surprise to come. Nancy hinted at it a few months ago. Romney has to stay focused on the economy and stay there. Obama has to keep our minds off the economy and keep taking about the future and slamming rich folks. Seems to be working for him, so stay the course. Obama will win the debates on personality, coolness, and delivery.

To answer your question, Mr. Tom, jobs will come when certainty over current tax policy and regulations is achieved. Too many employers sitting on the side lines keeping their powder dry.


" Too many employers sitting on the side lines keeping their powder dry. "
~ billy T | 09 September 2012 at 11:30 AM~

And watching their country grow stale, and unable to compete in the world marketplace. So you want new teachers who are too lazy to put up with a year and 1/2 of what every one agreed back in the 1960's was just a bureaucratic hurdle? They'll make great teachers, 4 shur.

billy T

We are talking education reform. I will hazard to guess that you were a fine teacher, so don't be defensive. If I was King of the World, the first thing I would do is get corporal punishment back in the classroom. Even education reform will not make us all equal. There will always be slackers in every field, every group of people, be they young, old, or in-between. What is clear to the most obtuse observer is that our education system is broken, generally speaking. Write Obama and tell him your objection to his calling for firing inept educators.

Of course employers are sitting on the sidelines. A business is their baby, their life's work, their livelihood. It is cared for and nurtured and held close like a newborn infant. And just as much 24/7 work. Employers aren't going to jeopardize all they have not knowing the rules of the same. Call it parental instincts. Call it trying to keep their heads above water by frantically kicking beneath the surface where you can't see. Ah, screw it. Its all their fault. Selfish, materialistic evil doers. So why do some look at them and want to get their money and storm their castle? Seems envy and want overtake the outsider's sense of judgement.

Here is a small example of what is happening with one prudent businessman I knew. He built office complexes and had a sterling reputation to be fair and honest. He pulled a Paul Ryan one day and started studying figures. This was about the time of the S&L crisis. His office building needed to have 90% occupancy to break even. All profit was in the extra 10%. He figured in everything. The loans from the banks. The partnership and costs to build the complexes. Maintenance costs. Insurance. Current fair market rents. Then he had a novel idea. No partners. No bank loans. What could he afford on his own? He built himself one of those strip malls. Put his partner on payroll, not in a partnership contact. Paid for everything himself. No loans, cleaned out his savings without mortgaging his home. He found out that when all was said and done, he make the same amount of money with the strip mall as the office towers. And, the strip mall needed only 70% occupancy to break even. It his baby, although it created way less jobs which I am certain you would disapprove of.

Go ahead, Tom, tell that guy what he should do and why he should not keep his powder dry. I suppose he would not tell you how to run a classroom or school district either. I call that strip mall of his his "charter school". BTW, I have been to his modest home. He don't have forty acres. Only rich greedy people need 40 acres, lol. OK, I confess. I am envious of you. Now, let me tell ya what you should do with your land that is too much for one person. :) Raising Alpacas have special tax breaks for the rich.

billy T

Last post of the day. I want to end on a positive note, a bit of bi-partisanship and reaching out with the olive branch to my dear fellow traveler, Mr. TomK and all my Progressive friends I have yet to meet.: I agree 100% with what the First Lady said in her great speech at the Democrat Convention. She said that the Presidency did not change Barrack, it revealed who he is. Now, ain't that the truth.


You can change the education all you want. If becoming fully educated means being very talented in a world chock full of people with the same talents, you'll still only get paid the international minimum wage, under unbridled capitalism. That is not very inspiring, and glaring inequities will probably inspire backlash. Good luck with those plans.

George Rebane

Well, well. It appears that TomK has let the progressives' strategy out of the bag. I don't even recall that patron saint Alinsky taught this one - While in office blame all the bad stuff on your watch on your predecessor(s), and then make up bad stuff that hasn't even happened yet and blame that on your potential successors. Kinda leaves a clean and sanitary spot in the middle for yourself.


Take a look here at how well the Republicans treat a small businessman who supports Obama, and led a major blood drive. I feel like ordering a pizza from them to go to his favorite charity.


billy T

Morning: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/09/10/obama-and-democrats-want-to-conquer-america-not-unite-it/

billy T

The future: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-02/nasa-helps-hatch-robots-for-drilling-oil-without-humans-energy.html

The present: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-07/eog-says-u-s-fracking-rule-to-cost-1-5-billion-a-year.html


BillyT, maybe you should offer to donate a well spot on your property for excess drilling lube storage.

billy T

TomK, NOT in my backyard, lol. Concerning the Chicago Teachers Strike: I have been following this for months. It shows how any altering the status quo don't come easy.

Last July a strike was averted. I listened back then to the teachers being forced to work longer hours for the same pay. They were not happy with being offered a 16% raise over 4 years. Come to find out Chicago teachers have the shortest school day in the nation. Six hour day.

Just listened to Mayor Rahm's press conference. He said it boils down to 2 issues. Teacher evaluation and who hires back teachers.

The latter issue caught my eye. The union wants the union office downtown to hire back laid off teachers. The Mayor wants individual school principles to hire teachers. Mayor said he does not want to have the power and neither should Union Central. Feels the local school should have hiring/firing authority.

Thus the impasse. Not taking sides here Tom except to repeat reform don't come easy. BTW, the district is broke. No mention of the retiree health care liabilities that is only 1% funded. No mention of the retiree pension that is 3 billion in the hole.

Here's some old news from yesterday: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/09/10/chicago-teachers-to-go-on-strike-after-talks-with-district-fail/?test=latestnews


Shortest work day? I doubt it. Most schools I've worked for have 5 periods of between 40 and 55 minutes, plus one prep period, plus at least 30 minutes for lunch. When you have 180 students producing homework, quizzes, papers, and tests to grade, regardless of the nominal at school time when you are riding herd, you still have tons of paperwork to deal with every night.

BTW, Honest Abe must be a'rolling in his grave, and the weather folks ain't got nothing that Romney doesn't have: Geeeze, the SLEAZE! http://www.wbur.org/2011/11/22/romney-emails

billy T

Oh ye of little faith, Doubting Tom. Shortest work day, shortest work year. Average pay :$71,000/short year. I know, I know. They want dignity. http://politicalderby.com/2012/09/10/chicago-teachers-strike/

billy T

Other sites claim the average salary of the Chicago Teachers is 78,000/year. That is before their 16% pay raise. The district is 760 million in the hole. Beyond broke. So hard to find exact figures. Close enough for government work. STRIKE!! Sadly, no one is talking about the true focus of education: little Johnnie and little Suzie. Not the unions, fa shure. And its NOT 4 shure. :)


"While in office blame all the bad stuff on your watch on your predecessor(s), and then make up bad stuff that hasn't even happened yet and blame that on your potential successors." - GR 7:16PM

George, that all sounds pretty Alinskyish to me. Rules for Radicals emphasizes the lack of plan, memory or logic. Just run with whatever attack might work for the moment.

Fits Keachie/TomKenworth to a T.


71 or 78, and is that the District side figures, or what actually goes home with the teacher as gross pay, and what is the average and median number of years of service? The District may be paying into pension plans, for unemployment, for healthcare, and a host of other items. If you think teachers are frazzled now, wait until you put them on a 50 week year. From the standpoint of the teacher, the parents get nine months of a 12 month year off, except when they have to come to school to try and explain away little Johnny's screwups, which they do, often.

billy T

Teacher are expendable. Children are not. 53% of the Chicago School System's 4th graders cannot read at BASIC level. Forget reaching the bar, they can't get out of the starting blocks. And those horrid meanies want to have a method to monitor process. How dare them evildoers. They aren't showing them teachers respect!! To add insult to injury, them meanies want the teachers to come 10 minutes before class and stay 10 minutes after class. And raise their work day to 7.5 hours a day!! Holy Crap, what is this world coming to?????

The salary of the Chicago teacher is 1.5 times is higher than the average Chicago worker gets. That is before benefits. Poor frazzled teachers. They need to be cuddled.

Heard once that respect is earned, not given. What kind of idiot would say that?


So the avaerage Chicago worker has a four year degree and a year or two of graduate school? Whooda thunk???

Don’t eat Yellow Snow,
Don’t drink the Apartheid Tea!

billy T

Don't drink the Apartheid Tea! http://kiradavis.net/dnc-2012-day-3-kicked-out-of-msnbc/

billy T

About schools in Chicago, 4 out of 10 freshman will not graduate from high school. 1/3 of all students meet academic standards. But, I now feel sorry for the teachers. Private school is expensive. STRIKE!

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