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19 September 2012


Ryan Mount

Reminds me of "core inflation" vs. "inflation." The Fed likes to focus on core inflation because it doesn't include things like food and energy into their factoring due to their volatility.

You know, things we use every day in order to survive.

So, there's no inflation just temporary price spikes. lol.


Well, speaking of employment look what I found.
Harvard University’s graduates are earning less than those from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology after a decade-long commodity bull market created shortages of workers as well as minerals.
Those leaving the college of 2,300 students this year got paid a median salary of $56,700, according to PayScale Inc., which tracks employee compensation data from surveys. At Harvard, where tuition fees are almost four times higher, they got $54,100. Those scheduled to leave the campus in Rapid City, South Dakota, in May are already getting offers, at a time when about one in 10 recent U.S. college graduates is out of work."


This is not hard to figure out. We've screwed up as a nation. Who's "we?" 310 million folks, rich and poor. Now between the guy under the overpass, and Mitt Romney, who was in a better place to take care of business, and be aware of what exporting all the jobs and simultaneously extending credit in all directions as the jobs here dried up would do to the country? Romney or the guy under the overpass? Who had more resources to control and powers to do things a little differently, hint, it sure as hell wasn't the guy under the overpass. And, now who leading the charge to blame the guy under the overpass? Picking on the little guy has always been a bullying cowards's answer to his own shortcomings. Sorry about this Kay, but I really didn't like that 47% video. He knows better than what he said, but he said what he said to those vfolks to get money to get elected, to export more jobs, and bring in the fully robotic New Feudalism America, where only the very rich have lives worth living any more.

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