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26 October 2012


Ryan Mount

in via Facebook.


In via Yahoo.
Dave Cranfield

Account Deleted

Signed in with TP. No problem.

Russ Steele

Face Book Log in Worked. Like this better than typing in hard to read graphics.

Todd Juvinall

I use Facebook and the anti robot stuff is not my favorite.


Never had a problem from my side, except when the default was FB.
Never use FB. But the Mrs. has a FB account for our cat.( don't ask me why)

Do what ever you need to do Mr. R. ,, just as long as I can get in to give our needle bending Leftists heartburn now and then.

Ryan Mount

For the record, I am a robot. Just ask Michael A. He drinks beer, I drink oil. But even robots prefer Facebook logins.


Yahoo is again working. Out of capcha hell... though it is for a good cause.

You can keep pushing the button until you get one that is readable.



To the question... you might as well leave login optional, with the challenge. Folks who want to change their socks daily can still do it easily by creating new socks at the plethora of choices. Might as well donate some brain cycles to the task of interpreting scanned archived documents while they're at it.


Back to twitting, I've become quite comfortable with deciphering the captcha letters.

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