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13 October 2012



Tea Party declares the MOA is a BOA and not the feathery kind...

Steven Frisch

And I guess George cannot see that his statement that, "The point is that the globalizing elite are smart enough to let well enough alone when corresponding and corroborating green initiatives by other names are doing the work of Agenda21." is contradictory to his point that it is not a conspiracy? Which is it George, are they organized and "smart enough to let well enough alone", or are people advocating for what they think is right and you just call it a conspiracy when you are at the Board of Supervisors meetings? What a bunch of hogwash. People want livable communities because they are nicer to live in. They simply have a different set of values than you do. But you insist on tying it to the UN. It has nothing to do with the UN. It has to do with millions of people wanting a better life.

George Rebane

SteveF 1113pm - I think you are confused again; please reread the post.

For openers, it is not I but Nate Beason et al who accuse others of believing that Agenda21 is a "conspiracy" in its most pejorative connotation. I make a big point here that Agenda21 is not a conspiracy.

A conspiracy exists when people seek to conspire, which is defined as - "to agree together, especially secretly, to do something wrong, evil, or illegal: They conspired to kill the king."

If you understand the definition, then you have a chance of understanding that the globalizing elite I describe have no need to conspire per se. They don't have to form some secret cabal, and communicate seditiously re the ongoing ancillary 'green initiatives' that support and comport with Agenda21. It's not that difficult, capice?

And I love your concluding with the tautology "People want livable communities because they are nicer to live in." - as if there was a uniform and unique definition of a 'livable community'. There is nothing today that prevents you and yours from building your livable communities and living in them without violating my property rights and liberties. It's only when you want to use the government gun to make me and mine to succumb to your 'livable community' that we enter the realm of Agenda21.

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