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12 October 2012


billy T

Unemployment is rising in Poland, the only country in Euroland that escaped the recession. Polish citizens are leaving the Motherland as inflation is going up, job going down. Thank goodness the EU just grabbed the latest Nobel Peace Prize. That makes everything A-OK.

When they built the Oakland Coliseum in the 30's, paint rollers were banned by the Painter's Union. A painter back then also did the lathe and plaster as part of his trade. Many man hours. Today machines pump out dry wall (sheet rock) and every painter worth their salt has at least one airless sprayer. No rollers, what a hoot. All hand brushed.

A college freshman acquiring technology skills watches as his skills and education becomes obsolete with 5 years from entering college.

Think it was at Futureland at Disneyland back in the day that had a exhibit of all the blessings technology and innovation would bring. Easy life ahead. Everyone would have so much time on their hands that recreation would be the next booming industry. Well, with the unemployment figures coming in and the shrinking workforce, Futureland was partially right. Don't think it was an E ticket ride.

George Rebane

billyT 836pm - IMHO the resolution of our chronic and growing unemployment problem is fundamental to our survival as a nation. It far outweighs issues like 'race', 'abortion', 'illegal aliens', ... . But the potential return of Luddites is either totally misunderstood or hoovered as witnessed by the interest our politicians (and even RR readers) take in this real iceberg toward which our ship of state is heading on a direct collision course. This will not be a glancing blow that will allow enough time for lifeboats to be deployed, for the simple reason that no one has yet been able to design such lifeboats.

billy T

Summer is the best time to riot in the streets....if they can wait that long. Give them morphine to ease their pain and some powdered milk. Collision course is right, Dr. Rebane.

Billy T

Awaiting the Luddites return


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