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03 October 2012


Russ Steele


CARB has 175 staffers working full time on even more climate change regulations and research projects. The original cap and trade regulations were paid for by a $34 million dollar loan from the recycled beverage containers project, that has to be paid back. When the cap and trade billions start rolling in CARB can afford more staff, more regulation, and more research into a natural climate cycle that humans cannot change. And who will pay for all of this -- consumers!


Just think. Every one of our coffee roasters in town
will have to "comply".

Coming soon to a cow, horse, and pig near you. Methane capturing devises. CARB will just mandate their use.
How they are made and just how to make them work is someone else's problem.

George Rebane

What is heartening to me about such posts as this one, is that there now appears to be broad-based concurrence on CARB's impact on California's economy and its method of implementing AB32. Perhaps there is an ever so narrow sliver of hope that there will be a political backlash against the idiots.

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