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08 October 2012


Earl Crabb

Columbus might have reached China if he hadn't used Apple maps.

George Rebane

EarlC 439pm - spoken like a true Neandroid.

billy T

Hey, my first love was from Spain, so I always cut them some slack. While it is generally true that the British set up rule of law, justice systems, economic development, infrastructure across their Empire, the Spanish came and plundered, stole, burned libraries (aka Cortez)and forced topless women to put on clothes. Darn them. Forced religious conversion just like the Moorish pigs. OK, Spanish (Spain) bashing is over. England grabbed a couple of North American counties, put the Spaniards grabbed a whole bunch of Central America and South America. Well, not Brazil but I digress. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Heard homes are cheap in Barcelona.


Michael Anderson

I just wish the damn banks were open. But thank god it's no longer a school holiday. Progress!

Russ Steele


Toscanelli should have drawn a much better map, according to Gavin Menzies, writing in 1421. He should have had access to the China maps, and perhaps those of the Portuguese who are already settling the island that we know as Port Rico. At least the maps dated to 1447 shows the island. I highly recommend reading 1421, The Year China Discovered America. The maps that Menzies discovered in the historical vaults in Europe are most interesting and call into question the history that we were taught in grade school. Columbus knew where he was going, he just missed the turn south to the isthmus.

Ryan Mount

I'm completely torn by Columbus's adventure as well as others that followed.

It's been pointed out by more than one historian that while the invaders brought small pox, the Native "Americans" happily dispatched syphilis. It's not a clear picture who's the bad guy. I tend to side with the natives, but that makes me allies with the Aztecs who enjoyed roasted babies with tomato and mole. (that's not hyperbole, unfortunately. Although there is something funny to this GenXer in a South Park kind of way about that)

So I guess it's another gray area. Historical Revisionism cuts both ways.

Michael Anderson


Columbus does nothing for me. Way over-rated.

I'm much more of a Henry Hudson kinda guy.

Michael A.


I do believe the guys with horns on their helmets got here first, but they just didn't make a big deal out of it. Viking style symbols and small villages have been found on the Northern Eastern shores. Maybe I need to add some antlers to my helmet too. I have more of their blood in my veins than Izzy Warren's claim of Cherokee. I'm about half Swede on my Mamma's side.

No wonder I like those "Capital One" guys.

Ryan Mount

Michael for the win! I owe you a drink. Cheers pal.


Unless Puerto Rico had a native population, it would be very easy to find and date European fires. Coins work well too.


It had a native population, clever sailors!



Ryan Mount

> US archaeologist Nathan Mountjoy sits next stones etched with ancient petroglyphs and graves that reveal...

...ancient parade routes of proto-Puerto Ricans. Other petroglyphs depict police actions after noise complaints.

Michael Anderson

Why not 4 simple steps?

Ryan Mount


Because 1 more makes it not simple. It becomes moderately simple after 3. Complicated at 6. Impossible due to boredom at 11.

Michael Anderson

Ryan, thanks for the clarification.

Ryan Mount


NP. Let me know if you need answers to any other questions. I'm particular skilled at

1) "how many _____ does it take to screw in a light bulb" questions
2) assessing things on a 1 to 10 scale
3) deciphering Continental Post-Modern critical theory
4) explicating the nuances of Puerto Rican parade culture.

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