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15 October 2012



The part that troubles me the most is that VP Biden lies about his own record of voting for the "two wars that you guys put on the credit card" and the prescription drug benefit and that most democrats agree with him. He said he didn't vote for the war and implied that he didn't vote for the prescription drug benefit when in fact he voted "yea" for all three.
What is wrong with people when they just can not bring themselves to call out lies for their own team?

Todd Juvinall

Most people don't get to know Biden is a consummate liar about most everything. The lamestream protects the liberal because the lamestream is 90% liberal and in charge of the news stories. Remember how the lamestreams "fact-check" every little utterance of a Romney, Palin or Ryan and "pooh-pooh" the checking of a Biden and Obama (and the placement and frequency of the stories)? That is why we have a lot of people in America who are simply "dumbed-down" on these lefty nuts.

If civics is taught or social studies, in our schools, my guess is the drumbeat of wonderment about the liberal is the main course. It really shows up in the press stories except on talk radio and FOX.

Ryan Mount

There's not much to say. Biden was arrogant, but helped the flag-waving on his side. Independents in the Midwest undoubtedly found him to be distasteful and rude. Not a good strategy to woo them.

Ryan came off looking wonkish, which seems to be acceptable during this election cycle (Al Gore must be really pissed off about this).

The VP debate is really is about making sure that the substitute President isn't bat-shit crazy.


Damage control is in overdrive about the 9/11 attack. Now it's "O" and Biden
are the ones that didn't know it was terrorism. "That's what Biden was referring to."

Now lets see how "O" weasels out of that tomorrow night.

billy T

I could not watch the VP Debate. Can't formulate a cohesive thought about Old Joe being Joe. Seemed so adolescent that is was surreal. Could only stomach bits and pieces of it before feeling revulsion and had to turn it off and catch a bit more on replays. Tried several times, same result. Maybe that was the whole idea.

Perhaps it was when Joe said (lowering taxes) it has NEVER worked and Ryan replied yes, it has worked twice. Under Kennedy and.....then Joe said "So, now you are Jack Kennedy?" with the laugh.

Whenever Ryan started hitting close to home, Biden would go off on some laughing ridicule.

Every cocktail party has a drunk like Biden. The boor that charges in, interrupts everybody, the big drunk know-it-all.

The positive thing is Joe just killed any chances of looking Presidential. Nay, any chance of acting Presidential. Nay, any chance of being President.

Paul Emery

Joe's fine. He'll at least be able to attend the next convention which is more than you can say about what's his name? Oh yeah one of the Bushes currently exiled to his ranch in Texas. I'm told he's only allowed a weekly trip to the grocery and a monthly haircut in town. How about the other one, you know the quitter from Alaska. She's been reduced to junior high pep rallies where she can use her sportscasting skills her profession before becoming an unsuccessful politician, not even finishing one term before jumping ship.

It's all about Hillary in four years anyway, after Obama wraps up his second term.

George Rebane

PaulE 1232pm - Noting the date/time on your prognosis, I expect you to propose a new wager on the election. I wait and tremble.

Paul Emery

Naw George, I'm currently smarting from my Niners in the Superbowl wagers who unfortunately borrowed from the Obama Debate One Playbook and stunk up the place on Sunday. We'll see if they can rebound as nicely as O did last night.

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