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15 October 2012



Yes.. some time ago she was quoted as saying "The buck stops at the W.H."
Now she says it stops with her? ( in this particular case of course)
I have no idea whats in it for her to commit harry caray just to protect
"O"s butt. Could it be that "O" is holding info about Vice Foster's death
over her head? That IS the Chicago style gamesmanship ya know.

George Rebane

Administrivia - a number of you have emailed me this morning to say that you're having trouble logging in to Typepad for commenting on RR. I experienced problems myself trying to log in; in my case it was Typepad erasing my password when I hit 'return'. But finally it behaved itself. Hopefully Typepad has things back to normal. In the meantime, give it a couple of tries.

My apologies.

billy T

No one died in the Watergate scandal. No one died when an intern 2 years older than the President's underage daughter was gobbling ole Willie's goop while Hillary sat in church with Chelsea. No one died when Clinton lied under oath.

Four people are dead. Our Ambassador was hunted down, tortured, and his murdered body drug through the streets. Circle the wagons.


Bill, Wasn't Arafat cooling his heals in the rose garden while Monica failed her table manners test?

billy T

Arafat got a Nobel Peace Prize. Obama got one as well. Guess Clinton gets an Oscar. Hillary Clinton, that is.

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