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01 October 2012



Sorry for the off topic post Mr. R,, but this just can't wait.

Another solar maker (Abound Solar)is going boobs up.( like that's a real surprise) But it's what they said that's the real story.

Internal documentation and testimony from sources within Abound show that the company was selling a faulty, underperforming product, and may have mislead lenders at one point in order to keep itself afloat.

“Our solar modules worked as long as you didn’t put them in the sun,” an internal source told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

AAHHhhh yess.... Our tax dollars at work.

George Rebane

Re Walt's 1041am - I'm introducing a new word into our lexicon in today's post that should be more and more useful, especially if we have four more years of obamunism..

I hope that at least a few readers will give a nod to putting their hard earned dollars up for a charity, and participating in the proposed electoral college result competition - so far, crickets.

Steven Frisch

Let me make sure I understand the rules---each weekly competition is a separate competition, and is scored against the electoral vote count? Do I have that right? I could enter each week and win for each week versus the others who participated that week?

I have a couple of questions about counting electoral votes:

are we using the electoral college votes as predicted by news organizations (and if so which ones)?

are we waiting for the electoral college to actually meet and vote in January?

what do we do with states that can split electoral college votes (Maine and Nebraska)?

Steven Frisch

By the way, it looks to me that the electoral college map that you have posted is probably from about 1980 (not that I actually expect anyone to use it to do their calculations).

I suggest 270towin.com for a good interactive map that gives you the ability to do the splits in Nebraska and Maine if you want to.

George Rebane

SteveF 143pm - good questions Steve. Yes, each competition stands on its own, and you could feasibly win any number of them. We'll use the reported electoral vote tally as reported on 7 November. I don't recall that there has been any conflict between the media in their reported numbers. But your question brings up the issue of states not getting their electoral college numbers reported - recall Florida's hanging chads - within 24 hours. I suggest in that case we score the predictions after the earliest 'national agreement' on the electoral votes. I think that such an event will be in wide agreement across the land. Thoughts?

George Rebane

SteveF 148pm - thanks Steve; I just tried to find an electoral map to convey the image of how the votes divide. Found the new one for 2012 on Wikipedia.

Here's another electoral map site you can come up with your own numbers.

George Rebane

My entry for Prediction Competition 2 (hence PC2) is -

Romney (258-276)
Obama (262-280)

Steven Frisch

Ok I am in

Obama (289-304)
Romney (234-249)

Here is my actual single number best bet right now (with the understanding that this does not invalidate the above)


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