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16 October 2012



You never disappoint RL,, Hat's off to ya'.
Funny thing is,, this actually happened last year
somewhere back East. But it was some ECO group's
"drone" that got shot out of the sky.


Testing, testing...


Okay, it looks like I'm back in sync...You fellows are welcome to protest the jockeying of who controls what in land use issues, but I really don't buy the UN connection. The Envirocrats are more than able to exert control over natural resources without help from the blue helmets. I'm sure it helps to have the Big International Boogieman to make your case. I know you disagree. So sue me.

Todd Juvinall

I think I am back?

George Rebane

earlcrabb 408pm - Bob, Agenda21 is not the organizing principle that we conservetarians (or even conservatives) impose on the local "Envirocrats", it is the star that they themselves place prominently in their hallowed constellation.

For an example for the openness of it all, please see the 17oct12 update here (and excuse the dyslexia of the poster editor) -

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