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01 November 2012


John Reifschneider


Betty Lou and I meet you at a dinner with Steels. We have been traveling for the last two months and have talked with a number of people across 16 states about the election. The range of ages was from 15 to 90 years. The surprise to me was that none were strong supporter of either candidate. Two (oldest and youngest) did not like Romney because of the way he looks. A number of others were concerned about the women issues. None were concerned about the economy. Based on my observations the election will go to Obama, because most voters are not informed or are not taking time to find out what is real what is not.


Jeff Pelline

With Mrs. George Rebane as a recent poll watcher in our little county to watch out for fraud, I'm confident we're in safe hands, so we'll going on vacation for a few days! I'll be voting in person upon my return and confident that I will not participate in any fraud but hopeful that a poll watcher will not jump into the booth to "help me" vote.

Todd Juvinall

I liked the exposure a voting machine got back east when a early voter hit the Romney button and ir came up Obama.

Barry Pruett

Jeff: There a bunch of ladies that are going to be poll "observers" (poll watchers run the elections) on election day. Partcipation in the electoral process should be commended and applauded; apathy is what we should mock. Thank you Joann.

Barry Pruett

On another note in Reno, and not to dissimilar from what is happening here, public union lawyers from California and elsewhere are actively intimidating poll observers. These public unions and their friends do not want observers at the polls. I wonder why? On election day, I will try to keep you informed of these goings on in Reno. I hope that we do not have similar intimidation of poll observers in Nevada County. I just do not know why people would intimidate those shedding their apathy...I am sure that commenters here can speculate as to the motives of those seeking to intimidate poll observers.

Jeff Pelline

LOL. Your aggressive political activism is unjustified in a little burg like ours. Besides, I'd worry more about keeping the GOP poll "observers" awake in our county. The "talk of the town" is that one prominent GOP Central Committee member (a man) dozed off "on the job." I'd recommend some coffee - or Red Bull. On the other hand, it does provide plenty of blogging fodder. I'll be voting at the Vets Hall in Nevada City. I hope to see you there!


Actually the division of labor at the precinct level is as follows:

"In Nevada County, behind every election there are hundreds of people who ensure a smooth and proper operation at the polling places. Their efforts play a vital part in making democracy work. Nevada County is seeking Election Officers in order to continue providing the more than 60,000 registered voters the opportunity to vote at neighborhood precincts throughout Nevada County.

A Poll Worker is a trusted position that is ideal for anyone who would like to get a first-hand look at how our system works and provide neighbors their opportunity to vote. Many Poll Workers serve year after year for the experience of being an integral part of the election process. All registered voters are welcome to join our team.

Poll Workers are classified as either Inspectors or Judges. Every precinct board is comprised of one Inspector and at least two Judges.

Poll Worker Requirements

Poll Workers should have the ability to follow detailed instructions accurately, stamina for a long work day, and the talent to deal with people tactfully and patiently. Poll Workers must be registered voters. If you feel you possess these qualities and would enjoy serving on a Precinct Board, please complete the Poll Worker Application and return it to the Nevada County Elections Office, 950 Maidu Ave, Nevada City, CA 95959."


I will again, my eighth year, be a poll judge. We do not have a union and the pay rates prove it.

Barry Pruett

Jeff: This man at the elections office that you reference could not sleep, because your friend, Greg Diaz, will not allow the observers to have chairs and makes them stand in an 18 inch square box. Sleeping under such circumstances would be quite difficult.

I am going to say a prayer for you. Your anger and frustration as demonstrated by your personal attacks on Joann, me, and now some man at the elections office, are concerning.

Todd Juvinall

Say a prayer for nutra systems for the purple fellow too.

Jeff Pelline

As I've said before, your aggressive political activism is unwarranted in a little burg like ours. It is becoming disturbing, not just distracting.

Barry Pruett

Can you explain to us how requesting that our voter roll be accurate without deceased people being on the rolls for over ten years political activism? This important issue is a non-partisan issue - in fact it is an Amercian issue about which we should all be concerned. I think that your lack of ability to discuss this important local issue and your resorting to the art of personal attack (while not unexpected) is very telling.

Jeff Pelline

You have a greater chance of being struck by lightning or attacked by a swarm of bees than you do falling victim to voter fraud. This is just another example of the aggressive political activism from the extreme right that has enveloped our nation - and sadly, our own small community. The vast majority of people are happy with the performance of our Elections Office, and this was supported in a Grand Jury report. You are barking up the wrong tree.


Elections in a small community are often decided by small margins. Consider that Bruce Conklin lost his bid for reelection by a handful of votes, or that Prop 8 passed by four votes. If Barry finds a few dead people on the rolls, what's the problem? As far as poll observers go, you'd probably have a better turnout from male voters if they had pole dancers, although they'd be barking up the wrong pole. How about some impartial UN observers? Preferably, the Polish.

Steve Frisch

Personally, and having voted early already to avoid the red t-shirt clad "integrity police" at my local polling place, I am glad that Barry and Joanne are wasting their time on this effort rather than walking precincts in Washoe County. Keep up the good work. Spending time purging 10 dead people (who would not have voted or been voted by someone else anyway) from the Nevada County election rolls sound like a good use of time.

Jeff Pelline

Lots of young, thoughtful and energetic people from San Francisco are walking precincts in Washoe County as we speak to get out the vote, just as they did four years ago. They realize that this election is about much more than our "economy," which, by the way, is improving. Those pesky "S.F. values" are at play again.

Steve Frisch

I think that Barry should call in the pro's to get some independent verification of the rampant voter fraud in our county....http://globalpublicsquare.blogs.cnn.com/2012/11/02/how-international-election-observers-rile-some-states/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Todd Juvinall

Barry and JoAnne, thanks for trying to keep our elections honest. Democrats are doing their best to cheat. Maybe Frisch voted early from home so he could go to the polls and check if any of those dead people were available for another yes for Obama?

Todd Juvinall

Crabb, that was too funny! Poll dancers. What a hoot! Maybe I should get MA to attend one, he seems to be under represented!

Russ Steele

On voter fraud I subscribe to Ben Franklin’s “Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If those who would perpetuate fraud knows that someone is watching, there is a much greater probability that it will not happen. Once it is discovered, it calls in to question the whole election. Prevention is the better solution. I see Barry’s effort as that ounce of prevention, not excessive activism. Some of the worst case of voter fraud happened in small burgs were no one was watching.

Barry Pruett

Jeff: If 31 dead people of 400 sampled on our voter rolls (two of whom have recorded votes post-mortem) is not a big deal, you and Frisch would not be here personally attacking everyone. It is very telling that your liberal blog is ignoring this "scoop."

Steve Frisch

Now, now Barry, where and how did I 'personally' attack you? And how does Jeff saying "With Mrs. George Rebane as a recent poll watcher in our little county to watch out for fraud, I'm confident we're in safe hands," constitute a 'personal' attack? I mean really, you guys have pretty thin skin.

Brad Croul

So, we have a couple of local dead guys that rise from the grave every few years to vote. Are you confusing these voters with the "undecideds" who seem about as aware as our subterranean residents.
Who, and what, do the dead vote for? What issues are most important to them? I imagine they are liberal and that they want the government to bring them back to life at taxpayer expense.
But are you sure they voted? How can you tell? Did the dead happen to have one of our more common surnames like Smith or Jones? Could a "live" person on the voter rolls directly above or below the "dead" inadvertently signed on the wrong line?

Steve Frisch

In an interesting twist of fate I can post this video link that simultaneously refutes part of Barry's contention and refutes several popular myths at the same time:


First, in the lead in story to the story of Frank Tanabe, is the story that in a malfunction with absentee ballots in Florida with 27,000 absentee ballots that will have to be transposed by hand (I wonder what the error rate is on that?) highlighting that the problems with the technologies we use to count ballots is a much larger problem that the fraud problems. As a matter of fact the incidence of voter fraud are actually pretty darn low:


But then, in the Tanabe story itself, is an interesting tidbit--the incidence of the dead voting needs to be cross referenced with the timing of the county clerks or elections office getting notice of the voters death. Thus, if a voter casts an absentee ballot, and then dies, they will show up as a dead voter when one looks at it later, if the data is not cross referenced. I am wondering how we can expect clerk and elections officials to have the omnipotence that God has, and intuitively know when someone dies.

Now if we could only make it legal for Zombies to vote.....I think the un-dead would be Republican likely voters!

And finally, I get to dispel a myth....see I really do watch Fox News!

Barry Pruett

You need to read the article.

"Also out of the 31 deceased registered voters and according to Nevada County records, we found two of those 31 who actually voted after they died – one decedent (who died on November 19, 2005) voted twice by absentee (2008 primary & 2009 special election) and one decedent (who died on April 5, 2007) voted in person in the most recent primary election (2012)."

Also, you referenced this state about the "timing of the county clerks or elections office getting notice of the voters death." What I am stating is that the election official should be proactive - not sit on their duff and wait for someone to send notice of the voters death to them. If I can find the death records from my home computer while sitting on the couch, I would think that an election official (with the resources of the office) could do it too.

So, I guess Steve also favors inaccurate voter rolls. You should be mocking apathy, not those who seek to create a better system.

Steve Frisch

I do not favor inaccurate voter roles...I favor the death record being used to purge the polls...I do not favor some hit squad from the clerk-recorder's office going our proactively deciding whether people have died or not...that is just silly. The death record goes to the clerk, the clerk removes the person from the roles. You found two incidents where that did not happen and a vote was cast--that does not mean the vote was cast fraudulently it may have been mis-labeld, or as the clerk said a bar code error--out of the 400 oldest people in the list of 60,000 voters. What I don't support is hiring an employee to peruse the death records to avoid a 1-30,000 incident of dead people voting.

Oh, and I did read the entire article, which how I quickly surmised that this is nonsense. Busy work, nonsense. The Zombie's may not be voting, but they sure are busy in your office!

Barry Pruett

While I am certainly not shocked, I am sorry that you and I disagree Frisch. I do not think that is acceptable for any votes to be cast post-mortem. Further, I do not think that it is nonsense to demand our election offical to be proactive and assure an accurate voter roll. What I do think is that you lived in Chicago too long and find such voter rolls full of dead individuals acceptable. Have a nice weekend!


And some wonder why the Democr.... uh,, er,, Liber....( nope) OH Ya.. Progressives got the " vote early and often" tattooed to their hindquarters.
Why did I see someone writing down names from head stones in one of the local cemeteries? And YES!!,, I did ask if they were signing up Dems to vote. I got my answer as they ran the other way.
No,,, our local Progressives would never stoop to voter fraud. ( Yaaa,,, Right.)
ONE buggered vote, is ONE too many.

But back East messing with the vote is a time honored tradition.
I did a google search of voter fraud convictions. May I suggest LIBS do the same.

Michael Anderson

"Maybe I should get MA to attend one, he seems to be under represented!"

Todd, this doesn't even make any sense.

Big truck, tiny tinky.

Steve Frisch

I am not proposing that anyone support votes being cast post-mortem. I am saying that there is a system in place, and the cost of replacing that system with something else, and the impact of creating higher barriers to voting, is not worth the effort. lets be clear Barry, assuming we trust you, you found two miscast votes. Out of 60,000.

And to imply that I support voter fraud ala' old school Chicago politics because I hail from Chicago is as ridiculous as claiming you are a communist because you lived in Russia. While I was a child and a teen in Chicago (I moved to California at 19 but was pretty politically aware) my family was decidedly on the other side of this issue--true clean government advocates. You know the whole north side anti-Daley/Singer north side crew.


There is a VARY simple fix Steve,, it's called photo ID.
From what I hear, you need that same thing to buy MMJ from a dispensary.
To cash a welfare check too. So the "disenfranchisement" excuse doesn't work.

Steve Frisch

Nonsense Walt...million of people do not have photo ID, do not need photo ID and should not have to get photo ID to vote. I have a better idea though, how about we just implant a chip in everyones head when they are born and we can track through their lives. we could even send them public service messages through their teeth. I mean really, a few short years ago the conservatives were complaining about social security numbers, now they want a DNA sample to vote.


San Francisco values LOL. L.O.frickin L.

SF values means force some entrepreneur workin' 80+hours/week to pay for my sex change and provide me with time to do my 'art'.


So Walt, how about letting the elections office take pictures, mugshot style, two views, of every voter, and let the poll workers do an online comparison, with the person in front of them. At the same time the images could be scanned and be compared to known fugitives. Anything the matter with that? Where's Woodsy, getting close to time for him to pay up.

Steve Frisch

Yeah, whatever happened to Woodsy? Is he doing time?

Michael Anderson

LOL appears to be suffering from a little bit too much Halloween. Time to blow out the pumpkin there buddy...

Todd Juvinall

Walt, I think these three libs are sweet on each other. You know, SF values!

Steve Frisch

Todd, putting the 13 year old back in adulthood!

George Rebane

Gentlemen - I detect a departure from the discussion of issues.


I have never heard of an 18 inch box. I will look for it Tuesday. Is it a box that moves with the person? Where's Woodsy 2.0. Where's the Zombie Detector that the Teapers will be using? Were the walking dead voters Dems or Repubs? Based on this county's general demographics, how many people die out of 400 regardless. How many people bother to notify the government that a relative is deceased? Seems to me the whole voter roll cleaning process could be speeded up by cross checking with the deceased soc security number that Soc Sec published about a year late. Maybe we should insist on soc sec for voting? Why not? National ID already exists, it's just privatized, and called, "The Credit Bureaus." So, Walt, how about it? You want photo ID's, what's your take on the elections office having their own set?


War on women,
War on fuel,
War on America,
What are we to do?

Fast and Furious,
And Benghazi too.
Several are dead,
Because of you.

Splitting the country,
In more ways than one.
You won't be happy,
Until you have won.

Wasted tax dollars,
Right down the drain.
And you want more,
You are inflicting such pain.

On November the sixth,
I will cast my vote.
And I hope and pray,
This is far as it goes.

I am a proud veteran,
Who went to Viet Nam.
And I will not bury,
My head in the sand.

To "The Messiah" Obama,
You must go.
For the good of the country,
God please make it so.

John D. 10/1/2012 USN 71-77


Well Walt, do you believe in free will or not? If you do, then God does not interfere. Only YOU, can make a difference, by presenting the best arguments you can, to you fellow citizens. God is not going to "give or present" you a rape baby country. We make the country what it is. You want to base it on laissez faire, no holds bared, capitalistic model, more power to you, but most of your fellow citizens have their doubts about such a course. On Tuesday, the audience will have spoken, then the silly season Electoral College takes over.


Keep the farce going about no need for ID's.
Forget " motor voter"? How many states made it OK to give illegals drivers licences? And when they give those license, they give them a voter registration form. YES!! LIBS dreamed up this scam.
There are laws on the books about NO welfare for illegals, but illegals receive it despite the law. ( vote buying at it's finest.)

" millions don't have ID" Really? just where do you come up with that? Some LIB think tank? If they have no need for one, what makes yo think they would give a rats behind about casting a vote in the first place?
There are laws on the books in all 57 states ( according to OWE) that everyone is required to have a photo ID in one form or another.

Funny thing about ID's,, I must have TWO daughters now with the same name.
The cops called looking for my kid. ( imagine my surprise when I got that call)
They had busted some other girl that had stolen her ID card. Well, someone must have needed ID for something other than voting.

What will LIBS do when they run out of ideas and scams to stack the voter deck to keep control?

In the works of " Tricky Dick",, when he lost to JFK when the DEMS dug up grave yards to find people to vote. " They stole it fair and square".
Our Progressives forget their own track record, AND history.

BTW,, You miss the photo op of Owebama voting? He had to show ID!!!!
How come he didn't throw a fit like his voting block does? No martyrdom for "O"?


WOW!! Voter intimidation on a national scale. And you won't see anyone on the Progressive side say one thing about it. except maybe,, " It's OK,,, he's only a comedian. Give him a break."
Now if a Conservative had said a similar statement,( just change "Black to White") and Holy Hell would rain down on the perpetrator of the comment.
But since Billy is a Marxist Commie, he gets a pass as usual. ( LIB double standard rules apply here)

Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.

"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you"


Walt should have enough brain cells to recognize a comedian in full sarcastic mode. I notice that Walt has gone into Greg Mode, no answers to questions he doesn't want to answer, for reasons of conflicting internal belief systems.


"Dr Strangelove" plowed the road for almost all comedians since, see CNN review, on right now. "You can't fight in here, this is the War Room!"

Steve Frisch

Walt, besides the point that there are 50 states :), in states that do motor voter registration forms are made available (which only means they have to be displayed) for everyone who applies for registration, and all other state requirements apply, including citizenship, so it is no different than if you registered people at the post office or in front of the grocery store. I think most illegal aliens mail letters and buy food too.

About 10% of voting age Americans do not have state issued photo ID's. And contrary to your comment, most states do not require that one have photo ID as a condition of citizenship or presence in the state--they may require photo ID for some other purposes, but not just to BE (there are numerous court cases on this).

It is not up to you to determine that if people don't have ID they won't want to vote--voting is a constitutionally protected right, to be exercised at will, not a "Walt" right to be given or taken. "If they have no need for one, what makes yo think they would give a rats behind about casting a vote in the first place?" In short, your authority stops at your hard hat.

But you will never change your mind about anything, so what is the point?....oh, I know, it is for the other readers to see how illogical your points are!

I think that what Jesus and I are getting at is that it is fundamentally hypocritical to claim to want to be protecting identity and privacy in the hundred other ways that property rights advocates like you do, then require the full monty to vote. You are doing it for purely political advantage.

Steve Frisch

Ah Jesus, that is one of my all time favorite comedy lines....

George Rebane

JesusB 1040am - "...do you believe in free will or not? If you do, then God does not interfere." Wonder what church, religion, philosophy, or form of logic supports connecting those dots? Or is that another product of progressive thought?


Does your God intend rape babies, George? That would be a God that does not believe in free will, if he is planning all the stuff, good and bad, that goes down. It would be one that argues in favor of predestination. Your goose is cooked before you are born.

George Rebane

JesusB 139pm - Perhaps this is still accessible.


Yes it is, but this afternoon I have to go choose which dog additional I shall be a God to. I'm not making this up, and it will take me some time to digest that which you have written, apparently I missed doing so the first time around, something must have come up. Looks worthy of at least and hour or two of carefully reading, and several days of contemplation, we shall see.


Not going to happen Keester. ( answering "your" questions) Since you don't have a problem making light, and disparaging a persons religion. ( we take using the Lords name in vain a little more seriously than you.) Obviously you must bare the mark of the beast.

Now the good part.. Some union guys got busted red handed stealing Mitt signs.
" Ohio police arrested four men early Friday on charges of stealing Mitt Romney campaign signs that were found in a union-owned pickup truck, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

The signs, some as large as four feet by eight feet, were allegedly stolen from private property and business areas in Wood and Lucas counties in northwest Ohio. They were believed to have been put up by the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition, the newspaper said. Ohio is a critical swing state in Tuesday’s presidential election."

And our Progressives like to say that unions are as pure as the wind driven snow, and never do anything to mess with elections.

To be fair, there is big news out of Nevada. One person has be arrested for voter fraud. But since it was supposedly a "republican" it makes for "breaking news". ( a nice dose of media bias, since Libby fraud is rarely even reported)

That brings us back to the HBO "pig". As shown above by "the marked one", the "pig" gets a pass under the excuse of " comedy ".

And Steve.... There is no excuse NOT to have ID. Don't forget that it was the all knowing, all mighty "O" that made the stupid remark about "57 states". (Might want to check on that slip)
And mostly Progressives fear an honest election practice of showing ID to vote.
Leftys got real peeved when billboards showed up saying " voter fraud is a crime"
and " One person ,One vote " Leftys demanded they be taken down because somehow that was "voter intimidation". Look that one up as well.
LIBS need all the illegal votes they can get away with. from illegals voting, to just plane illegal votes from the grave. Remember ACORN? Naaaa no voter fraud there either. No need to prove who you are when casting a vote.

Now get out there. Vote early and often. (Right Doug? LOL)

Steve Frisch

I know who said "57" Walt, I was yanking your chain.

Bill Maher is a comedian...

No one supports stealing signs, it is juvenile behavior; but whether done by D's or R's, its almost always an isolated incident.

ACORN was no more guilty of voter fraud than a dozen Republican operations I could name, each, if true, equally stupid, but still statistically insignificant...

And I will remember the everyone must have ID statement when the Chinese of the UN take over and they come for your guns and tattoo your ID on your neck, big boy....I'll be right there saying, hey, see Walt supported this :)

George Rebane

SteveF 325pm - even though I read many liberal outlets, I'm nowhere near as astute as you in digging out the dirt on "a dozen Republican operations" that were on par with ACORN on voter fraud. You probably have them at fingertip - if so, could you please share them with us (I don't want to accidentally send money to the bastards).


Things keep getting better and better in N.Y.
Ol' nanny Bloomers turned away the Nataniel guard.. Why you may ask? Because they HAVE GUNS!!!!
Here is the story.

I say let the citizens that do have them ( I don't care how they got them ) shoot the looting vermin in the streets.


Your gonna love this Steve... ACORN not guilty?


You might like a little more light reading about
"no" voter fraud.

And many, many more just like this if you only care to look.
But keep your head buried deep in the dark spot of your choosing.


Want "O" to fix the borrowing problem?
Start making him eat coal.( at least clean coal)
That way, by the time the election is over, he
will have crapped enough diamonds to put the nation
on Easy St.
It would sure beat the bull coming out of his mouth today.

Steve Frisch

Seriously George, I thought you kept more current on the news. Perhaps the best example of systematic Republican voter fraud is the activity of Strategic Allied Consulting, which came to light in Florida, but spread to several other states, including Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Minnesota and California.


“The Republican National Committee had urged state parties in Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia and North Carolina to hire the firm for voter-registration efforts. The national party also gave state parties $3 million in total to pay the firm.”
And of course even though the RNC severed ties with SAC, the ramifications are continuing…….


And lest you all say this was a one time event, the principle in the firm, Nathan Sproul, hand picked by the RNC to run voter drives, has been implicated in the same type of voter fraud activity in previous elections, and changed the name of his firm from “Sproul and Associates” and “Lincoln Strategy Group” to Strategic Allied Consulting to avoid association with past charges…..


According to The Nation:
“….Sproul's alleged activities were uniquely worrisome. “So the difference between ACORN and Sproul is that ACORN doesn’t throw away or change registration documents after they have been filled out,” remarked Chris Cannon, a Republican lawmaker from Utah, who later lost his seat because of a right-wing primary challenge, during a congressional hearing on voter suppression. Indeed, many voter registration groups (including ACORN) have paid per-registration form turned in, thus incentivizing fake signatures—i.e., Mickey Mouse registering to vote. But this type of thing doesn't actually result in fraudulent votes because Mickey Mouse doesn’t show up at the polls and try to cast a ballot. Destroying registration forms, on the other hand, means citizens who believed they were registered show up and could have been denied their vote.”
And although the above may be the most widespread recent fraud, there are other examples, such as the Republican Indiana Secretary of State….


Or perhaps the voter fraud case currently being pursued against the staff of former Congressman Thaddeus McCotter……


To be clear, I think all voter fraud is reprehensible, but as many have noted, the incidents of voter fraud are less likely than being hit by lightning….even from Republicans.

Steve Frisch

By the way, I might point out that after many investigations of ACORN there have been no convictions


George Rebane

SteveF 743pm - Thanks Steve, now we know the basis for your 'both sides' stance. As I would not venture onto an open field during a thunderstorm, neither would I belittle our own citizens volunteering their efforts to keep American elections on the up and up. I sure as hell would not accept a situation where foreign poll watchers were called in by one party or the other.

Account Deleted

I love lefties when they start talking about their Constitutional rights. It's cute. Like a 2 year old singing a little song they learned from their granny. They have no idea what they are babbling on about, but it is cute! From Steven F. -".million (sic) of people do not have photo ID, do not need photo ID and should not have to get photo ID to vote." Really Steve? Try buying a fire arm. A beer. Get on a plane. And soon, the precious free health care you lefties have gone on about for decades. I had to get SS numbers for my kids when they weren't even a year old.
Here's a sample of what's happening at the polling stations:



"Electioneering would cover wearing a hat, a pen, a T-shirt or a sign that would indicate a position for a political party, candidate or a proposition," said Watson." I do hope Watson will take the stand and tell the world what position the T shirt implored one to opt for. Apparently if you went in with a T shirt that just said "vote" they would throw you out. And union T shirts are OK. I see how this works.

And of course, from that well known ultra-right-wing news service -

Love it - "the laws are designed to suppress the vote among groups that traditionally support Democrats." Maybe you lefties could fill us in on these "groups". Steve? Doug?

Yes, boys and girls, there's no voter fraud because we can shut our eyes and put our hands over our ears and not see or hear anything.

How about the thousands of voters in Seattle that gave their address as the Democrat party office. Couldn't anyone find them later. Not a one. No funny business there. All legal and legit.

And of course, who can forget our fav -


What if the KKK got all dressed up in their finest and stood in front of the entrance at the polling station? What would our AG do then? I guess he'd have to see what color the skin was under the robes before proceeding.
Life in the good ole USA. All fair and square.

Michael Anderson

The CIA was trying to control the scene in Benghazi. They were also cultivating local friendlies, who in the end turned tail and ran.

It was a series of failures and misinterpretations, ending in the death of four Americans, including U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens.

A tragedy, not a conspiracy.









Hope you like crow Steve,, because what I'm serving up
will have you passing feathers for a week. You might want to do a quick search
before making statements you claim as fact. Like me to pass you the Catsup or Tabasco??

"Nevada's law banning cash bonuses for voter registrations has been upheld by that state’s supreme court despite an ACORN-backed legal challenge to its constitutionality.

The decision upholds the 2011 criminal conviction of former senior ACORN executive Amy Adele Busefink for her role in a massive voter fraud conspiracy. Voter fraud, sometimes called vote fraud, election fraud, or electoral fraud, is a catch-all phrase coined by lawyers that encompasses a host of election-related improprieties.

As I reported in my book, Subversion Inc., at least 54 individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud. (Table of convictions available here.)

ACORN itself was convicted of voter fraud in Nevada last year in a case that arose out of the same set of facts as in the Busefink case.

Las Vegas Judge Donald Mosley said the actions of ACORN made “a mockery of our election process.” Mosley called ACORN’s crime “reprehensible” and said it was “the kind of thing you see in some banana republic, Uruguay or someplace, not in the United States.”

The case involved a conspiracy to provide illegal financial bonuses to voter registration canvassers for exceeding their daily quotas. Nevada law forbids the practice on the theory that such bonuses provide an incentive for canvassers to file bogus registrations.

The court found that the Nevada statute “neither violates the First Amendment nor is unconstitutionally vague.” Busefink argued unsuccessfully on appeal that Nevada’s ban on “the payment of individuals based upon the number of voters registered” violated her free speech rights.

This resounding affirmation of Nevada's voter fraud law comes as photo ID laws nationwide come under attack by left-wing activists and their black-robed brethren. Many of the legal attacks on these electoral integrity laws are funded by Obama backer George Soros. Soros-funded advocacy groups Media Matters for America and the Center for American Progress have been working nonstop to undermine public support for common sense legislation promoting clean, honest elections."



There once was a fellow named Walt,
Who did commence a weakish assault,
When he ran out of ammo,
He suddenly went clammo,
And claimed he was never at fault.

George Rebane

Well, at least now we know the sources people consult on the voter fraud issue, and how these report what really went down. Isn't dialogue wonderful?

Larry Wirth

With fiends like Frisch and Keach, who needs enemas?

Steve Frisch

Yeah, how dare I consult sources like the Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Post....

Steve Frisch

When I could be quoting sources like World Net Daily, The Blaze and Free Republic. ;)


Yur turn Steve,,, Now if you actually read those sites as well as other ( gasp!) Right leaning news outlets, you might actually get the real story. Not info that has been sanitized to help Owebama look good.
Like where ever you got the word that ACORN was cleared of any wrongdoing.
Your "source" sure got that wrong.

But we know why your more than worried that Mitt will win.. ECO (ha)nonprofits
are on the "free money" chopping block. You may need to go back to China to get your payche... I mean funding to keep the beaded curtains hanging.

Russ Steele

Ray Stevens has a few thoughts on voter fraud. His grandpa voted Democrat from the grave: Details Here: http://youtu.be/WUEqh07E4dY

Russ Steele

No Voter Intimidation?

HOUSTON, TX - Friday afternoon at an early polling place located at 6719 W. Montgomery Road in Houston, NAACP members were seen advocating for President Barack Obama according to volunteer poll watchers on location at the time.

According to Eve Rockford, a poll watcher trained by voter integrity group True the Vote, three NAACP members showed up to the 139 precinct location with 50 cases of bottled water and began handing bottles out to people standing in line. While wearing NAACP labeled clothing, members were "stirring the crowd" and talking to voters about flying to Ohio to promote President Barack Obama.
After watching what was occurring, Rockford approached Polling Supervisor Rose Cochran about what she was seeing.

"I went to the polling supervisor and let her know that it was not appropriate that they were in the building handing out water. She ignored me. I repeated my statement. She told me that she would handle it. She did nothing. I then went to the assistant supervisor and he stood up, walked over to another table and then sat down. I then walked into the waiting room and they were reloading another dolly with more cases of water," Rockford said in a True the Vote incident report.

After handing out water and advocating for President Obama, the NAACP members started handpicking and moving people to the front of a long voting line inside the polling place according to the incident report. After multiple complaints from voters about the line cutting, Rockford received a phone call from downtown telling her to “stand down.”

“All of the sudden one of the clerks, Dayan Cohen, said that someone wanted to speak to me on the phone. It was someone from downtown. I got on the phone and she said she was from downtown and that I needed to stand down and that it was okay for the NAACP to be within 100 ft. and they could hand out water. I told her that the NAACP was inside the building, wearing the NAACP clothing and caps and were handing out water and moving people from the back of the lines to the front of the lines,” Rockford said.

At this point, NAACP members were instructed to turn their clothing inside out, which they refused to do and said they weren’t going to stop their actions inside the polling place. Their behavior and actions to move people to the front of the line continued for the rest of the evening. Texas State Representative Sylvester Turner, a former Texas NAACP leader, was also seen outside the building talking with voters.

No Sir, none to be found, unless you are looking for it like the Voter Integrity Project.

George Rebane

Administrivia - I unpublished a bunch of nonsensical mudballs here. They finally got to my kidneys. No one will miss them.


So why wasn't this deleted? "With fiends like Frisch and Keach, who needs enemas?"

Larry Wirth

Chill, sock puppet- just a couple of typos...


Then fine, print the correction, or find yourself "logged in " permanently on farstars.blogspot.com, as Walt is already.

Steve Frisch

I think it is simple Jesus......calling people shit is OK for George's friends......

Todd Juvinall

George you forgot to boo potty mouth Frisch.


Ok, Haysus: "With friends like Frisch and Keach, who needs enemies?" Like it better now? And Mr. Frisch, the reference wasn't to digestibility but to indigestibility of your coda.

George Rebane

PJTV's little piece on 2012 elections and voter fraud is informative and entertaining.

Jesus Betterman

That would be HayZeus to you Mr. L, and thanks for the correction. BTW I appreciate the form of the original, just not the content.

Jesus Betterman

For George,

What do you call a Black Forest cookoo clock that features a mariachi band in miniature and is made in Mexico? (nothing like free trade, is there?)


A Guacan-spiel.

Steve Wynn


How come your resources seem to be limited to the Fox channel? Is there somewhere else that we might find the same info as they seem to have a huge issue with credibility.....

Thanks and I'll look forward to seeing it!


Steve E. is back? Well well well... One thing is for sure, this "Steve Wynn"
isn't the one from Vegas. You haven't used that one for a while.

But "limited to FOX"? Not hardly. Usually what I dig up and put up for all to see usually doesn't show up on FOX until two to four days later.

It's not my fault Progressive propaganda snews won't give you the whole story, if at all.
Just like Liberal voter fraud. They don't report it. But now that there have been an instance or two of ( WHAT!!!!????) a registered Repub. stooping to the same level, it's headline news. ( Hell,,, they were only playing by "your "rules of fair play. NOPE,, don't condone it one bit.)

BTW,, " Steve " you may not like FOX, but you might want to see just which news source is top dog. Here is a clue... It's NOT CNN, or MSNBC, CBS, etc.
So if FOX had most of the "Conservative" viewership years ago, how come their numbers continue to go up? That's right. More and more Leftys that want the real story are now watching FOX. Only dyed in the Blue LIBS stick to Leftist news.
See how it worked out for Frisch? His "source" told him ACORN was off the hook and blamess for voter faud. How did that workout?

Steve Wynn

Sorry Walt, as you're WRONG about the idenity as I despise Mr. Enos and I'm actually (legally named Winslow "Stephen" Wynn, so you can understand why I took my middle name as I got beat up a lot as a kid with that first name).

How come New York State spent $19,000,000, and they found 7 illegal voters? These 7 were felons, or people who did not understand the rules and they had lost their right to vote and the thousands that were proported to be illegal, had issues with the cities having building market incorrectly or other typograpical issues, so my question is was that a worthwhile investment of money to find 7 with the spending of $19,000,000?

I would tend to say NO.....

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