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07 December 2012


Todd Juvinall

This will make the two "big boys" happy. The rest of us are sad.

Michael Anderson

This makes me sad too. George, what new things are you taking on that means you must step away from the largest daily publication in these parts? I appreciate that you might have to be discreet, but pray tell what brought this on?


Until they get rid of their Nannystate attitude towards reader's comments (the only paper in NorCal to prohibit them online, through a very convenient omission, AFAIK), The Union management is still, as it has been for two years now, in the Dark Ages. I guess the towing Company fiasco revealed how the dark side of some local businesses, nee, advertisers, might get revealed. Remember the tow truck with the faulty brakes that turned into a runaway, which led to a discussion of their maintenance policies by the readers? And of course there was Greg, with his ever present not so veiled threats to sue the universe, which I'm sure dampened their free speech spirits.

Since I have only read your stuff here, and not in the paper, I am one reader you haven't lost. BTW, if taking care of family and your STEM efforts is the reason, I'd call it a very wise choice. Or even yet another new hitech venture. Now that you can join kickstarter, venture capital enters a whole new era. Love those sticky button locator items, that you can get the distance to the object from you cell phone. Heinlein and his short story "Searchlight" would be proud.


BTW, the Greg situation could be taken care of by a special clause in the user agreement, that requires him to pay all costs of any suit he might bring against the paper.

George Rebane

Thank you for the kind words. My life is getting more complex with the growth of the educational projects that SESF is undertaking in the coming year. TechTest enters its seventh year in 2013. And TechTest Junior received an enthusiastic welcome this year, and will be expanding in 2013. We are also planning on adding some online learning modules in numeracy, critical thinking, and math for early grades - 'as the twig is bent' and all that.

And then there's RR for which I have a long list of substantive (and contentional) pieces to write that I hope will continue to grow this blog as a welcome forum for the civil but frank discussion of all kinds of outrageous ideas about our country, governance, and today's pacing technology that is changing everything we know, and perhaps also everything we believe in this last great century of Man.

From the RR readership I hope also to attract more contributors to expand the perspectives about these outrageous ideas. And then I have a whole other life that involves family and business.

To those who frequent these pages I am most grateful.

Dave Cranfield

If you submit an Other Voices to The Union and they elect not to publish it, please post it here.


Only the wisest prize fighter bows out at the top. Well done George. Well Done.

How will you supplement the loss of income? LOL.

Russ Steele


Excellent move! Your articles will no longer be constrained by word limits and you can provide all the interesting graphics necessary to get your point across to the reader. Some readers just need the visual cues get the full impact of the story.


"And of course there was Greg, with his ever present not so veiled threats to sue the universe, which I'm sure dampened their free speech spirits."

Bizzare. I've never sued anyone, and besides Keachie and Pelline, I can't recall accusing anyone of an actionable slander. Specifically, I never threatened to sue The Union nor have I ever threatened to sue anyone else.


That's nice, Greg.


George, I baked a pie in honor of your STEM efforts:

PiPie copy


Keach, you make defamatory stuff up and pass it off as true, and that ain't pi.

George Rebane

JesusB 1036pm - Keach, that is a good looking pi/e. Thanks for sharing.


Yes Greg, there is some debate about the last digit, just testing to see if you would catch it. I do make deflambé stuff in the kitchen. And as Harry Truman once supposedly said, "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen."

George, this might be a great dessert for your awards dinner.

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