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23 December 2012


George Rebane

PaulE 634pm - Posit that you are right. What should be done about the desire of the Christian Right to ban abortions?

Paul Emery

Simple. Don't vote for them or their surrogates. Oh yeah, that's what happened in November.

George Rebane

PaulE 900pm - Agreed.


"It's obvious that the real goal of the Christian right wing is to criminalize abortion not just to eliminate subsidized funding."

Maybe the radical ones, but stop taking their money to kill babies (and latin for baby is... fetus) and the problem will mostly go away. Leave them out of it. I'd rather not pay for someone else's infanticide, either, so leave me out, too.

Roe v. Wade went way beyond just making abortion legal; if DC v Heller followed the same reasoning, they would have required DC to issue guns to folk unable to afford one, no matter how many they'd managed to lose one due to negligence in the past. Imagine how the usual suspects would squeal with that.

Todd Juvinall

What fascinates me about the bizarre thinking process of people like PaulE and his ilk is this. He is ready and willing to deny other rights to Americans, guns, landuse, and cigarettes (probably), and probably thousands more and use the force of government to ensure those things, yet believes people like Abe Lincoln were unqualified to be a elected official becasue he was a strong Christian and thought Noah was real.

All Roe v Wade did was to remove the State's right to have a law on abortion and Federalized the "right" to privacy (unfound in the Constitution). I think my position is much more realistic than the "negative" rights advocated by PaulE and his minions. I believe a woman should decide and leave my government out of that decision as well as my money,

Douglas Keachie

In the "What could possibly go wrong" category, the latest on teachers and guns in schools:


Douglas Keachie

When planning on defending you home from hordes, always remember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKRnEOUxZm0

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