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10 December 2012


Russ Steele

This is a plan to put Charter school out of business. Here is the problem that the teachers union are trying to stomp out:

Charter schools now enroll more than 20 percent of public school children in 25 school districts across the country, according to a new report from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, which tracks charter-school growth annually.

Overall, charters enrolled more than two million students in 41 states and the District of Columbia during the 2011-12 school year; that amounts to about 5 percent of public school enrollment nationally.

As the public schools fail our children the Charter School move is going growing by leaps and bounds. Soon the public schools will be a footnote in history.


Since Charter Schools supposedly have smarter teachers, why would they have any troubles passing the tests? Charter schools basically allow the upper middle classes to once again place their kids in a tracking situation where the less well prepared students from lower socioeconomic homes will not be wasting class time.


Besides, both public and charter schools will evolve/mutate into much more online dependent systems faster than you think, as schools begin issuing IPads (already happening) and teachers continuously discover better ways of teaching via online master teachers, and the flexibility a modern portable graphics and research device gives everyone, regardless of public funds flowing as they do, to either charter or traditional schools.


Any accredited BA/BS is OK with me, as long as parents can take their kids out of schools that hire incompetents and have the money follow them to the school they choose.

Pedagogy is nearly useless. Hire teachers who managed to learn because of good teachers and in spite of bad ones already know a great deal about good teaching.

The bad news is the new "Common Core", which, according to my sources in the traditional Math Ed community, does to the nation what the California Whole Math debacle did to us starting in '95. In fact, some of the same folks who authored the fuzzified Calfornia Math guidelines authored the Common Core documents. It has something for everybody but the actual implementations are Outcome Based/Whole/Fuzzy math through and through.


You guys see this?! 15 minutes ago:


MI House Democrats ‏@MIHouseDems

"We are going to undo 100 years of labor relations. And there will be blood. We will relive the Battle of the Overpass." -Geiss #SaveMI


David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog

"If government employees have the right to go on strike, then so should taxpayers. "

George Rebane

MikeyMcD 850am - Interesting notion; please expand on that.

Jesus Betterman

Greg, you could have an emergency credential within a month, and be fingerprint cleared within another month, and go on to be the best part time sub in math and physics in Nevada County, to supplement your stay at home consultant money. Go ahead, I dare you. if you did, you could rapidly become eligible for whatever program is running at the moment to make your a fully certificated teacher for peanuts, and sometimes they even pay you to do so. Habla Hispaniola? Even better! And so could any other professional with your degrees, no big deal. Save the USA from bad math teachers!


Union types are full of hate: from earlier today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_F3oev06i0&list=SP85933DBA7E52B5B6

Account Deleted

re Mike's 12:09 post - what else did you expect? Remember how the Dems lectured everyone one on how we were supposed to be cordial and polite? Like all other Dem and lib values, they are abandoned right after the camera is turned off. You won't see any of this on the LS news tonight. Today's left wing unions = brownshirts.

Jesus Betterman

The headlines of today are merely recycled from 81 years ago. Soon Walmart will imitate the Russian factory bosses:


George Rebane

JesusB 124pm - Doug, you apparently have no clue about the difference between the Soviet system and ours in America. Perhaps that is why you and other rank and file leftists are so sanguine about the direction our country is now taking. Walmart has no ability to imitate Soviet factory bosses under our current system. But when Obama nationalizes all production, then our factory bosses fearing no competition will instantly start imitating Stalinist era apparatchiks. Rejoice.

If the economy would be allowed to expand, then Walmart (and all other) employees would have a choice in employment, and Walmart (and other employers) would have to behave accordingly. But then these workers might vote for those who made that expansion possible, and for Obama's ilk that would be a big NO-NO.

Jesus Betterman

You don't get it, do you George? The biggest bully wins under unfettered capitalism, and that's why Walmart and other corps like it are a plague upon this nation. They're doing their very best to outdo Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Rockefeller, and I'd say they're making significant headway. They are not there because the working folks love what they do.

Account Deleted

Doug - How is Walmart a bully? When you walk by the store do they come out and drag you screaming into the store? Take a look at the videos of your union buddies ganging up on an out numbered peaceful opposition and attacking them. Today's unions are the real bullies. Walmart allows free choice for employees and buyers - the unions do not.

Jesus Betterman

Walmart is doing their best to make sure they are the ONLY CHOICE. That's being a bully.

George Rebane

JesusB 356pm - You are a piece of work telling me that I don't get the fine points and differences between capitalism and collectivism. As a prominent leftwing naif on these pages, you continue to sing the only song about capitalism that you have been taught. Your slogans always come across about as nuanced as a 2x4 across the forehead.

Unfetteredcapitalism is one word to you, like damyankee was to a red neck Southerner. No one in these pages over the 5+ year life of RR has promoted "unfettered capitalism". Those of us who actually know what capitalism is, and who have successfully practiced it over their lifetime are fully aware of the dimensions of its overreach, and realize that it must be regulated.

But socialism and its inevitable leftward tilt to totalitarianism has never been the form of governance that can achieve the proper level of such regulation. Because like you, it sees capitalism in a binary light, as either unfettered dog-eat-dog or suffocated under a stifling state. The EU is the latest tranche of countries trying to come to grips with that right now, and the outcome looks very bleak indeed.

But you and yours on this side of the pond see none of this, and continue the bolshevik mantras that our media repeated here during the interval between the wars. That and the 'glories' of the New Deal is history to the few of you that have bothered to put a face into the claimed historicity that is the Great Society's legacy.

The rest of your ilk believes in the cornucopia of the presidential "stash" that can only be loosened through imposing more taxes on the 'rich'. This is the well-worn path to the promised collectivist utopia on which there are no turnouts or rest stops.

Ryan Mount


Once the Walmart of their time. And destroyed by it's gargantuan-ness. They were even sued by the government for being a monopoly. A&P was, as popular gossip of the time reminded us, destroying all of the "Mom and Pops" out there. Sound familiar?

By the time the government got around to suing them, they were already dying if not well-dead.

I don't like Walmart. I find their prices are actually pretty high once you leave the smiley faces in the aisles. Their groceries are a joke. The store lay out make me feel like I should be on government assistance. So I don't go there. My loss, I suppose, although it certainly doesn't feel like it.

But from a business perspective, I greatly admire their skill and efficiency. They have the brightest supply chain and retail expertise working for them.

They're time is gonna come, just like it did for A&P. But the thing is, like A&P, by the time its enemies get around to doing anything, they'll just be kicking a dead horse.

Those that don't know history...as the saying goes. But I guess a lot of folk need an abstraction, a devil if you will, to fight to feel complete. Part of the human condition I suppose.

Michael Anderson

Ryan, excellent analysis. Scott O. could learn a lot from you. But he chooses not to do so since he has all the answers. Tis a pity.


George, following Robert Reich, I understand that the top 1% of wealth holders in this country went from holding 8% of the wealth back in 1980 to now, in less than 32 years, owning well over 20% of the wealth in this country. If you think this is healthy, so be it. Do you disagree that it has happened?

As near as I can tell, you believe in a Singularity which will be the exclamation point in history wherein most folks will simply be jobless, because the work that needs to be done can be done cheaper by machines. I agree that this is a likely event, and that we need to figure out how as a society we are going to handle this. All you and the rest on the right have shown me is rah rah sis boom bah for capitalism, and absolutely nothing about what to do about this portending situation.

Yes, Walmart will topple when there's hardly nobody left with any money to buy anything.



It appears that the top 10% have improved their lot, not so much the top 1%. It would be interesting to see what percentage of this group is made up of government retirees, if you were allowed to factor in the present value of a pension.

I suspect that the movement in recent decades has been simply due to the ebb and flow of the stock market and house prices, the first altering the situation of the top 10%, the second the top 50%. But who knows, these are complex systems and it's too easy to invent a story.


Here's a metric that would be fun to have... require public school districts to publish the average SAT score of their teachers, school by school.


"The biggest bully wins under unfettered capitalism, and that's why Walmart and other corps like it are a plague upon this nation."

The biggest bully wins under unfettered unionism. No one forces anyone to shop at Walmart, Target, Costco or any other discounter. And Walmart isn't having an easy time competing.


Different box, same shlock. Enamel finishes on washing machines that a cat can scratch off, etc.


SAT scorings have been changed through the years. If it make you happy, 697 English, 613 Math, well up in the percentiles, in the top 5% or even 1%, but I don't own 20% of the country.


" And Walmart isn't having an easy time competing."

~Gregory | 12 December 2012 at 08:53 AM~

Your LW side is showing again Greg:



"Sears (SHLD), the nation's biggest seller of household appliances, is struggling. Department store chains like Macy's (M) and J.C. Penney (JCP) are treading water, while apparel retailers like Gap (GPS) and Talbots (TLB) have fallen victim to changing fashion preferences.

And while the job market is improving and consumer credit is easier to get, a renewed spike in store closings can't be ruled out in 2012, according to Retail Traffic. Especially vulnerable are consumer electronics chains, which are under intense price pressure from Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) and don't have many hot new products coming to market. Meantime, store openings will likely come from discounters like Family Dollar Stores (FDO), Dollar Tree (DLTR) and Wal-Mart.

"The extreme-value guys" are where the growth is, says Howard Davidowitz, chairman of retail consultant Davidowitz & Associates."


Ryan Mount

Is Costco > Wal-Mart > Target?

Is Amazon.com > Apple?

Is Taco Bell > McDonald's?

The issue is with the selective use of the ">" sign in many folk's frankly ephemeral selection of their corporate devils. It's really more about fashion than truth.

The fact of the matter is the net effect is that Wal-Mart, like A&P mentioned above has been overwhelming positive in terms of the economy of scale they bring to citizens.

Generally, with regards to Wal-mart who I again do not like, they have brought selection and low prices (at least the perception which influences the supply chain greatly) to the retail marketplace. "Mom and Pop" retail is a romantic artifact of the late 19th and early 20th Century. Even a casual study of such Mom and Pop's reveal what a horrible retail experience they were for their customers: limited and questionable selection and VERY* high prices. So this notion of these corporate retail giants destroying some kind of conservative main street economy is a fantasy. Which is why I say often that Progressives are the real conservatives; they want to go back to times of scurvy, rancid meats and shortages.

Anyhow, what needs to happen, and I think Michael A would back me on this, is modern local retail needs to quick and specialized. They need to offer specialized service, like Tess's does with wrapping (much better than Amazon.com does) and expertise on say which meat clever one han use to hack your spouse to bits. And then they need to have mechanisms/processes in place to maintain price competitiveness. For example, price services that will match Internet prices and a trained sales staff to up and/or cross sell higher margin add-ons. That's all the free advice I will give on a blog.

No one said running a [small] business was easy. Nor did anyone say running a business was a sensible way to make a living.

* at the turn of the last century, for example, people paid upwards of 40% of their income on groceries. Shitty groceries at that. Now it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-10% of their income. Sometimes the Chicago/Austrian schools are dead-on correct.

George Rebane

Providing commodity goods and services - food, energy, transportation, ... - will of necessity scale if the broad mass of consumers are to receive growing value for their dollars. For boutique businesses ('mom and pop') to enter and survive requires that they bring something new and special to the marketplace that the big guys can't deliver.

(Ever wonder why there are no more small car companies, and that family farms can only survive with government subsidies. The ADMs and Conagras also get subsidies, but that's a story I've covered elsewhere under corporate corruption and cronyism. Big companies buy politicians almost as well as unions who can also deliver votes.)

The job of government is to make it easy for new boutiques to enter the market. That is exactly what socialism prevents in the name of 'protecting the consumer'. If/when eventually technology and/or business processes make the business of a boutique a commodity, it will be bought by a big corp and integrated into its overall scaled business model, all to the added benefit of the consumer. And the entrepreneur gets rewarded for his work and risk. This has been the proven highway to success and overall economic growth.

However, as discussed elsewhere, it does not solve the problem of pre-Singularity systemic unemployment growth, the solutions to which require much stronger medicine.


Yes, Tess's does a nice job of marketing yuppie cooking toys and doesn't compete with Walmart.

There was to be a Walmart in Burger Basin. The only folks who prefer what it became, the blighted Meeks location pushing up the weeds, are probably the B&C True Value and the local drug stores.

Account Deleted

Wow - Michael A at 8:20. Help me out here. Ryan's post didn't cover anything I wasn't aware of and I agree with everything he wrote. None of it contradicted what I wrote and vice versa. I guess the bottom line is, you don't like me, but can't refute any facts I post or come up with a cogent opposing argument. I'll give you a T for try.


"The job of government is to make it easy for new boutiques to enter the market."

I don't see anything like that in the Constitution. However, under equal protection, they shouldn't be making it any harder.

Keachie/Jesus doesn't want the government's money, George. He wants yours. Mine too (though he'd be disappointed there). The politics of resentment. It isn't fair that teachers get paid so little (one of the big lies of our time) while the CEO of Walmart is paid millions.

Ahh, the magic of being able to divide 1 3/4 by 1/2.

George Rebane

Gregory 313pm - Yes, the Constitution is silent on anything proactive to help business. But by today's standards, to "make it easy" simply means getting the f%#k out of the way.


Well, if you really want to get funny, you could note that the Fed's enumerated powers doesn't give them the authority to help or hinder.


Sorry, I just couldn't help myself when a bit of farce presents itself.

George Rebane

Gregory 432pm - Wasn't talking about the Fed.


Neither was I. The Feds, meaning Federal Government, not "the Fed" meaning the Federal Reserve.

George Rebane

Gregory 933pm - glad that got straightened out. My use of 'fed' follows the common convention of referring to the federal government (which us usually not capitalized). When I write 'Fed', then I mean the Federal Reserve which is usually capitalized. Just so the readers understand.


"United We Stand, divided by 1/2 (in Greg's world) our numbers double! Ain't that a hottentot hootie, Greg's such a cutie!

THe government sets up schools that teach business related classes as business people want them taught, and not as labor might like them taught. The government most certain does help business, with tax breaks all around for anything that might be an expense, and was to finagely dedducting thing several different ways, whatever allows th businesss person to keep the maximum bucks.

Michael Anderson

Scott O. wrote: "I guess the bottom line is, you don't like me..."

I don't know you, so I can't say whether I like you or not.

I do think some of your ideas are out of whack, but "like" has nothing to do with it.

Todd Juvinall

Scott, MichaelA is a "burning Man" attendee and we all know what that means. I would suggest his credibility on most issues is suspect. Not to worry.

Account Deleted

Todd - no worries, mate. My skin is way thicker than that. Just making an observation. Look at his latest post. He's made a value judgement about me and then admits that he doesn't know me. So what evidence does he have to make his judgement?
I'd love to hear about what ideas I have that he thinks are out of whack. I'm sure there's a discussion there. I'd bet they relate to values in general that most conservatives have.
Burning Man is just a big long Halloween party. I'm sure that there isn't any more synapse impairment going on out there than a normal weekend for most of those folks. I like to camp in the desert too, but not with a mob like that.

Todd Juvinall

I have nothing against people running around the desert en masse naked, stoned and drunk but I do not give them a lot of credit for critical thinking. MA tries to tell us how much smarter he is (he votes consistently for the loser BenE) so I have to jab a bit. He is usually taking the conservatives to task for just about everything the he deems wrong.

I don't camp anymore, I like a hot shower and the breakfast buffet now. Keep up your great comments ScottO.

Paul Emery


Voting for losers-Does voting for Emken, Whitman, McCain, Romney and Carly Fiorina qualify you for that club? The House is a gimmi for the Repubs due to Democratic positioning so you can have that one.

Jesus Betterman

The gatherings in Bohemian Grove are not unlike Burning Man. Todd would enjoy them, if he could get in.

Michael Anderson


First of all, there is no such thing as a Burning Man attendee: everyone there is a participant, by definition. But how would you know, and why would you care? Your long-running display of extreme ignorance of Pretty Much Everything is well-documented ever since you started commenting on the various blogs, and the fact that you are proud of your ignorance and temerity is truly a badge of honor. If I had a nickel for every time someone has said to me, "Can you believe that guy was once a Nevada County Supervisor?!?" I would be retired by now.

Michael A.

Todd Juvinall

PaulE, we on the R side have most of the state governors and legislatures (and the HOR). You have a couple of wins, I have a couple of wins.

BenE and MichaelA are your common everyday losers so I don't give them much thought except maybe to ridicule their loserness (that made up word was for MA).

MA, tell us which election to public office you finished first in so we can get a perspective here as to your smarts. Oh and Burning Man is only filled with participants eh? So you are willingly running around the desert naked, stoned and drunk? What a hoot!

Paul Emery


I've never been to burning man but you might know if it's something like biker parties.

Paul Emery

Todd December 2012 at 06:07 PM

I wasn't talking about national trends but you're personal voting record. You seem to take liberties to call others losers but gosh your record doesn't look so good by golly. Do you consider yourself a winner?

Todd Juvinall

Paul do you consider yourself a winner? Did you vote for BenE?

If you have never been to BM then how do you know what it resembles? M, now that;s funny. MA went to a BM. What a hoot!

douglas keachie

Maybe that bar should be a tire iron, 30 to a classroom, in a locked cabinet, to be used if a gunman is loose on campus. If every kid an teacher had access to ones they could heft and throw well, the first mangled gunman might serve as a warning to others.

Michael Anderson


In my observations over the years that you have been commenting on the blogs, I regret to report that you are growing stupider and stupider. This is not a good trend. You need to turn the tide, buddy.

That being said, let's talk a little bit about Burning Man. Here are some facts for you:

1. I have been involved with the Burning Man Project for over 20 years. Every single year. I have watched it bloom from 250 people participating in 1991 to over 60,000 this past summer.
2. Burning Man is the biggest large-art and landscape-art museum/festival in the world. There is nothing else like it.
3. People come from all over the world to participate in Burning Man. The main reason Burning Man is having a ticket crisis has nothing to do with North American demand, it is all about the overseas demand.
4. The current annual budget is approaching $30 million dollars. That's just the expenses for the event. The money that is generated by this world-renowned art festival in northwestern Nevada eclipses the Christmas season, according to many Reno retailers.
5. There are many offshoots of the Burning Man project that do good works: Black Rock Solar, Burners Without Borders, the Black Rock Arts Foundation, to name just three of them. There are others.
6. Drugs, nudity, and drunkeness are a part of Burning Man, just as those things exist in any city of 60,000+ people. There are also churches, AA meetings, yoga, and snow cones.
7. The great capitalists of the 21st century somehow find Burning Man valuable: Google and Facebook execs, Silicon Valley mavens, and the hoi polloi from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City.

Todd, one of my most favorite conversations during the event over the past 20 years was in 2011 with an investment banker who lives in Westchester County. He was trying to understand what Burning Man was all about, and why he was willing to spend 10s of thousands of dollars to come all the way out to the Black Rock Desert to see the art. I explained to him that he was experiencing something entirely new to the world, that it was like the Century 21 Exposition in Seattle in 1962 [I was there as a 4-yr.-old] and the New York World's Fair in 1964/65.

But of course, all of this is alien to your lizard brain. Drunk and naked, that is all you can think of...

Again, my offer stands: come to Burning Man in 2013 and be educated. Or continue to spout your nonsense. Your choice.


Todd Juvinall

MA, pervs come in all shapes and sizes. The people I know who have attended have given me first hand info about all the pervs that attend the BM. Anyone trying to justify that kind of public behavior has a screw loose in my view. Therefore, when some nut attends these bizarre gathering and comes back to tell the rest of us normal folks how great pervs really are and how mainstream those attendees are, you have to agree that person is a nut. What is fascinating to me is so-called "smart" people (who appear to have some real issues with reality) complain the normal folks are "stupid" or "out of touch" with reality. So MA, please, we know what goes on at the BM and anyone attending is simply a kook with no credibility in these discussions about "normalcy".

Give it up, you look so foolish.


Give it up, MA, Todd has but one color in his palette, the color Perv.

Todd Juvinall

Here is a link to BM, you decide.


Michael Anderson


You are ABSOLUTELY NOT AUTHORIZED to be trolling on Acid Cow. This is just way way way above your pay grade.

Just kidding...(-;

But seriously, STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER, DRIVE TO SMF, WALK THROUGH THE SCANNER, then touch yourself inappropriately, perhaps in one of the TSA's personal screening areas.

Bring a laptop, with a link to Acid Cow, to help with your "motivation."

Really? Acid Cow is your perv source? Man, are you ever stuck! No wonder you can't get any action at Friar Tuck's. Todd, the Missionary Position is YESTERDAY'S LETTUCE.

BTW, that first pic on Acid Cow is my friend Kause from San Jose in his beautiful Skybolt, on his way to 10K AGL to start the show: http://www.victoryhangar.com/index.html He also likes to bring Yaks up there, which are way too much fun to fly around in the desert. But yeah, pervs.

Jeez Todd, you are such a retard. It almost hurts.


Michael Anderson

Todd asked: "MA, tell us which election to public office you finished first in so we can get a perspective here as to your smarts."

Umm, I never ran for anything, so your comment is yet another Todd Juvinall non sequitur. How do you do it, man? I mean having every one of your comments be an exercise in utter stupidity?

And yes, to answer your next question, you are in my head. I know you think that is hilarious and fun, but for me is not so fun. So what I am doing here is expunging you from my head. My preferred process in doing this is laying down some nice Todd traps, with the appropriate bait, and then bringing home the bacon.

Once I'm done you won't hear much from me anymore. I thank you for your service.

Todd Juvinall

I love it when people like MichaelA fall into my carefully layed trap. As a person who claims some sort of credibility, one only needs to read and look at his favorite thing to do, attend Burning Man with all the pervs, druggies and drunks. Sorry MA, the people there are the fringe kooks and a passel of pervs. You attend the fiasco, you are part of the oddballs.

My joke on the TSA X-ray machines has stayed in your craw for a long time and I appreciate being the bug in your brain you can't get rid of. You have no credibility MA in any discourse here except to point out your behavior at BM.

You even throw Friar Ticks into the mix for a personal attack on me which is too funny. Those attacks show you are unable to have a discourse without personal slams. BM is in your blood man. Sick!

Michael Anderson

Dear dumbass Todd,

I walked into your stupid trap with my eyes wide open. I willingly entered your idiot zone, because I am trying to get the Ring back, and your slippery skin annoys the hell out of me. Not to mention your stench and small penis.

Here's how this works. I post these things, George removes them, and we have a body of work that suggests I am a perv but leaves out the historical record that you are retarded, small of penis, and a danger to society.

Of course, I keep a record of the discourse, and will use it when it becomes convenient. In the meantime, have a nice X-Mas and if you happen to find a dinosaur with an English saddle, make sure you wear a cup (that sidesaddle stuff is hell on the balls).


Michael Anderson

...as small as they might be...

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