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19 January 2013


Russ Steele

3D printers are available at Amazon ranging from $4,000 to $1,500 dollars. Since an owner can print their own 30 or 100 clip magazine, the government will soon be regulating the supplies used by 3D printers, starting with registration of all buyers of the plastic resin, including a background check.

R a free programing language has demonstrated the ability to create complex 3D objects. Details here: http://www.r-bloggers.com/how-to-make-your-own-3-d-sculpture-with-r/


Nevada Union has an applied engineering course where the students 1.) design a product/part with CAD 2.)draft a business plan 3.) present the finished product and business plan to mock investors.

They are looking for 'mock investors'/reviewers/judges if you are interested call NU and ask to talk to John McDaniel.


Intellectual property and copyright law will still apply; you'll be able to get a part printed only if someone created the file and makes the file available to you. It won't all be open source; in fact, if you want an explosion of availability, expect to be paying.

Will the unlicensed possession of files that could create a fully automatic firearm be considered a NFA violation and therefore, a federal felony?

Douglas Keacie

Good point, Greg, see my earlier post in another thread recently on the magazine construction via 3D printing, already in existence. If we put it altogether, we can design and build our own knee replacements, with the help of a robodoc. It may be the only way the common man/woman will be able to afford such things. Here's to our glorious future, fellow reservoir dogs!

Steve Enos

Reminds me a bit of how music and video went. This is the future and it's here now. It's amazing stuff. Files to build what ever you want will be found open source or sale cheap some place. Folks in China will pirate and knock off all the 3D codes... like they do with most everything now.

Ban PMags over 10 rounds you say... well anyone with access to a 3D printer can make them. Can't find a stripped AR15 lower to buy because of the run on anything AR resulting from the BS idea to ban "assualt" firearms... not a problem, won't even need access to a CNC machine as a 3D printer can do the job.

This is amazing stuff and a LOT more of this type of inovation is on the way. This is part of the big change in the skills needed for the future and why so many will not have real jobs. Those that don't get a good education will not have much work available... we are seeing the tip of this ice berg now.

Douglas Keacie

There will be jobs in the recycle sorting lines forever.

George Rebane

Given how loosely IP is disseminated via the internet, the only people caught doing the wrong thing with patents and copyrights MIGHT BE those who seek to make many copies for commercial purposes. For one-offs and personal use, you can forget about IP matters. And a CAD file will be available gratis for EVERY type of doodad conceivable, you can bet on it (I will). But you may have to pay an online 'search expert' for finding the CAD file you're searching for, just like paying these experts to answer questions today.


Speaking of "printing" Ya' gotta find the new " Come and take it " flag/ banner. The words are the same, but the cannon has been replaced
by a Barret 50 cal sniper rifle. Gotta get me one of those.... Uh, flags. ( In Ca.just having a picture of a Barret 50 might land one in jail these days. We know hoe gun hating Progressives like to push things. Just ask a five year old that uses his pointn' finger as a gun and says "pow".)


Doc,, one of my kids owns an auto shop in Tenn. He has one of those C&C machines. He has told me the computer programs of spec.s for various firearms are being passed around like trading cards, and put into a safe place if the need ever arises.
And wouldn't ya' know it? Ron Barret brings his car to him for repair now and then. A tear of joy came to my eye when I got that news.

George Rebane

Thank you Walt (152pm & 207pm) - pointing out the ongoing progressive hysteria cum insanity with boys going 'Pow!' with a pointed finger gun is as strong of an indication of our country's degeneration as any I can imagine.


George, I've been reading your blog for a couple months now and find it interesting. The comments section seems to be a small steady group, which, fortunately, includes both sides. (I like a balanced debate of ideas.) I'm a vet, now retired, and have enjoyed occasional shooting all my life. The massacre in Connecticut has awakened the gun debates and I sit on the sideline saddened by many things I hear.

Question: Do you personally know people who really want, and do, own "assault" rifles" with 30-100 round magazines? Is their rationale that they want to be well protected from a rogue government or citizenry heading up their driveway? Do they consider our present government "rogue" to this extent? Do they really think the 2nd Amendment could be abolished and their guns confiscated?

Opinion: Owning an "assault" rifle, with a large magazine and thousands of rounds of ammo, won't affect internal governmental change. Here's a hypothetical: If 300 "patriots" showed up at City Hall, brandishing AR-15's and 1911's, demanding the government address a perceived grievance, and this change was deemed highly detrimental to the "opposition", you'd have 300 armed opposition show up to demonstrate their alarm. Instead of opening fire on City Hall they would open fire on each other. Gandhi brought down the Raj in India through non-violence, and non-violent protest is the only thing that works without destroying society....just ask Martin Luther King Jr. If, in 1960, every black citizen in America bought a gun and warned white America (especially in the South) to immediately end discriminatory laws and any racially provocative behavior, you would have had a horrible race war with thousands, perhaps millions of deaths. Even the New Testament alludes to the avoidance (not denial) of weapons and/or violence as a solution to societal problems. When Peter drew his sword and cut off the ear of the servant of the High Priest, Jesus told him to put his sword away. "My Kingdom is not of this world, else my followers would fight." The non-violence described above is, of course, different than having an external foreign power attack your country with the goal of destruction and domination. In that case, all of us would rise up, with our military at the lead. In the case of the Civil War, the nation was splitting up into two quasi nations, with one perpetuating the abomination of slavery. It had to be stopped. Hopefully, today, our nation has progressed to a degree of intelligence and civility that precludes horrors of that sort. It concerns me when I see the impetus to start entities such as the Citadel in Idaho, where like-minded "patriots" can live together, some within fortress-like walls. I consider this misguided extremism. One of the central themes of this planned community is arms production. If our government actually went "rogue", and deemed the Citadel a threat, the entire facility including all citizens, buildings, weapons, arsenals, etc. would disappear in 30 seconds of fiery inferno. (....and wouldn't it be ironic if one of the citizens of the Citadel went nuts and shot about 30 fellow citizens at a public meeting.) Lastly, the interesting link you pointed out about 3D weapons production. If barrel/chamber strength is achieved, and an entire weapon constructed, then there's nothing to stop production of full auto machine guns and the belts. (You would have to manually load the belt.) Watching Rambo on TV is one thing; having Rambo in your midst is another. It was reported on CSPAN today that the Mayo Clinic is now using 3D printer technology to actually print out functioning kidneys. Let's hope wise regulation will favor urination over decimation.

Russ Steele

Passive resistance. I venture that the millions of gun and ammunition buyers that are flooding local gun stores and gun shows are engaging in passive resistance against the potential government abuse of the 2nd Amendment. They are sending a powerful non-violent message to Washington, do not mess with the 2nd Amendment. Across the country, firearms industry analysts point to soaring numbers — including first-time gun buyers now making up a quarter of all sales and nearly 75 percent of gun retailers reporting sales boosts over last year. Local gun stores look like they are going out of business, shelves clean of ammo and guns that maybe banned. While some may argue that this is not passive resistance, it is an effective non-violent protest.

George Rebane

Fuzz 504pm - Welcome to RR, and maybe you'll soon feel confident enough to take off the sack with the eye holes.

To answer your questions: Yes, yes, no, yes. But as your quotes emphasize, we're really not talking about military assault rifles, but politico-emotional labels arbitrarily appended to some widely owned semi-auto firearms.

You put a lot of thought into your excellent comment. But you miss the fundamental notion of the 2nd Amendment's application. No adherent of it promotes the civilian use of arms to initiate, approach, and threaten/assault a legally assembled legislative body (or even an administrative one). Our 18th century forebears did not take arms to assault duly formed bodies of British rule, no matter how abhorrent these were. No, they took up their weapons when the British, en masse, first assaulted them with the assembled arms of a tyrannical state.

And that is the foundation of the 2nd Amendment, to give us the opportunity to shoot back at a tyrannical state that has unambiguously declared itself by shooting us first - we have to be the willing first casualties, the first to die - instead of accepting the alternative - succumb.

I'm a bit surprised, given your demonstrated use of rhetoric, that you haven't picked this up from these years long discussions on RR. Please read my piece on 'par force'. And again, welcome.

Douglas Keachie

Gueaa what, Russ, grabbing back the concepts you've lifted to support no real change to current gun laws, those of us demanding better laws are also making a passive, non-violent protest about dead kids littering a school yard. The Congressman receiving the threats in the other posting area may question just how non-violent your protests may be. http://www.politicususa.com/nra-fueled-loonies-threatening-democratic-members-congress.html Here's a current copy for you, to save you looking it up.

George Rebane

DougK 642pm - Since you're spraying this URL over multiple RR posts, I need to also respond in kind.

George Rebane

Administrivia - the post "The Bayes Surface and more" was updated pursuant to an excellent comment from an astute reader. Those disposed to the more quantitative aspects of reasoning may want to review this update.


George, thanks for the kind words and I'll read your Par Force article. I appreciate your scholarly view of the 2nd Amendment but I'm concerned about your three "yes's" to my questions. It's not about the formal justification to own/use certain classes of firearms, it's about the intellect of the individuals using them. How many members of the shooting community have even heard of the term "Par Force"? I remember seeing a photo from a health-care forum hosted by President Obama in 2009 in New Hampshire. Nothing to do with guns, just health care. A younger man, casually dressed and openly wearing what appeared to be a Glock, was holding a large sign that read, "It is time to water the tree of Liberty." (An immediate variation of Thomas Jefferson's famous quote.) This young man was ready for action NOW and looked like he was just waiting for somebody to give the order. How many of our citizenry are governed, not by intellect and fact, but raw, even ignorant, emotion? How many of them think Government policy (e.g. Obamacare) is so onerous that it justifies armed rebellion? Is that percentage rising? That's what concerns me. I was in Cabelas awhile back and a young man was openly wearing a black sweatshirt with big white lettering. The top part showed a photo of a lion with the caption: African Lion. The bottom showed a photo of Obama with the caption: Lyin African. The sight of it made me angry. I grew up near North Richmond, CA. If that man, today, walked through that neighborhood, I can guarantee you he would be dead within 6 blocks (probably less). We may disagree with the President, and I do, but he is the President and deserves the dignity attending to the office. As the saying goes, "The pen is mightier than the sword." Opposition should be mounted through well crafted argument, not bluster of armed preparation and ignorant racism. I know the former is the intent of your posts, "sumbitches" included :) Last thought: If our government ever actually did try to ban private ownership of firearms, I would be in the front row of outraged demonstrators, unarmed, and would have to be physically moved by the authorities. Multiply me by millions and the change would come.

Ryan Mount

What makes Mr. Wilson a participant in the pre-Singularity (I say we're already there) dialog, is his interesting blend of Wikileaks, the ghost of the NRA and of course, Skynet.

All Markets, as the interview suggests, become black.

I do think both Greg and George are spot on here. Greg is right in terms of the spirit of the law, in terms of IP and royalties, etc. But I think George is right in terms of practice. So the question for me is, regarding this "all things become black" idea, is what happens to mass (and illegal) distribution of IP, say gun designs or a Samsung phone that looks like an Apple iPhone, AND (and this is the big "AND") people can manufacture these things in a matter of minutes.

I posed this question (and this blog post) to a rather snarky and brilliant Marketing VP friend of mine.

I asked him, "what if I could print my own Acura?
He correctly replied, "Acura will be able to do it cheaper."

My question, then is, for how long? What about Craftman wrenches? Or aftermarket gun parts?


@ Fuzz. I am one of those with that evil "black gun".
Some also claim that guns are the cause of violence.
If that is true, then all of mine are defective.
As for T shirts, you fail to acknowledge what Lefties put on their "shirts" when it was everything Bush. ( right down to making a movie of his assassination. While in office even.) But somehow all that from the Left gets a pass.
I do give you high credits with your comment about being
in the front row.

George Rebane

Just got back from the Sportsmens Club rifle/pistol range - I was again Rangemaster today (my regular club duty). It was a busy day with a good spectrum of shooters with a wide range of experience. In general, a typical Sunday group when we invite the public to come and shoot on a supervised range. I run a tight range and the shooters respect and enjoy that, and I also get to talk to all of them during the course of their stay. I have been doing that for years.

Re Mr Fuzz's 1107am - ALL the shooting enthusiasts and gun owners I know and have known are the most civil individuals you can meet. None of them would dream of perpetrating what today is called 'gun violence' or firing the first shots or launching some kind of armed rebellion. But I would bet most/all of them would be willing to man the ramparts if some federal brown shirts started gunning American civilians going about their lives. And they would all stick with it until one of them would fire the last shot.

I don't know about that young man with a Glock, none of those have ever shot under me at any range that I have run. And I would not look kindly on that sort of demeanor from any of my shooters, nor would any of the other Rangemasters I know. But I don't doubt that they exist and form a very small fringe of 2nd Amend supporters. And yes, for political purposes they will be used to brand the rest of us, even if they have yet to break a law.

Opposition to socialism and its elite leadership has long been mounted through extremely well crafted argument. But such crafting is like beauty in the eye of the beholder. Reread the comments of our readers who evince more than a bit of socialist leanings.


It gets more obvious by the day, that it's Democrats that need the closer scrutiny where guns are concerned. Most of the high profile shootings are done by
people with close ties to that particular political ideal.
Now for the newest proof of that. Again, This will be good.

"Several reports, including the Las Vegas Sun, say 40-year-old assemblyman Steven Brooks was arrested with a loaded gun after threatening to shoot Democratic Speaker-elect Marilyn Kirkpatrick.
On January 19, 2013 at about 3:45 p.m. officers responded to a home in the northwestern part of North Las Vegas in reference to a report of threats to an elected public official. It was reported that Assemblyman Steven Brooks (40) of North Las Vegas made threats to harm a fellow State representative.

During the course of the preliminary investigation, officers received corroborating witness statements supporting the victim’s report and began a search for Brooks. At about 5:30 p.m., Brooks was seen driving in the area of Carey Avenue and Mt. Hood Street, where he was taken into custody without incident during a traffic stop. Brooks was transported to the Las Vegas City Jail and booked on one count of intimidating a public officer by threat of physical violence
Insiders say the assemblyman, who reportedly has four children, was unhappy with the committee assignments he was given by Kirkpatrick.

Assembly Majority Leader William Horne, D-Las Vegas, said Sunday that law enforcement is providing security for the threatened party."

Well don't that beat all? And they call us Conservatives "dangerous"?
Then we have that rep. that took that AK into chambers as a stunt, just to find out HE was disbarred for a similar action as above.

It's not a gun in the hand of a Republican we need to worry about. It's Leftys.

Account Deleted

re Fuzz at 11:07 - "If that man, today, walked through that neighborhood, I can guarantee you he would be dead within 6 blocks (probably less)". For wearing a T shirt? So, what group of folks are the violent crazies? Obamites or Upholders of the Constitution? To be fair, I am certain you were a tireless defender of the Bush family when you heard any of the un-ending foul and obscene insults they endured.


Walt, I think if you examine the last few sensational massacres, the problem is more mental illness/evil, that acting on a political philosophy. We have to try and perfect our ability to identify potential violence, from kids to adults, and intervene. Stopping it completely, like stopping Islamic terrorism, will never happen. Rick Nolan, the Democratic Representative from northern Minnesota, who wants some "sensible gun safety reforms", has received threatening phone calls telling him to "watch his back". He now expresses some fear for his life. Want to guess which party those came from? Wayne LaPierre (CEO, NRA) personally crisscrossed his district telling everybody with a hunting license that Nolan "wants to take your guns away!" Nolan's response, "It's not true! I'm a big 2nd Amendment supporter. I hunt, I fish, we have guns, everybody in our neighborhood has guns." The people threatening him are not helping their cause.

Scott, my point about the North Richmond comment is that ignorant extremism, on both sides, is counter-productive.... and, yes, I DID defend President Bush. Most of my family are Lefties but my wife and I are Independent. I thought the Left's treatment of President Bush was terrible, especially the movie made showing him being assassinated. I would rather be informed than inflamed. I take intelligent opinion wherever I can get it, regardless of party affiliation. On matters debt/deficit, I like David Walker, former Comptroller General mostly under Bush2. In an interview, appearing with Ross Perot, he said the Tea Party and OWC were BOTH right, because they were, in fact, addressing legitimate grievances. Watch the interview here: http://www.dailypaul.com/258378/anybody-see-this-interview-w-ross-perot-david-walker-on-cspan-10-outta-10
There is a movement in congress now called "No labels", being headed by Democratic Senator Joe Manchin (WV) and former Republican Governor John Huntsman (UT). (How I wish Huntsman had been the Republican presidential candidate.) We have to get beyond this partisan warfare, and the resulting gridlock, and get some adults in the room.


Ooops....that should be OWS (Occupy Wall Street)

Brad Croul

I will definately be scrapping my old photo printer when the 3-D nano technology, molecular, and atomic "inks" come out.

Gerry Fedor

You guys all think that with current 3D technology you'll be "printing fools" making yourself all kinda on weaponry and components, but I wouldn't want to be holding, let alone firing a gun that is made of a plastic resin.....

There is nothing on the market that will structurally take the physical demands of most guns, and I hope you all have really good insurance (and a set of extra fingers) as you'll need them both.

George Rebane

GerryF 736am - while not necessarily signing on to any of your preamble, aren't you being a little backward in your assessment of this technology? Can't you hear the echoes of IBM in the mid-fifties confidently predicting that the world might need at most about five computers in the future?

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